Akash Bhanshali Portfolio, Latest Holdings, Net Worth & more (2023)

Last Updated Date: Feb 17, 2023

Akash Bhansali is an investor per excellence. He is famous for his stock-picking skills and the way he manages his portfolio.

At present he is having a net worth from this stock holding of Rs. 2,696.89 Crore. He has some rules which he follows for his stock-picking that we will discuss in this article along with his complete portfolio.

Akash Bhanshali Portfolio is one of the most followed portfolios at present and thus in this article we will go year by year and see how he has invested and dis-invested in stocks, managed the portfolio, his stock selection, industries he chooses and many such details about his portfolio.

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About Akash Bhanshali

Before digging into the finer details of the Akash Bhanshali Latest Portfolio, let us see how Akash Bhansali started his journey and what are the rules he has for his stock picking.

Akash Bhansali started with the stock market with few rules set in his head and that he follows very rigidly which is why he is witnessing continuous growth in this portfolio he holds.

He is very particular about choosing the sectors. He has no or only one stock of the IT sector and if has IT stocks in his portfolio then he does not hold Pharma stocks and Private sector Bank’s stocks.

It is a unique rule that he applies which not many of the investors follow but there are some like Dolly Khanna who also follows no IT no Pharma stocks rule.

Then he follows a rule of one sector one stock. It means from each of the sectors he picks one stock and not more than that.

It is really an exciting feature of the Akash Bhansali portfolio and it reflects in the Akash Bhansali latest portfolio as well.

More on Akash Bhansali Portfolio

For instance he has clothing company stock in his portfolio but only one that is Zodiac Clothing Company in which he has invested for the first time.

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He follows the balanced diversification rule in his portfolio and has not more than 20 stocks in his portfolio most of the time. At present, he holds 18 stocks of different companies from different sectors.

Akash Bhansali is not a traditional investor and he puts money in the unique and rare business as well where many pro investors don’t want to take a dig.

For example, the Laminate market is pretty novice in the stock market and there are hardly few stocks of this sector listed in the exchange.

The Greenlam Laminates which we hear often is a promising one among the lot and Akash Bhansali has the gut to buy this stock when nobody else bought it.

So, it can be anticipated that his portfolio is going to be an interesting one which we are now going to discuss. Let us now start with his latest portfolio and the stocks he has in it.

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    Akash Bhanshali Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    With 18 stocks in the portfolio, Akash Bhanshali has attained a portfolio value of 3,033.29 Crores. He generally prefers to invest in sectors like Textiles, apparel & Accessories, Banking, Finance, and Chemicals & Petrochemicals.

    In the recent quarter, Akash Bhanshali increased his holding in Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd by 0.17%. Also, he diluted some of his stakes in Welspun Corp Ltd. and Arvind Fashions Ltd. by 0.18% and 0.01%, respectively.

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    The Net Worth of this top investor portfolio is 3,033.29 crores as of July 2022. Now, let’s study some of the top stocks in his portfolio.

    Holdings in Arvind Fashions Ltd.

    Akash Bhanshali has a holding of 6.0% in Arvind Fashions Ltd. as of the second quarter of 2022. The current holding value is 238.1 crores for 8,009,153 shares.

    The stock was added to the portfolio in 2021, and its holding remained unchanged until the first quarter of 2022. In the second quarter, the holding was diluted by 0.01%.

    The current market price of this stock on the exchange is Rs. 297.95. Also, this quarter, the holding value has decreased by -1.94%.

    Holdings in IDFC Ltd.

    IDFC Ltd. is a strong stock whose current share price in the market is Rs. 55.70. Akash Bhanshali is holding its 3,43,50,921 shares, and this holding has not been altered in a long time by the investor.

    The current holding value of this stock is 180 crores and has decreased by -16.90% compared to the last quarter’s value. The holding of Akash Bhanshali in IDFC Ltd. is 2.2% right now.

    Holdings in Amber Enterprises

    The next top investment made by Akash Bhanshali is in the shares of Amber Enterprises.

    He has an investment worth Rs. 119 Crore at present. The ongoing share price of Amber Enterprises India Ltd. is Rs. 2480.00.

    The number of shares held by Akash Bhansali in Amber Enterprises is 4,99,602, which forms 1.5% of the company’s total shares. The number of holding shares in this company has not changed till now.

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    Akash Bhanshali Portfolio in 2021

    The Net Worth of Akash Bhanshali Portfolio in December 2021 was 1,212.32 crores. The number this year reached 16.

    In some of the stocks, the holdings remained the same:

    • Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd. with 8,10,382 shares,
    • Greenlam Industries Ltd. with 4,08,989 shares,
    • Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd. with 13,61,700 shares,
    • Parag Milk Foods Ltd. with 12,50,000 shares,
    • Titagarh Wagons Ltd. with 14,35,745 shares
    • Shreenath Investment Company Ltd. with 12,175 shares

    One of the substantial holding stocks of this year was Arvind Fashions Ltd., with 80,09,153 shares having a holding value of 223.9 crores.

    The net worth for the four quarters was 829.42 crores in the First quarter, 1,085.57 crores in the second quarter with 30% growth, 1,166.74 crores in the third quarter with 7% growth, and lastly, 1,212.32 crores in December 2021 with 3% growth.

    Akash Bhanshali Portfolio in 2020

    With two new additions of Vascon Engineers Ltd. and Parag Milk Foods Ltd., the stock count in Akash Bhanshali’s Portfolio stands at 17 stocks.

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    The investment in Vascon Engineers Ltd. has been made for 71,23,211 shares for 20 crores. An investment in Parag Milk Foods Ltd. has been made for 12,50,000 shares for 14.1 crores.

    Further, investment in Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. which held a substantial part, has been diluted.

    The net worth for this year was832.55crores in December 2020. In March 2020, the net worth was538.2crores. The highest growth in this year was in the third quarter by 35% at868.68crores.

    Akash Bhanshali Portfolio in 2019

    As per the Akash Bhanshali Portfolio 2019, there have been quite interesting investments in this year up till now.

    In the June quarter, the net worth of the portfolio dropped by 20% which is a loss for the investor but he is holding on to most of his stocks except for IDFC where he reduced the holding only by 0.01%.

    In this quarter, his investment shows a positive attitude towards the market. The stocks in the portfolio suggest that the rule we mentioned above in the article is actually followed by the investor as he has different stocks from different sectors.

    In the March quarter of this year, Akash Bhansali invested in various new share which increased the net worth of his portfolio by 57% and his total net worth in the March quarter was Rs. 897.9 crore.

    In this quarter he invested in 5567711 shares of the Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd., then in 7977941 shares of Welspun Corp Ltd. He also invested in the Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. in this quarter only, and then in Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd and in Laurus Labs Ltd.

    If you take a close look at the shares of Akash Bhansali’s portfolio, you will see stocks from various sectors – transport, financial corporations, infrastructure, manufacturing, and clothing as well and there are others.

    Akash Bhanshali Portfolio in 2018

    As per the Akash Bhanshali Portfolio 2018, the year started with a great high when in the March quarter, the portfolio returns were in the green and it earned 29%.

    However as the year went by, the next quarter witnessed a 9% loss and then in the September quarter, there was a gain of 16% and then the year ended with a huge 21% loss of the portfolio valuation.

    In this year, if you see, Akash Bhansali invested in new stocks in the March quarter and this depicts a style in his investments. He picks up new stocks in the first quarter of the year as can be depicted from the last two years’ data.

    So, he invested in Hathway Cable and Datacom Ltd. and Khaitan Electrical Ltd. amongst the others. The highest investment of this quarter was in the stock of IDFC Ltd. and the least was in Khaitan Electricals.

    In the June 2018 quarter, the highest shareholding percentage was in the Zodiac Clothing Company and this stock was present all through the year and in the latest portfolio as well. Also In this quarter, there was investment in 16 shares of different companies.

    And In the September quarter of 2018, the investor added stocks of Vascon Engineers Ltd. Mercator Ltd. and there were total 19 stocks in this quarter. The highest stock according to the investment value is again IDFC Ltd.

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    There was no new investment in the last quarter of 2018 that is December quarter. The investment in IDFC rose to Rs. 120.2 crore and still this was the highest investment in the portfolio.

    Akash Bhanshali Portfolio in 2017

    According to the Akash Bhanshali Portfolio 2017, there were only 14 shares in the portfolio in the March quarter and some of the main holdings were in Zodiac Clothing Company, Maharashtra Seamless Ltd., Balrampur Chini Mills, and others.

    In this quarter there was new investment in the shares of Shreenath Investments Company Ltd., GeeCee Ventures, Titagarh Wagons Ltd. and Vascom Engineers Ltd.

    In the next quarter, there was a new investment in the Mercator Ltd. and in Saraswati Commercial (India) Ltd. The investor bought shares of these two firms in this quarter and held 1.14% and 1.02% of the total shares of the companies respectively.

    In the last two quarters of 2017, there was an addition of Mahindra Logistics Shares and then there were other shares that were sold off completely. The number of stocks in the portfolio at this time was 12 only.

    What is Akash Bhanshali’s Net Worth?

    Akash Bhanshali’s Networth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%

    Akash Bhanshali’s Net Worth in June 2022 was 2,696.89 crores, with a growth of 145% from the last quarter. The portfolio reaped really good returns for the investor in this quarter.

    In March 2022, the Net worth was 1,100.48crores and was negative from December 2021.

    In this Quarter, there were a total of 19 stocks in the portfolio, and a drop can be observed in the holding value for most of the stocks.

    Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. is a new stock addition, it has a holding value of 1,718.80 crores, and the share quantity is 54,03,036.

    Apart from this, there are two more new stocks, namely Sterlite Technologies Ltd., having a holding value of 56.6 crores, and Welspun India Ltd., having a holding value of 73.5 crores.

    Akash Bhanshali Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Akash Bhansali is a well-planned portfolio where he has invested in different stocks from different industries.

    He is having no IT industry stocks and he keeps his portfolio limited to 20 stocks at the maximum. This balanced diversification rule helped him gain a lot in the market as we saw in the above paragraph.

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