7 Tips to Attract More Donors for Your Cause - Go Volunteer Africa (2024)

7 Tips to Attract More Donors for Your Cause - Go Volunteer Africa (1)

Do you want to know how to attract more donors? Want to learn the secrets used by professional fundraisers? Of course you do! Fundraising is your nonprofit’s lifeblood. It is funds that fuel the impact you make. But thinking of effective ways to raise funds occupies valuable time and energy you could be spending on your programs.

Most of us aren’t professionally trained fundraisers, so it doesn’t come naturally to us. We know how to make an impact, yet we’ve had to learn fundraising the hard way: through trial and error, learning from our mistakes. Here at Go Volunteer Africa, we would like to share seven tips for getting more donors for your nonprofit at least we have used them.

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Your prospective donors are asking why they should support your nonprofit. You need to clarify why you’re asking for a donation, andsell the successesof your nonprofit. Developing a case for support gets donors to invest in your organization. People don’t give to charity anymore; they invest in results.


The most effective fundraising appeals are real, personal and urgent.Use compelling storytelling with images and videos to connect a donor’s donation to a tangible impact. Let the donor directly see the result of his or her donation.


In a start-up nonprofit, the founding team is responsible for setting an example. The team should be the first to donate to the organization so that others will follow their lead. The amount doesn’t matter. Participation by the full team matters more.

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Committing to year-round stewardship will retain current donors and recruit new repeat donors. Their funds are an extension of their faith in the organization and the missions, so remember: You’re not only stewarding their money, you’re stewarding their trust.

Care for your donors byinvesting in them. Send a personalized thank-you note; a formal, written thank you note; mid-year update; and a personalized ask the following year.


Where can you look to find more donors? First, focus on your obvious prospects. Recruit from your board, staff and volunteers. You could ask your volunteers for an annual gift.

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Help your board envision what fundraising success looks like. Get the entire organization involved in the process by empowering and training everyone on the basics of fundraising, so that they grow comfortable with making an ask.


Email outreachis one of the best ways to encourage giving. You must have a set strategy and plan for your emails so that they augment fundraising. Segment your emails to focus on specific niches of your audience. Personalize the “From” and “Reply To:” fields with a person’s name rather than a department or general inbox.

We just hope these fundraising fundamentals will help your nonprofit attract more donors! Do you have other suggestions based on what’s worked for you? Please lets know. email us at:info@govolunteerafrica.orgor give us a call | WhatsApp | Telegram | Viber | Imo at +254-796-786292 to talk to a Program Specialist.

7 Tips to Attract More Donors for Your Cause - Go Volunteer Africa (2024)
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