40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (2022)

For the crafter, nothing is impossible. They can use the same crafting material every time and turn different unique items out of it. The same is the case with the Mason jars, as they are one of the most favorite crafting supplies for every handy person. If you think that the possible cutest Mason jar crafts and decor ideas have already been before your eyes, then you are wrong. Because here, we have collected whole new creations of adorable mason jar ideas that are unique, innovative, and totally feasible to get your hands on.

You would be amazed to see these lovely 40 mason jar crafts and decor ideas forstorage, planting, and other fun purposes for your home. Adding some paint, glitter, and other artifact effects to these jars, you can change their whole beauty look according to your taste and the place you are going to place them in. lovely painted flower holders, spice containers for the kitchen, herb garden, luminaries, superhero coin banks, or just a fancy display piece for your mantles, shelves or tables. So what are you waiting for? Just grab some of the empty jars from your kitchen or the thrift store and get these gorgeous and fun Mason jar creations to be a part of your home beauty.

1. Mason Jar Oil Lamps – Wedding Centerpieces

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (1)

Make trendy and elegant oil lamps for your parties and gatherings using mason jars. Use these jars as décor pieces for your room and home as well. Reuse a mason jar that already available in your kitchenware. All you need to make these stylish jar lamps are jars, lamp oil, and lamp wick. That’s all. Within no time, you will have a great piece of art for your wedding and party. lifeisaparty

2. Fish Aquarium Using A Plastic Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (2)

Store-bought fish aquariums are too much expensive. Therefore, everyone cannot afford these décor pieces, even for special occasions. But don’t worry. Now, you can make handmade aquariums effortlessly using plastic mason jars. It’s up to you to use this aquarium as a decoration piece. Additionally, make this aquarium more fun-loving with submersible lights. craftsbyamanda

3. Mason Jar Wind Chime

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (3)

Use an old mason jar as a windchime to enhance the look of your patio. If you have experience in glass cutting and assembling, you will love working on this project. Make this windchime more attractive and cooler using summer beads. Hang this artistry piece outdoor and enjoy charming sounds. bobvila

4. DIY Soothing Glitter Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (4)

Want to control what’s going in the body and mind of kids to teach them self-control? These handmade glitters-filled jars are a great tool to release the stress of kids. The swirling glitters in jars will help the kids to calm down within no time. The best thing is to make these jars by yourself and involve your kids in this creative activity. Teach your kids about emotions, feelings, and self-management with these beautiful and appreciable tools. firefliesandmudpies

5. DIY Pumpkin Mason Jar – Pumpkin Decor Ideas

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (5)

Happy Halloween! It’s time to celebrate and decorate your places for this great day and event. While decorating your home for this spooky event, you don’t need to be overwhelmed. Try to decorate your living places without stepping out of your budget. Pumpkins are main the main items to consider for Halloween decoration. Use an old mason jar as a fake pumpkin by painting them with ripped yellow and beige colors. You would love these sweetest pumpkin décors in your home. sustainmycrafthabit

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6. Map Mason Jar Bank

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (6)

Make a travel-themed jar for your room décor with mason jars and old maps. This décor would be a great way to upcycle useless jars creatively and productively. Not only for décor, but you can also make these jars to gift your travel-lover friend. Excitingly! It will not take more than an hour to complete this jar. pillarboxblue

7. 5 Minute Patriotic Centerpiece

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (7)

Enjoy your Memorial Day celebration with these patriotic jars. Not only for memorial Day, but these décors are a great piece of art for summer parties. Without any mess and expensive supplies, you will get your hands on these patriotic and good-looking jars. Make this craft project dreamier with colorful fairy lights. madincrafts

8. Mason Jar Citronella Torch

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (8)

Make your evenings cooler and mosquitoes-free with mason jar citronella torches. Luckily! The cost and overall supplies requirements are minimum than you think to make these dreamy crafts. Mason jar, citronella torch oil, and fiberglass wicks are the fewer affordable supplies to make this DIY mason jar craft. Make it and enjoy your evenings with more fun and love! dreamalittlebigger

9. Baseball Mason Jar Gifts

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (9)

Enjoy baseball season by crafting something exciting and inspiring for yourself and your friends. Upcycle old mason jars to make a quick baseball craft. Decorate these jars with your favorite colors and fill them up with your favorite snacks. Enjoy yourself and let your friends enjoy this baseball season with these baseball mason jar gifts. craftingcheerfully

10. Mason Jar Utensil Holder – 4th Of July Decorations

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (10)

Make your Memorial Day celebration more fun-loving and attractive for your friends and family members. These mason jars utensil holders decorated with patriotic colors and themes are the sweetest and cutest accessories to enhance the 4th July celebrations. Enjoy your day of freedom with great love and food on your dining table. For sure, Kids and elders both will love this craft. musthavemom

11. Spring Mason Jar Snow Globes

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (11)

Let your kids enjoy their Spring season more creatively with Spring mason jar snow globes. Excitingly! You can also make these tiny jars yourself adorably and affordably for your little angels. You can buy mini figurines to fit in these jars smoothly from any craft store. Let yourself be more creative this Spring season! artfuldays

12. Painted Mason Jar Herb Garden

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (12)

Looking for some creative ideas to make an indoor mini garden but don’t have enough space? Don’t worry. Reuse mason jars from your thrift store to make a mini herb garden. To make this DIY mason jar craft, you don’t need to invest a higher budget. You can get a beautiful mini-garden in your home. Make these jars more attractive with vibrant color paints and set herbs into them. goldstandardwork

13. Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (13)

Wall art plays a vital role in the makeover and overall appeal of your living place. Uplift your home decor with hanging mason jar lanterns. These customized lights will change the whole look of your room magically. Make this wall art more attractive by filling it with colorful lights and flowers. This mason jar craft can also turn to be a great Valentine’s Day gift for your special one. sustainmycrafthabit

14. Sea Glass Painted Mason Jars

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (14)

Get a beach-themed look for your room with sea glass painted mason jars. Sea glass paint is the whole thing to turn these useless jars into attractive and dramatic art pieces. You can use these painted jars for room decoration. Additionally, you can use them as a vase by filling them up with beautiful flowers for your side tables. thecountrychiccottage

15. Growing Sprouts & Homemade Sprouting Jars

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (15)

Growing sprouts at home are the easiest and quickest way to get seeds and supplies in your kitchen. Use these mason jars to get multiple types of beans at your home. Mason jars are the most affordable and reliable way to growing sprouts at home without getting out of your means. Trust me! It’s effortless to grow seeds in these jars, even for everyone. You would love having fresh beans and seeds for adding up in salads and dishes. boulderlocavore

16. Patriotic DIY Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (16)

Make a customize vase or décor piece for your Freedom Day celebrations with a mason jar. Add this personalized jar to your patriotic day party’s table. You can fill this mason jar with colorful flowers and fewer branches. It’s up to you. You can use it in whatever way you would like. Elevate your 4th July celebrations with these patriotic-themed jars! consumercrafts

17. Mason Jar Wall Sconce

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (17)

Upgrade your farmhouse-style home décor with a mason jar wall sconce. You can hang this masterpiece on your wall as canvas art as well. You don’t need to do a store-raid to buy supplies for this DIY mason jar craft. Use your craft supplies and an old wood pallet or box to get this striking décor for your home. Add artificial flowers or cotton stem to the rusty farmhouse feel. darice

18. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (18)

Transform an old mason jar into a beautiful and funky sewing kit to keep all essentials well-organized. Moreover, with this sewing kit organizer, you can get everything from the same place instead of finding them here and there. You don’t need to hide this stunning and creative kit in your drawer. Place this beautiful jar topped with a colorful pins-arrangement cushion as a décor piece in your room. evermine

19. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (19)

Decorate your bathroom essentials, including soap dispensers, brushes holder, and other storage using mason jars. All you need to do is painting these jars with solid white paint spray and place them in your bathroom cabin. You would love to see this change in your bathroom. Get rid of dull soap dispensers and storage accessories by replacing them with these attractive jar holders. masonjarcraftslove

20. Mason Jar Snack Storage Hack

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (20)

Looking for easy and useful kitchen storage hacks? Reuse or upcycle old mason jars from your craft store to store snacks and other items in your kitchen. These jars are perfect and air-controlled to keep the snacks fresh and crispy for a long time. Fill them up with snacks, dry fruits, and other food items to preserve and store effortlessly. thesitsgirls

21. Light Up the Night with Firefly Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (21)

Lighten up your outdoor parties, sleepovers, and dining-out with mason jars filled with firefly lights. This mason jar craft is magical and awe-inspiring for kids and youngsters. Everyone would love to work on this craft idea. Recall your childhood memories when you ran behind fireflies with these dreamy and enchanted jars. diynetwork

22. Mason Jar Table Lamp

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (22)

Create an elegant and attractive farmhouse-style lamp for your side table with simple burlap and a mason jar. This rustic addition to your room will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. Make this jar lamp more charming with birch wood or beer cork caps. Add this rustic and farmhouse-style lamp to your room as a perfect Spring décor. thecountrychic

23. DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Mason Jar40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (23)

Compile up your Summer decoration for kids’ room with DIY glow-in-dark DIY mason jar craft. To make this colorful and shiny jar, you can use customize supplies and colors of lights. Paint this jar with vinyl paint and fill it up with fairy lights or star lights. This craft would be a perfect DIY to boost up your kid’s mode during camping and Summer-night activities. apumpkinprincess

24. Milk Glass Soap Dispenser

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (24)

Transform and dull and boring soap dispenser into a creative piece of art. Reuse an old mason jar as a dispenser. Make this customized jar-based soap dispenser more attractive with solid white paint spray. Update or make this milky glass soap dispenser more reliable to use with a soap-can pump. Francois et Moi

25. Easy Mason Jar Craft to Get Organized

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (25)

Keep your workstation desk well-organized and well-maintained with mason jar craft. Use these jars as vases or decor pieces with a single rope and a colorful paper sheet. You can also use this jar as the stationary holder on your desk. Make it or enjoy working in a clean and organized environment. itallstartedwithpaint

26. Glitter Paint Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (26)

Upgrade the messy look of your art studio with fewer customized and personalized mason jars. Use these glittery jars to hold and place your art-work brushed and essentials excellently. Additionally, give hype to your art and craft skills by creating this useful jar for your studio. masonjarcraftslove

27. Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (27)

Recycle your old jars to craft something unique and different for your home makeover. While redoing your home décor, consider each and also small details. Instead of buying expensive tissue boxes and holders, create them yourself using old mason jars. Make these tissue jars more impressive and charming with lettering or writing your favorite quote on it like “Bless You.” daytodayadventures

28. Beach Inspired Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (28)

If you already have beach-inspired décor in your home, this beach-themed mason jar will be a great addition. You can create it effortlessly and without any stress. Additionally, you can also use these jars for wedding and birthday décor. Use fake or faux seashells or rocks to complete this DIY. Make this jar more valuable with decoupage and colorful ribbon tapes. apumpkinandaprincess

29. Mason Jar Picture Vase

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (29)

Capture all family blessing-moments and happiness beautifully with a mason jar picture frame. You can make this mason jar craft reliably and within no time. Your kids would love to see their childhood memories magically placing on this jar vase. All you need to do is cutting the middle part of the jar into a customized shape. So, you can fit a picture into this customized jar frame plus vase. You can place this picture vase on a corner table of your living area. Fill it up with flowers or keep it empty. It’s up to you. homestoriesatoz

30. Unicorn Mason Jar Succulent Planter

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (30)

Unicorn mason jar succulent planter is the creative piece of art to light up your unicorn-themed party décor. Your kids would love to see this art in their room and on their birthday table. Everyone can make this jar within no time with simple painting skills. To make succulent flowers or plants, you can use faux or glittery paper. Make this jar looks dreamy with vibrant colors of flowers. creativegreenliving

31. Mason Jar Hanging Herb Planter

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (31)

Hanging mason jar herb planters are perfect DIYs and décor for your outdoor. You can make these customized jars efficiently with simple supplies and materials. All you need to make this jar is fewer rock pieces to put into this jar, a herb plant, and inches of dirt. Bravo! You are all set to hang it outdoor using a simple rope. ramshackleglam

32. Spider Web Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (32)

Try to decorate your home for Halloween with craft supplies and materials. Spider web mason jar is an attractive and spooky decor idea for Halloween. To make a fake spider web, you can use hot glue in the web pattern on the jar. Make this pot eery and frightening by sticking a scary black spider on it. momdot

33. DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (33)

Get an adorable impact on your room decoration with this springy and little mason jar terrarium. Making these jar terrariums would be a great activity for kids to spend their weekend. The original plants may not remain green for a long time in this jar. Therefore, it’s better to use faux plants. However, you can also go with real green. ohmy creative

34. School Supplies Mason Jars

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (34)

Motivate and boost your kids to be well-organized and well-maintained by providing them with attractive stationery holders. These colorful mason jar holders will enforce the kids to be well-disciplined and maintained. They would love to work on this craft activity and storing their school items in these holders. So, teach your kids well, but creatively. colormadehappy

35. Mason Jar Makeup Organization

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (35)

Arrange your makeup supplies and accessories in a colorful manner using these customized mason jars. These jars would be great and affordable holders for your makeup items. You don’t need to search out things whenever you want to get ready. Plus, these mason jar holders will keep your dressing table clean and well-maintained. sandandsisal

36. Glitter Snow Globe from Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (36)

Add up more shine and sparkle to your kid’s room with this glitter snow globe. Make it yourself, or let your kids work on this DIY activity. Within no time, they will have a dreamy and attractive masterpiece for their room. Enhance the look of this jar with figurines and souvenirs. hgtv

37. Mason Jar Animal Cracker Cookie Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (37)

Create a customized animal cracker cookie jar for a new addition to your kitchen accessories. Make this cookie jar more elegant using animal souvenir on the cap of this jar. The creation of this animal cracker cookie pot is the perfect usage of the mason jar. You would love to eat animal cracker cookies coming out from these customized jars. celebrate creativity

38. Rainbow Jar for Kids

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (38)

Rainbow jars are the perfect DIY for kid’s nurseries and rooms. This vague jar would teach the children self-control, emotions, and feelings. They would enjoy seeing vibrant colors and glitters moving in this pot. Let the kids make this jar with temporary paints and cotton balls for rainbow layering in the jar. alittlepinchofperfect

39. Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (39)

Instead of using a bore and lifeless plastic holder for toothbrushes, use an old mason jar painted with colorful spray as a holder. To keep the brushes organized and use a simple silver wire as a partitioner in the same place. This mason jar toothbrush holder will give a trendy look to your bathroom. thecountrychic

40. DIY Scarecrow Mason Jar

40 Best Mason Jar Crafts That Anyone Can Make (40)

Scarecrow mason jar is an attractive fall décor idea. It will give a fancy look to your home. Impressively, nothing would be better and more fun-loving than making this scarecrow décor for home decoration. You can customize scarecrow with your favorite colors and characters. But yellow and Sunflower-themed mannequins will give an adorable look for this DIY mason jar craft. Enjoy working on this fun-loving project! easypeasyandfun

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