10 Benefits of Being an Airline Pilot | Reasons to Become a Pilot (2024)

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We think being an airline pilot is the best job in the world! Find out the advantages of being a pilot, from flexible working to attractive health benefits.

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What Are the Advantages of Being a Pilot?

Responsible for commanding commercial flights, flying passengers to long or short-haul destinations and an office above the clouds travelling the globe - there are countless reasons to be a pilot.

Whether you already hold qualifications to be a pilot, such as your PPL, and are thinking about training to be a commercial airline pilot, or are at the very start of your career, we have put together our top 10 best things about being a pilot.

There are both personal and professional reasons to become a pilot, including challenging yourself, incredible views, and enjoying a lucrative career. Take a look at the advantages of being a pilot and start your journey with one of L3Harris Airline Academy’s pilot training courses today.

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1. Who Doesn’t Love to Travel?

One of the major advantages of being a pilot is travelling the world. Being an airline pilot means you have opportunities to travel to new countries and get paid to do it, something that not many people have the chance to do!

With all the different routes that pilots travel, every working day means taking off in one country only to land in another - potentially to a country you haven’t explored yet.

Depending on your schedule you might end up staying overnight or longer, giving you the opportunity to explore new cities and experience different cultures. This is without a doubt one of the best things about being a pilot.

If exploring new countries is one of the main reasons you wish to become a pilot, you may also be interested to know that when you train to become a pilot with L3Harris Airline Academy, you will complete part or all of your training in Orlando, Florida.

2. You Can’t Beat the View

Alongside travelling the world, another reason to be a pilot is the incredible views you will get to experience every day - not many people in the world can say they have an office in the clouds. In fact, most airline pilots say it’s a view they never grow tired of making it one of the lifelong benefits of becoming a pilot. Whether you are a regional airline pilot or working for a major airline and flying across continents, you will have the unique opportunity to see the most beautiful sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations and so much more.

From thunderstorms in distant clouds to never-ending blue sky, it’s easy to see why the views are one of the top advantages of being a pilot.

3. Travel Discounts for Family and Friends

You will not be the only person who benefits from your career, there are also advantages of being a pilot for your family and friends. Being an airline pilot, it is likely you will have access to discounted (and sometimes free) plane tickets for family and friends, which means good deals on great vacations. Some airlines may ask friends and family to pay charges and taxes, but this is likely to be the extent of what your loved ones will have to pay - in some cases, you can even upgrade to business or first class!

In addition to airfare, a number of hotels provide special rates as well, making discounts one of the best things about being a pilot if you want to spend your free time on holiday with friends and family.

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4. Career Focus

The most important part of any career is happiness and passion for what you do which is why one of the biggest advantages of being a pilot is the major job satisfaction that comes with it.

Commanding a plane filled with passengers and getting them safely from A to B is as satisfying as it gets. One of the major benefits of being a pilot is you can expect a hugely rewarding career; from taking your first solo flight, completing your first landing, flying to a new destination to overcoming challenges, every day is rewarding as a pilot in the co*ckpit.

Take a look at this video on starting your airline pilot career and discover more reasons to be a pilot.

5. Work Stays at Work

No one likes taking their work home with them, and maintaining a work-life balance is extremely important. One of the reasons to be a pilot is that, aside from studying for annual tests, pilots leave their work on the plane. There’s nothing to take home once you finish your day and close that co*ckpit door.

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6. Flexible Working

Similar to maintaining a work-life balance, flexible working has always been a major advantage of being a pilot. It's not your typical 9-5, Monday to Friday job.

There are several benefits of flexible working as a pilot, such as:

  • It keeps your routine varied and makes everyday a new adventure
  • You will have the opportunity to fly in different conditions, e.g. at night, during sunrise, at dusk
  • You may have multiple days off in a row, mornings off or evenings off
  • As you will have a specific number of contracted hours per month, you will still be able to make plans around your working pattern

Whether you enjoy the challenge of flying in various conditions or look forward to different working patterns, flexible working is a fantastic benefit of becoming a pilot.

7. Challenge Yourself

One of the main advantages of being a pilot is the ability to constantly learn something new everyday and to challenge yourself. With so many flights departing airports every single day, no two flights are ever the same - even when you’re a pilot. Each day can bring a new challenge, which not only keeps things exciting but also encourages you to become a better pilot.

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8. Meet New People

If you are a sociable person who enjoys the company of other people everyday, one of the best things about being a pilot is the opportunity to meet new people. From your flight crew to passengers, to residents of the cities you visit, you’ll be introduced to people and cultures you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to become acquainted with.

9. Salary and Health Benefits

Do you want to pursue a lucrative, well-paying career with plenty of opportunities for development? Aviation is a rewarding career that offers personal and career growth opportunities. A significant advantage of being a pilot is that you will earn a competitive salary and enjoy health benefits throughout your career. There is also scope for career development, from a First Officer to a Captain. The higher your position, the more money you will earn and the more impressive your pilot benefits will be.

Senior First Officer

£48,605 - £86,699 per annum*

On average, depending on airline.


£103,525 - £173,000 per annum*

On average, depending on airline.

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10. Do What You Love

Why be a pilot? Becoming a pilot allows you to do what you love, and as the saying goes: ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’

Whether you have taken up flying as a hobby and want to pursue a career, have been inspired by other pilots in your family, or heard about the many benefits of becoming a pilot, if you believe you will thrive in a career as an airline pilot, start your application today.

Become a Pilot With L3Harris Airline Academy

From the opportunity to embark on a challenging career that you love, to the unique chance to explore the world in a new light, there are many reasons to become a pilot in the UK. If you want to enjoy the benefits of being a pilot for yourself, the next step is to complete your pilot training.

We are proud to offer a range of brilliant pilot training courses that will take you from having no previous experience to being a qualified pilot. You might be wondering, what are the advantages of becoming a pilot with L3Harris Airline Academy? Some of the reasons to become a pilot with L3Harris include:

  • World-class pilot training from experts
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology
  • Fantastic courses, including Integrated ATPL and individual modules
  • Incredible flight school locations in Cranfield, Crawley and Orlando
  • We have strong airline relationships to support you with graduate careers

Learn more about why you should choose L3Harris for your pilot training and get in touch with us today with any questions you have.

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10 Benefits of Being an Airline Pilot | Reasons to Become a Pilot (2024)
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