Black Desert Online Lahn Class Guide: Best Skills and Combos (2024)

Black Desert Online has finally gotten a brand-new class in Lahn. It’s a mobile, fast-moving class that employs the Crescent Pendulum to beat its enemies and tear them apart.

Lahn has an incredible skill tree with lots of powerful abilities. However, if you want to be a Lahn main, then you need to know which skills and combos are the best.

Follow our guide below if you want to know which Lahn skills and combos are the best for PvE in Black Desert Online.

Best Lahn Class Skills in BDO

Black Desert Online Lahn Class Guide: Best Skills and Combos (1)

  • Salp’uri Purge. This is Lahn’s main DPS skill, as it does a lot of powerful things simultaneously:
    • unleashes a stream of energy that sends opponents into the air
    • can affect up to 7 targets when spinning
    • reduces all DP by -15 for 10 seconds
    • and has Basic Attack Critical Hit Rate +100%
  • Blade of Blood. This one is highly recommended for those who want to activate their Super Armor without the Salp’uri Purge, but you will need to use it only after Blade Dance.
  • Nimbus Stride. Lahn can’t exactly fly, but you can give her an ability to jump up and forward really high with the help of this skill. It also reduces the fall damage by 10%, which is absolutely necessary when using this skill.
  • Moon Slash. This is one of the best AOE skills you can invest in, since it is both good in the beginning of the game and also later on. It should be used alongside Moondance, which allows your Crescent Pendulum to deal some strong basic attacks.
  • Blooming Nether Flower. This is another excellent AOE skill that uses the centrifugal force of the pendulum and delivers a knockdown.
  • Sacred Dance. One of the most unusual Lahn skills that absorbs the surrounding energy and enhances all of your attacks. This can be used in almost any combo with devastating effects, but it does consume a lot of stamina.

Best Lahn Class Combos in BDO

Black Desert Online Lahn Class Guide: Best Skills and Combos (2)

Eye of the Phoenix + Moon Slash
  • LMB + Space + Space + Space

For sub-level 50 players. It’s a strong series of attacks that uses up relatively less stamina than other combos.That makes it a combo that not only proves powerful, but one that lasts long enough (and then some) to defeat pesky opponents without breaking a sweat.

Tailspin + Flow: Vice + Deadly Dance + Bleeding Hearts + Flow: Mangler
  • Shift + RMB (Hold) + RMB + W + F + LMB + RMB (Hold) + LMB + RMB

It’s time to do some hacking and slashing. This combo will tear your opponents from top to bottom with a series of quick strikes and rotational blows. One of the most devastating parts of the combo is the Bleeding Hearts skill that delivers a double blow that will knock your opponents down and make them bleed.

Bleeding Hearts + Eradication + Flow: Dancing with Death + Blooming Nether Flower
  • LMB + RMB + Space + LMB + LMB + RMB

If you want to use your Down Attacks effectively, then be sure to use this combo for fast and highly efficient strikes and double blows. You may finish off the combo with Dancing with Death, which will require you to put Furor skill into your hotbar for good knockdowns, and it’s totally worth it.

Bridled Despair + Deadly Dance + Bleeding Hearts
  • S + RMB + W + F + LMB + RMB (Hold) + LMB + RMB

Critical hit damage can be a lifesaver when it comes to hard fighting. This quick combo can deliver exactly that with the help of Bridled Despair that makes Lahn throw her glaives and tear the flesh of your enemies stunning them with +50% critical hit rate.

Soul Raid + Blooming Nether Flower + Salp’uri Purge + Flow: Mangler + Moon Slash
  • E + LMB + RMB + Shift + Q + LMB (Hold) + Space + Space + Space

Lastly, if you’re dealing with a group of enemies, there is nothing more powerful than Lahn’s AOE combo that strongly relies on her Moon Slash and Moondance skills. This combo will make her spin and deal consecutive blows, where each of those will deal progressively larger amounts of damage.

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Black Desert Online Lahn Class Guide: Best Skills and Combos (2024)
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