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Official Patch Notes Copy (Feb 9, 2022)

Added the Drill, an object that can be installed by guilds in their designated guild base server group.

– You will need to have learned the Guild Skill “Nature’s Gift,” which requires 30 points, to craft the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set.

– You can craft the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set via Guild Crafting, and, unlike other recipes, doing so does not require a Guild House.

– The parts and respective crafting methods of the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set are as follows.

(Video) How to Guild Craft the Drill

PartTime RequiredMaterials
[Guild] Drill Support x13 hrsOld Tree’s Tear x100
Elder Tree Plywood x100
Palm Plywood x100
Standardized Timber Square x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Shaft x13 hrsEarth’s Tear x100
Steel x100
Vanadium Ingot x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Grip x13 hrsOld Tree’s Tear x100
Log x100
Bronze Ingot x100
Black Stone Powder x1000
[Guild] Drill Pin x120 minEarth’s Tear x10
Steel x10
Titanium Ingot x10
Black Stone Powder x100
[Guild] Drill Fuel x11 hrBlack Stone (Weapon) x1000
Black Stone (Armor) x1000
Powder of Flame x1000
Fire Horn x1000
Coal x1000
[Guild] Drill Assembly Set x110 hrs[Guild] Drill Support x1
[Guild] Drill Shaft x1
[Guild] Drill Grip x1
[Guild] Drill Pin x10
[Guild] Blueprint: Drill x250

※ Old Tree’s Tear and Earth’s Tear can be obtained according to a set probability by gathering with a Fluid Collector or Mining, respectively.

※ You can obtain [Guild] Blueprint: Drill x4 each time you complete a Guild Mission.

* Urgent guild missions requested by the people of Margoria will not be rewarded with [Guild] Blueprint: Drill.

– Complete a Guild Mission during the event period up until February 16, 2022 (Wed) and get “[Guild] Blueprint: Drill” x10.

* This excludes urgent missions from the people of Margoria and guild barter missions.

– Once crafting is complete, the [Guild] Drill can be installed on any desert terrain in your guild’s base server group.

– Using the [Guild] Drill Assembly Set in the desert will begin installation, during which it cannot be damaged.

– [Guild] Drill Assembly Set takes approximately 15 minutes to complete installation, and cannot be damaged even by enemy guilds during this period.

(Video) Gyfin Reworked, Guild Drill, Trade Box Price Buff (Black Desert Online Sneak Peek, 09 February 2022)

– Once the [Guild] Drill is complete, you can interact with it to fill it with [Guild] Drill Fuel kept in your Guild Storage to activate it.

– The [Guild] Drill requires [Guild] Drill Fuel x5 to activate.

– Once construction is complete, enemy guilds will be able to damage it immediately. If your drill has already been activated with fuel, you will be partially compensated if your drill gets destroyed.

– If your [Guild] Drill has been either idle for more than 1 hour after construction or has no fuel when it is destroyed, you will not be able to claim a reward.

– Once the [Guild] Drill’s drilling has completed, the drill will be consumed, upon which you will be able to claim your reward from the Guild Activity Reward UI for the next 30 days.

– Rewards from the [Guild] Drill can be obtained by all guild members.

– With the [Guild] Drill, you can excavate a variety of items from the Great Desert of Valencia, including spoils of war from buried soldiers, ancient weapon parts, trade goods of merchant guilds covered in sand, and fossils sought by scholars.

● Added the Pilgrim’s Stone item.

(Video) Bidding for Guild House?*

– You can obtain the Pilgrim’s Stone as a reward from drilling.

– Select Grinding from the Processing (L) window with the Pilgrim’s Stone to obtain Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard, and Mass of Pure Magic.

● Added [Guild] Covenant of Blood to items obtainable by completing the [Guild] Drill.

● Added new Guild Skills you can learn from consuming [Guild] Covenant of Blood.

SkillEffectDurationCooldownRequired Guild Points[Guild] Covenant of Blood Consumed
Guru’s TouchLife EXP +40%60 min100 min50 points250
Blessing of FortunaItem Drop Rate +10%60 min100 min50 points300
State of NothingnessCombat EXP +200%,
Skill EXP +50%
60 min100 min50 points250

※ Can be stacked with other Guild Skills.

● Added rewards for either successfully drilling with the [Guild] Drill or if the drill is destroyed.

ItemAmount for Successful DrillingAmount if the Drill Gets Destroyed
Faded Trader’s Box11
Traces of Time Fossil Fragment42
Nameless Warrior’s Keepsake11
Secret Treasure Chest11
[Guild] Covenant of Blood2010

– Items that you can obtain from the Faded Trader’s Box, obtainable via the Drill, are as follows:

BDO Guild Drill Guide | GrumpyG (1)

(Video) New Gyfin Grind Zone • Raffle Event, Win a Carrak • Guild Drills • Black Desert Online • BDO

BDO Guild Drill Guide | GrumpyG (2)

– Open the Faded Trader’s Box and you’ll obtain a Secret Voucher I-VI. You can take these to the NPC Wolfgang in Calpheon to exchange them for the following items.

BDO Guild Drill Guide | GrumpyG (3)

– You can obtain the Traces of Time Fossil Fragment with the drill. If you use Grinding (L) on it, you’ll be able to obtain one of the following items according to a set probability.

Traces of Time Fossil FragmentFine Fossil Fragment I
Fine Fossil Fragment II
Fine Fossil Fragment III
Fine Fossil Fragment IV
Ancient Weapon’s Frame

BDO Guild Drill Guide | GrumpyG (4)

– You can obtain the Lone Soldier’s Identification Tag from the Nameless Warrior’s Keepsake. You can bring this to the NPC Yisar Pjetyo in Tarif to exchange it for an Enchanted Scroll (+35).

BDO Guild Drill Guide | GrumpyG (5)

BDO Guild Drill Guide | GrumpyG (6)

(Video) How 2 guild galley plan

BDO Guild Drill Guide | GrumpyG (7)


How do guild payouts work BDO? ›

Guild Bonus Payout

The Guild Bonus can be used weekly (resets every Sunday at 00:00 GMT) and must be between 10% – 40% of the total Guild Funds. If the bonus is over 500 million, then a 50% tax is applied. If the bonus is over 1 billion silver, a 70% tax is applied.

How do you gain guild activity in BDO? ›

You will gain guild activity every time you contribute to your guild experience. This can be done by leveling up a profession, gaining contribution points or increasing your maximum energy. The fastest way to earn a lot of guild activity is by contributing to guild missions.

How do I get BDO pledge of blood? ›

Pledge of the Blood must be bought from Guild Shop.

What is a guild in BDO? ›

Guild is social community of people interested in same goals and activities in Black Desert Online. There is hundreds of PvP, PvE, PvX, Lifeskill, Sailing oriented. You just have to find the right guild for you!

Can you get banned for taking from guild bank? ›

If you had anything to do with your friend cleaning out their guild bank they have the right to kick you from the guild. However, sadly, no emptying out a guild bank is not a bannable offense if they gave him permission.

Can you withdraw money from guild bank? ›

You will need to reach out to the GM or an officer more than likely. Guild banks, while they may allow for deposits, have strict limits set by the guild master so that people can't raid the bank and take what they want.

How do I make my guild more active? ›

  1. Talk to your recruits. ...
  2. If you spot a bad apple early on, kick kick kick. ...
  3. Do your best to invite people to activities. ...
  4. Try to find officers that actually enjoy recruiting or whatever you need them to do. ...
  5. If someone leaves, message them. ...
  6. Your guild is going to be continously dying. ...
  7. Have an identity for your guild.

How do I earn guild activity points? ›

Guild activity points are rewarded for every personal activity point a guild member earns. This means that every day every guild member can obtain up to 100 guild activity points by doing their daily quests and weekly quests. The cap is 100 per day, so if you obtain more than that, only 100 will be added to your guild.

How long do I have to wait to join another guild in BDO? ›

There is a 24 hour cool-down after you have left or been kicked from a guild. Has this answered your query?

What are the three levels of a guild? ›

The three levels of a craft guild were apprentice, journeyman, and master.

How many people can be in a guild BDO? ›

A guild can be small (from 0 players to 30 players), medium (from 31 players to 50 players), large (from 51 players to 75 players), extra large (from 76 players to 100 players).

What are the positions in a guild? ›

Required roles will vary based on the type of guild you're leading, but the most commonly needed roles are recruiter, raid leader/PVP organizer, banker, and loot master. You may also want a communications officer who is in charge of the guild's web presence and voice chat.

How much gold can a guild bank transfer with? ›

The maximum amount of gold that can be sent via a single in-game mail message is limited to 500 gold. An account can only accept up to a total of 500 gold through the in-game mail system and/or the Guild Vault each week.

Can you transfer a guild bank? ›

When performing a Guild Realm Transfer or Guild Faction Change, only the Guild Master character transfers realms or switches factions. The Guild Master takes the framework of the guild—including the guild bank, perks, and completed achievements—and has to reassign ranks on the new realm.

Why would a bank ban you? ›

Banks may freeze bank accounts if they suspect illegal activity such as money laundering, terrorist financing, or writing bad checks. Creditors can seek judgment against you which can lead a bank to freeze your account. The government can request an account freeze for any unpaid taxes or student loans.

How do I put money in my guild bank? ›

Thus, in order to make a guild deposit, the player must carry the gold with him. Players can deposit into their guild bank with the keyword chain guild deposit > (amount) or by the abbreviated guild deposit (amount).

How do you use a guild bank? ›

Official guild banks
  1. Access to the guild bank via a guild vault object next to the standard bankers in the game.
  2. 8 purchasable tabs which have 98 item slots each; bags are not required for the slots. ...
  3. Storage of money.
  4. Players with the appropriate permissions can store items and money for use by the rest of the guild.

Can I withdraw all my money? ›

Yes, you can withdraw everything in your account from your bank. But if you want your account to stay open, some banks have minimum balances, such as $25 or more, that must remain in the account to keep it from closing and to pay fees.

How do guild transfers work? ›

If they meet the requirements, guild members can purchase a Character Transfer to follow the guild to its new server. After the transfer, they will automatically rejoin the guild and restore their guild reputation. This process clears the Guild Activity feed.

How does a guild bank work? ›

Guild Banks are banks that can be used in The Elder Scrolls Online to collect items and share them with other members of the guild. These are different from normal banks in that they are communal. They are unlocked once 10 or more people have joined that particular guild.

What is guild pay? ›

Guild Freelancing is a contracting and payment service for freelancers and their users. We cover a wide range of sectors, including rail, haulage, engineering and energy.

How do guild houses work BDO? ›

They are bought through an auction, unlike the regular houses you can buy using contribution points. You can bid on a guild house through an NPC in one of the large towns. Guild houses are bought using guild funds. Only guild masters can bid on guild houses.


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