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Common HUD Terms and Acronyms

2LPHome Affordable Second Lien Program
ABAAnnual Budget Authority (for HAP expenses in the HCV program)
ACAlternative Construction (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
ACAAnnual Community Assessment
ACAAsset Control Area. FHA Single Family Housing designated area for special property sales initiatives.
ACCAnnual Contributions Contract. Annual Contracts with Public Housing Authorities for payments towards rents, financing debt service and financing for modernization.
ACOPAdmissions and Continued Occupancy Policy
ACRSAdministration’s system for tracking requests for administrative services
ACSAmerican Community Survey
ADAAmericans With Disabilities Act (Section 504)
AdmAdministration (HUD Office of)
AFGEAmerican Federation of Government Employees. One of two (AFGE, NFFE) HUD employee unions. AFGE has national recognition.
AFFHAffirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
AFRApplicable Federal Rate
AFSAnnual Audited Financial Statements
AHAPAgreement to Enter into a Housing Assistance Payments Contract
AHSAmerican Housing Survey
AIAnalysis of Impediments (to fair housing); a part of Consolidated Plans
AllocationBudget Authority transferred from one agency
AllotmentAuthorization by authorized employee to subordinates to incur obligations
AMPAsset Management Project
AntideficiencyProhibits obligations or expenditures prior to appropriations or in excess of apportionment
AOAdministering Organization
APICsAmerica’s Private Investment Companies
APPAnnual Performance Plan
APPSActive Partners Performance System
ApportionmentOMB distribution of authorized (appropriated) funds
AppropriationsStatutory authority permitting agency to incur obligations
APRAnnual Performance Report (Annual Progress Report for homeless programs)
ARAMSAutomatic Renewal and Amendment Management Subsystem
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act
ASQAmerican Society for Quality
BEDIBrownfields Economic Development Initiative. Grants, connected with 108 guaranteed loans to improve security of viability of projects.
BLIBudget Line Item (in LOCCS)
BLSBureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor
BOSSBudget Outlay Support System
BRIBrownfields Redevelopment Initiative. Interagency initiative addressing financial and legal risks of brownfield clean-up and redevelopment.
BrownfieldsVacant or underutilized industrial and commercial properties that are environmentally contaminated
Budget AuthorityLegal authority to enter into financial obligations
CBDCommerce Business Daily
CDBGCommunity Development Block Grant (CPD program)
CEFCommunity Empowerment Fund; administered by CPD
CFCFCapital Fund Education and Training Community Facilities
CFFPCapital Fund Financing Program
CFOChief Financial Officer (HUD Office of)
CFPCapital Fund Program
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CHASComprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy
CHDOCommunity Housing Development Organization. Nonprofit housing provider receiving minimum of 15% of HOME Investment Partnership funds
CHRBCommunity Housing Resource Board. Organization assisting with voluntary compliance with fair housing laws.
CIOChief Information Officer (HUD Office of)
CIRCongressional and Intergovernmental Relations (HUD Office of)
CITICorrecting Incorrect Tenant Identifiers
CLPHACouncil of Large Public Housing Authorities
CMHICooperative Management Housing Insurance Fund. One of four FHA funds
COContracting Officer
CoCContinuum of Care approach to assistance to the homeless
COCCCentral Office Cost Center
Continuum of CareFederal program stressing permanent solutions to homelessness
COEArmy Corps of Engineers
Con PlanConsolidated Plan; a locally developed plan for housing assistance and urban development under the Community Development Block Grant and other CPD programs
Contract AuthorityStatutory authority. Budget authority permitting contracting or obligations prior to an appropriation for payment.
COOPContinuity of Operations
CPDCommunity Planning and Development (HUD Office of)
CPOChief Procurement Officer (HUD Office of)
CPUCost Per Unit (Total Cost/Numer of Units)
CSICommunity Strategies Institute
CQACertified Quality Auditor
CQECertified Quality Engineer
DAPDevelopment Application Processing (FHA - Multifamily Housing)
DAPDownpayment Assistance Program (FHA - Single Family Housing)
DAPIADesign Approval Primary Inspection Agency (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
DARTSDepartmental Accounts Receivable Tracking/Collection System
Data WarehouseInformation system storing HUD program and operational data
Davis BaconStatutory requirement that persons working on federally assisted projects be paid at least minimum prevailing wage rates.
DCRDebt Coverage Ratio (NOI/Hard Debt)
DEDirect Endorsement. Program permitting lender processed and endorsed FHA mortgages.
DECDepartmental Enforcement Center
DGMSDepartmental Grants Management System
DHAPDisaster Housing Assistance Program (HCV Program)
DMData Mart
DOFADate of Full Availability
DOTDeclaration of Trust
DPRDAPIA Performance Report (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
DSCRDebt Service Coverage Ratio
DTDelivering Together
DUNSDun and Bradstreet Numbering System
EAEnvironmental Assessment. Analysis to determine affect of a project on the environment. May lead to an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
ECEnforcement Center (formally calledDepartmental Enforcement Center)
ECEnterprise Community
EDExecutive Director
EDAEconomic Development Administration (part of Dept. of Commerce)
EDIEconomic Development Initiative (CPD program)
EDSCElderly/Disabled Service Coordinator
EDSSEconomic Development and Supportive Services (CPD program)
EEOEqual Employment Opportunity
EGIEffective Gross Income (GPR - Vacancy Loss + Other Income = EGI)
EHOPEqual Housing Opportunity Plan. Plan developed by Public Housing Agencies for use in Sec. 8 and Moderate Rehabilitation programs.
EISExecutive Information System. Designed for senior management for analysis
EISEmpowerment Information System. Programmed reports for top executives
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement. Analysis of environmental impacts of a proposed project.
EIVEnterprise Income Verification
EMADEconmic and Market Analysis Division
EMMExecutive Management Meeting
EPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPACS(HUD) Executive Performance Accountability and Communication System (for performance plans for Senior Executives)
EPCEnergy Performance Contracting
EPICEnergy Performance Information Center
EPLSExcluded Parties List System
EPPESEmployee Performance Planning and Evaluation System. Used to measure/rate employee job performance.
ESGEmergency Shelter Grants (CPD program)
EVSEmployee Viewpoint Survey
EZEmpowerment Zone
F47see MFIS
FAFinancial Analyst
FAIRFederal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act of 1998
Fair Housing Act1968 act (amended in 1974 and 1988) providing HUD Secretary with fair housing enforcement and investigation responsibilities
Fannie MaeSee FNMA
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FASPHAFinancial Assessment Subsystem
FASSFinancial Assessment Subsystem
FBCOFaith-Based and Community Organizations
FDSFinancial Data Schedule
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Administration
FERAFront-End Risk Assessments (FERAs) are documented reviews by management of a component's susceptibility to waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement. FERAs are conducted on new or sustantially revised programs or administrative functions.
FFSFederal Financial System
FFYFederal Fiscal Year
FHAFederal Housing Administration (HUD Office of Housing)
FHAPFair Housing Assistance Program (FHEO program). Program assisting state/local government with processing fair housing complaints.
FHEOFair Housing and Equal Opportunity (HUD Office of)
FHIPFair Housing Initiatives Program (FHEO program). Program to assist state/local government, community groups and housing resource boards to combat housing discrimination.
FHLBBFederal Home Loan Bank Board
FHLMCFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. Federally chartered stockholder owned corporation supporting secondary market for conventional mortgages.
FLRAFederal Labor Relations Authority
FMCFinancial Management Center (Section 8; under PIH)
FMDFinancial Management Division (Public Housing)
FMRFair Market Rent (maximum rent for Section 8 rental assistance)
FMSFacilities Management Specialist
FNMAFederal National Mortgage Association. Federally chartered, stockholder owned corporation supporting secondary market for FHA, VA and conventional mortgages.
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FONSIFinding of No Significant Impact. Environmental Assessment finding that a project will not significantly affect the quality of human life.
FPMField Policy and Management (HUD Office of)
Freddie MacSee FHLMC
FSIFinancial Systems Integration
FSSFamily Self-Sufficiency program
FTEFull-time equivalent (employee) (2080 hours of paid employment)
FUPFamily Unification Program
FWGField Working Group
FYFiscal year
GIGeneral Insurance Fund (one of four FHA insurance funds)
GIMSGrants Interface Management System
Ginnie Mae(HUD) Government National Mortgage Association
GISGeographic Information System
GMCGrants Management Center (under Public and Indian Housing)
GMPGrants Management Process
GMSGrants Management System
GNNDGood Neighbor Next Door-program for sale of Single Family Properties in revitalization areas to law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and teachers in order to improve neighborhood security
GPOGovernment Printing Office
GPRGross Potential Rent (Number of Units x Monthly Rent x 12 (months/annual) = GPR)
GPRAGovernment Performance and Results Act. Requires Federal Agencies to establish performance standards and report on results.
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GTMGovernment Technical Monitor (for contracts)
GSEGovernment Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
GTRGovernment Technical Representative (for contracts)
HAMPHome Affordable Modification Program
HAPHousing Assistance Payments
HAPHousing Assistance Plan. Housing plans required by CDBG program.
HARPHome Affordable Refinance Program
HARTHUD's Assistance and Recovery Team
HCAHousing Credit Agency
HCAHousing Counseling Agency
HCVHousing Choice Voucher
HERAHousing and Economic Recovery Act
HERFORUHEREMS Field Office Reporting Utility aka HEREMS
HFAHousing Finance Agency. State or local agencies responsible for financing and preserving low/mod housing within a state.
HHSHealth and Human Services (U.S. Department of)
HIFMIPHUD Integrated Financial Management Improvement Project
HIPRSHUD Integrated Performance Reporting System (HIPRS) application tracks and reports accomplishments on the national Management Plan goals in Headquarters and the local goals in the Field offices.
HMDAHome Mortgage Disclosure Act. 1975 Act, amended 1989, requires mortgage lending institutions to collect and disclose information on their lending practices.
HOCHomeownership Center (FHA - Single Family Housing field structure)
HOMEHome Investment Partnerships (CPD program)
HOPE VIProgram for Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing (PIH program)
HOPWAHousing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (CPD program)
HQSHousing Quality Standards
HUDU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
HUDCAPSHUD Central Accounting Processing System
HUDCLIPSHUD Client Information and Policy Systems
HUDstatInternal Reporting System
HUD-VASHHUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program
HUSMHUD Utility Schedule Model
IBSIntegrated Business System
ICDBGIndian Community Development Block Grant program
IDAIndividual Development Account
IDISIntegrated Disbursement and Information System (CPD system)
IGInspector General (HUD Office of)
IHAIndian Housing Authorities
IHBGIndian Housing Block Grants program
IMS or (IMS-PIC)Inventory Management System
IPAIndependent Public Accountant
IPAIntergovernmental Personnel Act. Permits temporary assignment of employees to public and private sector.
IPIAProduction Inspection Primary Inspection Agency (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
IPIAImproper Payments Information Act
IPRIPIA Performance Report (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
IRRInternal Rate of Return
IRVTraditional method of determing property values (NOI/Cap Rate = Value)
ITInformation Technology
ITIMInformation Technology Investment Management
LASLoan Accounting System; direct loans
LASSLender Assessment Subsystem
LDRS(HUD) Leadership Development Recognition System (incentive awards system for executives, managers and supervisors)
LGBTCollectively refers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community
LIHTCLow Income Housing Tax Credit
LMLoan Management
LMRLabor Management Relations
LOCCSLine of Credit Control System
LDPLimited Denials of Participation
LRLabor Relations (usually in reference to HUD programmatic compliance with Davis-Bacon and related Acts)
MAHRAMultifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act of 1997
MAPMultifamily Accelerated Processing (FHA-Multifamily Housing process)
MAPSMonitoring and Planning System
MARSMultifamily Accounting Reporting and Servicing System aka CSMS; HUD-held loans
MBAMortgage Bankers Association
MBEMinority Business Enterprise
MBSMortgage-Backed Securities (for secondary market issued by Ginnie Mae)
MDDRMultifamily Delinquency and Default Reporting
MFHRHIIPMultifamily Housing Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project
MFISMultifamily Insurance System aka F47-insured loans
MHAMaking Home Affordable
MHCCManufactured Housing Consensus Committee. Statutory Federal Advisory Committee that provides recommendations to the Secretary regarding HUD’s MHCSS and related procedural and enforcement regulations
MHCSSManufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards. Federal standards for the design, construction, and installation of manufactured homes.
MHCSSAManufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974. Federal law establishing MHCSS for all manufactured homes produced in the United States after June 15, 1976.
MISManagement Information System
MLISMortgage Lending Information System
M&MManagement and Marketing. Single Family program to manage and market acquired properties using contractors.
MMIF or MMIMutual Mortgage Insurance Fund (one of four FHA funds)
MSPBMerit Systems Protection Board. Independent agency which hears and adjudicates federal employees’ allegations of abuse of merit principles.
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MTCSMultifamily Tenant Characteristics System
MTWMoving to Work
NACONational Association of Counties
NAHASDANative American Housing Assistance Self-Determination Act
NAHBNational Association of Home Builders
NAHRONational Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
NAPANational Academy of Public Administration
NARNational Association of Realtors
NAREBNational Association of Real Estate Brokers
National Partnership for Reinventing GovernmentFormally known as NPR (National Performance Review). Review of federal government operations resulting in recommendations for improvement.
NCHSNational Center for Health Statistics
NCSBCSNational Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards
NEDNon-Elderly Disabled
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act
NFCNational Finance Center
NFFENational Federation of Federal Employees (one of 2 employee unions in HUD)
NGMSNext Generation Management System
NIBSNational Institute of Building Sciences
NOFA(HUD) Notice of Funding Availability
NOINet Operating Income (EGI - Operating Expenses = NOI)
NPVNet Present Value
NRPNuisance Remedy Program
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSPNeighborhood Stabilization Program
NTONational Tenant’s Organization
OCHCOOffice of the Chief Human Capital Officer
ODEEO(HUD) Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity
ODOC(HUD) Office of Departmental Operations and Coordination
Officer Next Door/ONDHUD sale of Single Family Properties in revitalization areas to police officers in order to improve neighborhood security. Now Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND)
OFFPOperating Fund Financing Program
OFNDOperating Fund Program
OGC(HUD) Office of General Counsel
OHHLHC(HUD) Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control
OIGOffice of Inspector General
OLHCSee Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control
OLR(HUD) Office of Labor Relations-now OLSE
OLSE(HUD) Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement
OMBU.S. Office of Management and Budget
OMB Circular A-76Policies and procedures to determine if work should be contracted or performed in-house
OMB Circular A-102Policies for Federal Departments for establishing and maintaining internal controls in program and administrative activities
OMHAR(HUD) Office of Multifamily Housing Assistance Restructuring
OMHPOffice of Manufactured Housing Programs
ONAPOffice of Native American Programs
Operating SubsidiesPayments authorized by the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 for operating costs of low-rent public housing projects.
OPIISOnline Property Integrated Information Suite formerly NASS
OPMOffice of Personnel Management
OPPLIOffice of Policy, Program, and Legislative Initiatives
OutlayMeasure of government spending for budget purposes. Any type of funds used to liquidate a federal obligation.
OSDBU(HUD) Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
P&Fprogram and funding (budget table)
PACSHUD Performance Accountability and Communication System (for managers and supervisors)
PAEParticipating Administrative Entity. Organization eligible to implement mortgage restructuring and rental assistance sufficiency (Restructuring) Plans. ( multifamily housing assistance restructuring)
PASProgram Accounting System; grants
PASSPhysical Inspection Assessment Subsystem
PATHPartnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PD&R program)
PATHPrevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (Homeless program)
PBCAPerformance Based Contract Administrator
PBVPProject-Based Voucher Program
PELProject Expense Level
PDProperty Disposition. Disposition of real property.
PDPosition Description. Description of the functions of a position
PD&RPolicy Development and Research (HUD Office of)
PFSPerformance Funding System. Formula used to calculate the amount of operating subsidies required by each PHA to operate it’s public housing.
PFSPre-Foreclosure sale (REO program)
PHAPublic Housing Authority
PHARSPublic Housing Authority Recovery and Sustainability Initiative
PHASPublic Housing Assessment System (under REAC)
PHDEPPublic Housing Drug Enforcement Program (PIH program)
PHMAPPublic Housing Management Assessment Program (under PIH)
PHRSPublic Housing Revitalization Specialist
PIAPrimary Inspection Agency (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
PICPublic and Indian Housing Information Center
PIHPublic and Indian Housing (HUD Office of)
PILOTPayment in Lieu of Taxes
PJsParticipating Jurisdictions (in HOME program)
PLPublic Law
PMSPortfolio Management Specialist (Public and Indian Housing)
PMSProperty Management System (Multifamily)
POCAPlan of Corrective Action
POSTPIH One Stop Tool
PTRPost Technical Reviews
PUMPer Unit Month
PVPresent Value
QAQuality Assurance
QAMQuality Assurance Manual
QCQuality Control
QHWRAQuality Housing and Work Responsibility Act
QMR(HUD) Quality Management Review program (for oversight of field operations)
RADRental Assistance Demonstration
RAMPSRecovery Act Management and Performance System
REAC(HUD) Real Estate Assessment Center
REAPResource Estimation and Allocation Process (under Chief Financial Officer)
REMICReal Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (under Ginnie Mae)
REMSReal Estate Management System (under REAC)
Rent SupplementPayments to owners of private housing on behalf of qualified low income tenants. (Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965).
Rental RehabilitationGrants to cities and states for rehabilitation of rental housing. (Housing Act of 1937)
REOreal estate owned (in reference to defaulted FHA-insured properties)
ReservationSet-aside of funds for a particular program initiative.
RESPAReal Estate Settlement Procedures Act. Requires lenders to provide borrowers under Federal loan or mortgage insurance programs to receive specific loan transaction information.
RHFReplacement Housing Factor
RHIIPRental Housing Integrity Improvement Project
RFPRequest for Proposals. Used to solicit proposals for contracts under the negotiated procurement method.
RFQRequest for Quotations. Used to solicit price quotes under the simplified acquisition procurement method.
RIFReduction In Force. Action by management to reduce or adjust an agency’s workforce.
RMIRemoved from Inventory
ROIRate on Investment (Cash Flow/Initial Investment)
ROSSResident Opportunity and Supportive Services
S+CShelter Plus Care
S&ESalaries and Expenses Appropriation
SAAState Administrative Agency (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
SACSpecial Applications Center (under PIH)
SAMASite Appraisal and Market Analysis. Required for commitment of FHA mortgage insurance on most Multifamily Projects and large subdivisions.
SAVESystematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program
SCOn-site Completion of Construction (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
Schedule AExcepted appointment for positions which are not practical to examine
Schedule BExcepted appointment to positions for which there is not competitive exams
Schedule CAppointment exempt from competitive procedures for individuals involved in setting Presidential policies or serving in confidential positions reporting to policy makers.
SCS2Strong Cities, Strong Communities
Section 3Obligates PHAs to afford resident access to jobs and contracting opportunities created by federal funding
Section 5(h)Permits PHAs to sell all or part of a public housing development to eligible residents
Section 8Housing Assistance Payment Program (Housing and Community Development Act of 1974)
Section 8Housing Choice Voucher Program (Housing and Community Development Act of 1974)
Section 8(a)Small Business Act authorizing SBA to enter into contracts with other federal agencies for goods and services. SBA then subcontracts work with eligible small firms.
Section 8 FMCSection 8 Financial Management Center (under PIH)
Section 9 Operating SubsidiesSee Operating Subsidies
Section 184Loan Guarantee Program
Section 202Loans for construction/rehab of housing for the elderly or handicapped
Section 203Basic FHA Single Family mortgage insurance program.
Section 108Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program (under CPD)
Section 202/811Programs for housing assistance to the elderly and people with disabilities
Section 207Basic FHA multifamily insurance program
Section 221(d)(2)FHA Single Family Mortgage insurance for low/moderate income families
Section 221(d)(3)FHA mortgage insurance for Multifamily housing for low/moderate income families.
Section 223(e)FHA mortgage insurance with housing in older declining neighborhoods
Section 223(f)FHA mortgage insurance to refinance existing multifamily housing
Section 231Mortgage insurance for housing constructed or rehabilitated primarily for elderly persons
Section 235FHA single family mortgage insurance with subsidies on interest for low/moderate income families
Section 236FHA multifamily mortgage insurance with subsidies on interest for low/moderate income projects
SEMAPSection 8 Management Assessment Program
SESSenior Executive Service. Personnel/Payroll system for executives. (Civil Service Act of 1978)
SHPSupportive Housing Program
SLRSubsidy Layering Review
SMASAA Monitoring Assessment (under Manufactured Housing Programs)
Source Evaluation BoardGroup of HUD officials responsible for reviewing proposals on competitive contracts of more than $500,000
Special Risk Insurance FundOne of four FHA funds used primarily for higher risk programs (eg. Section 235; Section 223(e)
SRISpecial Risk Insurance Fund (of FHA)
SROSingle-Room Occupancy. Mortgage insurance under Section 221(d) for single room apartments.
STARSSystem for tracking calls requesting computer-related assistance
STARTNeighborhood Networks Strategic Tracking and Reporting Tool
Super NOFAHUD’s consolidated approach to issuance of Notices of Funding Availability
TACTechnical Assistance Center (REAC Helpdesk)
TANFTemporary Assistance to Needy Families
TARCTroubled Agency Recovery Center (under PIH)
TASSTenant Assessment Subsystem
TDATTribal Directory Assessment Tool
TDHEsTribally Designated Housing Entities
TEAPOTSTitle VIII Paperless Office and Tracking System (FHEO system)
Title I (HCD 1974)Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (CDBG) authorized CDBG
Title I (NHA 1937)Title I of the National Housing Act of 1937 provided FHA insurance for home improvements and mobile homes.
Title VILoan Guarantee Program
TLITargeted Lending Initiative (of Ginnie Mae)
TRACSTenant Rental Assistance Certification System
TurnkeyCompleted housing unit initially financed and constructed by private sponsor and purchased by PHA
UELUtilities Expense Level
UFASUniform Federal Accessibility Standards
UMAUnit Months Available
UMLUnit Months Leased
UNPFormerly known as UNA Unrestricted Net Assets will now be referred to as Unrestricted Net Position
UPCSUniform Physical Condition Standards
USCUnited States Code
USDAU.S. Department of Agriculture
USHAUnited States Housing Act of 1937
VAVeterans Affairs (U.S. Department of)
VASHHUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program
VAWAViolence Against Women Act and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005
VCAVoluntary Compliance Agreement. Conciliation agreement signed by a complainant to resolve a complaint.
VMSVoucher Management System
WASSWeb Access Security Subsystem
YouthbuildHUD program to promote apprenticeships for needy youth in building trades
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