Amazing Spring Bucket List Ideas For Adults In 2023 (2024)

I have always loved spring time. That probably has something to do with the cold Minnesota winter I grew up with! Regardless, I love making the most of spring time and trying to fill the spring months with lots of fun activities. So I can’t wait to share my amazing spring bucket list for adults in 2023!

I find that bucket lists are a great way to really encourage you to celebrate different times of the year and your life. And they can help you really put work into getting out of your comfort zone.

Time flies and making bucket lists can help to keep you in the moment so another season doesn’t just fly by!

So I hope that this bucket list inspires you and gives you some fun ideas for your own bucket list. Oh, and yes this list is “for adult” meaning that all the items will be fun for adults but the majority are kid friendly as well. I just don’t have any children and don’t know from personal experience about kid friendly activities. But don’t let not having kids stop you from making and doing fun season bucket lists!

Also, this list of spring bucket list for adults is broke down into outdoor activities and indoor activities so you can pick activities based on the time of day and the weather.

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Now let’s just jump into this spring bucket list ideas!

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Spring Bucket List For Adults in 2023:

Spring time bucket list ideas:

First let’s chat about the bucket list activities for those warm(ish) spring days that you can do outside!

Outdoor Spring Bucket List For Adults Ideas:

  • Have an outdoor picnic complete with a cute picnic blanket.
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Find a local butterfly sanctuary.
  • Go golfing (not that into golf? Try Top Golf or something similar with drinks and friends!).
  • Hike around a local waterfall.
  • Find a field (bonus point for a flowers field) and have a photo shoot.
  • Tour a vineyard.
  • Plant a small garden (or a windowsill garden).
  • Check out a farmers market.
  • Visit a wildlife sanctuary.
  • Attend a local event or fair.
  • Volunteer on earth day!
  • Make a fun scavenger hunt for you and your friends.
  • Go shopping at a local flea market.
  • Spend an afternoon at a baseball game.
  • Go berry picking (strawberry picking is my favorite).
  • Try kayaking on a warmer spring day.
  • Pick wildflowers and make a gorgeous bouquet with them.
  • Plant some fresh herbs that you can then cook with.
  • Do a fun photo shoot in the rain- or just dance in the rain!
  • Take a weekend road trip.
  • Try to find cherry blossom trees and enjoy the most spring scenery.
  • Watch a spring time sunrise.
  • Host a cookout for your friends and/or family.
  • Have a garage sale (after you declutter, look below!).
  • Play some outdoor yard games – here’s a set of a bunch of yard games.
  • Check out a local botanical garden.
  • Go play mini golf!

But what about when it’s rainy? I have you covered with fun spring activities that you can do indoor too!

Indoor Spring Bucket List For Adults Ideas:

  • Decorate your home for spring.
  • DIY a spring time wreath for your door (here’s some inspiration).
  • Make a spring playlist to listen to.
  • Do an April Fools Day prank.
  • Make a fun spring themed brunch for you and your family.
  • Create your own bird feeder.
  • Do some spring decluttering – here’s 88 items to declutter.
  • Bake a seasonal pie (you could use those fresh berries you picked!).
  • Throw a grown up tea party for your girls.
  • Get or do your own spring colors manicure.
  • Do a spring themed paint by the numbers – here’s one you could try!
  • Follow a spring cleaning checklist.
  • Dye some fun Easter eggs (check out Pinterest for modern and cool inspo).

Spring time is such a wonderful time of the year. So I really hope you take the time to make and stick to a fun spring time bucket list!

Take advantage of the warm weather and get outdoors or stick to the spring vibes even when it’s raining and do some of these fun indoor spring activities. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of my season bucket lists then keep scrolling and subscribe to my weekly newsletter! It also includes freebies and weekly favorites that for the next few weeks will have lots of spring themed items that will help get you in the spring spirit.

Also, if there are any items on your spring bucket list that aren’t on here make sure to leave them in the comments to help inspire each other! Lastly, I just want to remind everyone to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of spring time.


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As an expert in springtime activities, I can provide you with information related to the concepts used in this article. Let's dive into it!

Spring Bucket List for Adults in 2023:

The article suggests a list of activities for adults to enjoy during the spring season. The list is divided into outdoor and indoor activities, allowing individuals to choose based on the time of day and weather conditions. Some of the outdoor activities mentioned include having an outdoor picnic, going for a bike ride, visiting a butterfly sanctuary, golfing, hiking around a local waterfall, touring a vineyard, and attending local events or fairs. Indoor activities include decorating your home for spring, DIYing a springtime wreath, making a spring playlist, doing April Fools Day pranks, baking a seasonal pie, and throwing a grown-up tea party.

Benefits of Bucket Lists:

The article highlights the benefits of creating and following a bucket list. It suggests that bucket lists can help individuals celebrate different times of the year and their lives. They can also encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zones and make the most of each season. By creating a bucket list, individuals can stay present and ensure that time doesn't pass them by.

Kid-Friendly Activities:

Although the article is targeted towards adults, it mentions that the majority of the activities on the list are kid-friendly as well. The author acknowledges that they don't have personal experience with kid-friendly activities since they don't have children. However, they encourage everyone, including those without kids, to make and do fun seasonal bucket lists.

Outdoor Spring Activities:

The article suggests various outdoor activities for adults to enjoy during the spring season. Some of these activities include having an outdoor picnic, going for a bike ride, visiting a butterfly sanctuary, golfing, hiking around a local waterfall, touring a vineyard, and attending local events or fairs. Other activities mentioned include volunteering on Earth Day, going shopping at a local flea market, spending an afternoon at a baseball game, berry picking, kayaking, and hosting a cookout for friends and family.

Indoor Spring Activities:

For rainy days, the article provides a list of indoor activities that adults can enjoy during the spring season. These activities include decorating your home for spring, DIYing a springtime wreath, making a spring playlist, doing April Fools Day pranks, baking a seasonal pie, throwing a grown-up tea party, getting a spring-themed manicure, following a spring cleaning checklist, and dyeing Easter eggs.


The article emphasizes the importance of enjoying and appreciating the beauty of springtime. It encourages readers to create their own spring bucket lists and to share their ideas in the comments section to inspire each other. The author also invites readers to subscribe to their weekly newsletter for more seasonal bucket lists and spring-themed content.

I hope this information helps you plan some exciting activities for the upcoming spring season! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

Amazing Spring Bucket List Ideas For Adults In 2023 (2024)
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