Can I use FSA/HSA for Massage Therapy? (2023)

Did you notice? The majority of flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) can pay you for massage therapy. Most do demand proof of medical reason from your primary care physician, but this just means that you have a better chance of getting your massage paid by your insurance company! It is sufficient if your physician provides you with a letter in this regard. Although FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) are both tax-advantaged accounts that enable individuals to save funds to meet eligible medical costs, there may be some significant variations between the two types of accounts. Thus, let's discover these incredible accounts that have the potential to be of great use to you!

What is an HSA?

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are tax-advantaged medical savings accounts for Americans with high-deductible health plans (HDHP). You have the option of using the funds in your HSA to assist pay for insurance coverage deductibles as well as other medical expenditures, such as those associated with dental as well as eye care. In 2019, the yearly cap on contributions to health savings accounts for those covered by only one insurance plan is $3,500. For people who are covered by family health policies, the maximum yearly contribution that may be made is $7,000. If the funds are released to pay for eligible medical expenditures, they are exempt from taxation. Nevertheless, if money is removed from the account before the age of 65 for reasons other than those specified in the plan, you will incur taxes equal to twenty percent of the value withdrawn. After the age of 65, one is free to access their wealth without incurring any fees.

What is an FSA?

Employers are the ones who often set up Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), which are also sometimes referred to as Flexible Spending Arrangements. Typically, it is supported by a deduction made from the employee's paycheck before taxes are taken out, although employers are also able to participate in it or give it fully. Though having insurance is not necessary to have a flexible spending account (FSA), it may be used in combination with any sort of health insurance. You are able to use money from your FSA toward things like costs, higher deductibles, as well as other medical costs like vision & dental care. Some flexible spending accounts (FSAs) have a provision called "Use it or lose it," which states that any money left in the account at the end of the year must be returned to the employer. Workers have the option of allowing registrants to transfer over up to $500 to the following year, or they can enable members to access their assets during the grace period, which expires on March 15 of each year.

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What is the difference between an HSA and an FSA?

The primary difference between these two plans is that the amount in an HSA may be held over from year to year. As a result, even if you don't have too many medical costs in a given year, you still have the opportunity to put money away for use in other years. On the contrary, flexible spending accounts (FSAs) have a usage deadline of December 31 of the year at which they were opened. When it comes to FSAs, the money you choose to put away won't be carried over into the following fiscal year.

Even while HSAs as well as FSAs are not precisely the same stuff, the distinctions between the two accounts are irrelevant when it comes to the matter of whether or not you may use the funds to pay for a massage. However, if you do have an FSA and there is money left in your wallet at the moment, this is an excellent opportunity to schedule an appointment for a massage.

How much can I save with an HSA/FSA?

Greater than you could ever imagine. By using your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) to spend for massages, you may reduce the amount of money that comes out of your own wallet by thirty to forty percent per year. You could save an even greater amount if you join the membership programme and sign up for it.

Why Would You Want an HSA or FSA?

HSAs and FSAs have numerous advantages, the most important of which is the ability to save money. Furthermore, even though nobody wants to believe being in a catastrophe or having a significant medical condition, emergency situations do happen, therefore keeping some cash available in case of unexpected health bills might be vital for your sense of security.

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Are electric massagers FSA or HSA eligible?

Yes, they are. For instance, many electric massagers come up with multiple benefits such as you can enjoy prosperous health as well as health insurance. This is only possible if the electric massager is FSA or HSA eligible. So if you want to save the bucks especially in case of emergency situations then opt for the electric massagers meeting up the FSA or HSA eligibility criteria.

Zarifa USA products HSA/FSA eligible or not?

Yes there is no room for doubt when you think about Zarifa products in terms of their HSA/FSA eligibility. Ranging from neck massagers to eye massagers, Zarifa has got you covered with the HSA/FSA policy that will surely make your life stress free. Let’s dig deeper into the eligible products for HSA/FSA offered by yours truly Zarifa!

Eligible Products for HSA/FSA:

Don’t have the time to visit a clinic for physical therapy? No need to worry since the following eligible products for HSA/FSA will surely save your time. Let’s have a look at them!


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The classic massage cushion equipped with heat and vibration helps to reduce tension and raise the efficiency of massage. This thick pillow aims to relieve tight muscles as well as stimulate an anti-inflammatory effect, whilst also maintaining the stability of exterior rigid materials which will not compress while you are receiving an elevated therapy. The complete heat that is regulated by theclassic massage cushion with heat imitates the calming effect of a genuine Jade Stone massage, so using it is like getting a massage from a real Jade Stone. The gadget is effective in reducing clenching sensations, involuntary muscular spasms, prolonged strain and stress, and other types of pain by focusing on the causes of the discomfort.

Additionally, a health savings account (HSA) or perhaps a flexible spending account (FSA) might be used to pay for the acquisition of it. Throughout your massage, you may feel as though you are floating. In addition to that, this will assist you in winding down before sleeping.

Massage Pillow

The Shiatsu Pillow massager provides relief for your soreness and tense muscles with its three progressively more intense degrees of pressure. The ultimate gracious living environment may be created with the help of this compact yet forward-thinking massager, which has cordless comfort for further ease of use. In the comfort of your own home, the massage pillow can easily conform to your neck and shoulders, and it can be included in your bedtime ritual for a restorative period of sleep. The heating function assists in enhancing circulation and lessens discomfort, allowing for optimum recovery in the shortest possible period. Using the all-in-oneZarifa shiatsu pillow massager, you may alleviate any spontaneous neck contractions, treat any stiffness in your lower spine, calm your feet and toes after exercise, and perhaps even target any stiffness in your arms and thighs. Your HSA or FSA card can work to pay for the Pillow Massager that you want to buy.

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Eye Massager

After a long and stressful day, the Z-smart eye massager is exactly what you require. The eye massager can relieve visual fatigue as well as assist you to get a better night's sleep, both of which will help you feel more refreshed the following day. Your eyes are unique organs with unique requirements for therapeutic massage because of their sensitivity. In order to do this, one may choose from one of five distinct optical massages, including integrated, clear, sleep, vitality, and smart modes. Your brand-new Z-Smart Eye Massager is equipped with each of these different settings. Each one may be accessed by pressing the button of a certain massage mode, and they each give a different set of curative and curative effects for massage therapy.

It may be paid for using either an HSA or an FSA. By utilizing thiseye massager, you will be able to experience a wide variety of functions, including those that are enriched, those that are of advanced technology, as well as those that provide a comfortable sensation of relaxation, and we are certain that you will adore it.

How can you use an HSA/FSA/HRA card in Zarifa USA?

Zarifa USA has made it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to use your HSA, FSA, or HRA card. At the time of purchase, all you have to do is input your HSA, FSA, or HRA card information just as you would with any other credit card. Because we have merchant codes, we are able to process your money rapidly and without any hassle directly from our primary checkout.


  • After adding your purchase, you may proceed to check out. Complete the contact information as well as shipping address fields during the checkout process.
  • Simply choose the mode in which you would want to have your order delivered.
  • Now that we have all the credentials we need for your purchase, all you need to do is input the details for your HSA or FSA card in the area that is labeled "Credit card."

That is the end of the issue. You would then relax at home, and that you can be certain that our reliable shipping department would help ensure that your products are delivered to you on time.

The benefits of massage extend well beyond those of a stress reliever or a soothing exercise. Massage may provide many people with pain relief that cannot be achieved by taking medicine but can also be helpful for those struggling with mental health issues, worry, and a wide variety of other conditions. Consequently,Therefore, opt for a massage therapy through a product that is affiliated with HSA or FSA to gain tons of benefits at the same time!


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