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For entry, both a valid ticket and a date-specific theme park reservation via the Disney Park Pass system are required; there is currently no need to reserve for water parks. Calendar is for guidance only, as availability can change until the theme park reservation is confirmed.

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1. Select the Number of Tickets

Please note, children younger than age 3 don't need a ticket.

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2. Choose Your Magic Ticket

From prices are per adult ticket (ages 10+) for admission arriving on value season dates.

14-Day Magic Ticket

  • Access to theme parks & water parks
  • Visit multiple parks per day (after 2pm)
  • Memory Maker included, worth $199!
  • Mini-golf, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and more
  • Book now to enjoy 14 days for the price of 7! Offer valid for arrivals to 30th September 2023

From £519.00 - just £38 per day!

7-Day Magic Ticket

  • Access to theme parks & water parks
  • Visit multiple parks per day (after 2pm)
  • Memory Maker included, worth $199!
  • Mini-golf, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and more
  • No special offers included

From £519.00 - just £75 per day!

3. Choose the First Day of Your 14-Day Ticket

Your tickets can be used on non-consecutive days, but remember your Disney Parks Pass reservations too!

Value Season

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Peak Season

Usage Window

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Valid any 14 days from 29th Jan 2023 - 15th Feb 2023

14-Day Magic Ticket

2 x Ages 10+ £1,038.00 519/Ticket)

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0 x Ages 3-9 £0.00 499/Ticket)


All elements of your booking are subject to capacity and availability. Enhanced health and safety measures are in place to promote cleanliness, physical distancing and reduced contact. Some experiences, shows or events may be modified depending on relevant health and safety requirements. We will not be liable for related consequences on your holiday or visit. Important details to know before you visit.

To gain entry into a Theme Park, both a valid ticket and reservation for the same Park on the same date are required. The availability calendar you are presented with is for guidance purposes only, and may not represent the capacity and availability at the time you reserve your Theme Park attendance. After you have purchased your ticket or package and have received your booking reference, you will gain access to the Disney Park Pass reservation system at which point you will be able to reserve your attendance date(s) at your chosen Theme Park. You must make a separate reservation for each date you plan to visit, and each Theme Park you wish to attend, even with a multi-day ticket. Please note that as the Theme Parks are open with limited capacity, reservations are subject to availability and are not valid until confirmed subject to the Disney Park Pass system terms and conditions. We recommend that you make your Theme Park reservation as soon as available after you purchase your ticket or package. We cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy or otherwise of this calendar. By purchasing your ticket or package you acknowledge and confirm that you fully understand and accept the risk of reservation slots being limited or unavailable following your purchase even if in the indicative calendar such attendance dates previously appeared available.

Currently you can amend your Walt Disney World Resort ticket-only booking without any amendment fees anytime up to 7 days before your arrival date. You will need to pay any difference in price if the price is higher and we will refund you the difference if the price is lower. Only valid for bookings made in the UK or Ireland for arrivals up to and including 31st December 2023.

Bookings are subject to availability and our booking conditions. Holiday price is not confirmed until purchased. Prices do not include insurance. Additional terms and conditions apply; click here for details.

Disney Magic (UK Arrival Based Ticket) can be purchased for 7- or 14-day Walt Disney World Park admission up to and including 31st December 2023. Disney 7-Day Magic Ticket is valid for use up to 15 days from the selected start date of the ticket. Disney 14-Day Magic Ticket is valid for use up to 18 days from the start date of the ticket. Disney Magic Tickets provides admission to Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Disney’s Blizzard Beach or Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, whichever is open. Please check Know Before You Go for the most current information on Disney Water Parks. At this time a park reservation is not required to visit a water park, however, reservation requirements are subject to change. Water parks are subject to rehabilitation, seasonal, capacity and weather closures, or may close for other reasons.

Disney Magic Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Child prices are valid for children aged 3-9 years on day of first use; children aged 10 years and above pay the adult ticket price; children under 3 years do not require a Theme Park Ticket and are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. All tickets purchased online are e-tickets.

Tickets for Special Events must be purchased separately.

14-Day Ticket For the Price of 7 Offer is available to book separately between 15th December 2022 - 31st August 2023, or combined with other offers available. During this time the 14-Day Ticket (Disney 14-Day Magic Ticket) is available for the price of a 7-Day Ticket (Disney 7-Day Magic Ticket) for arrivals 1st January 2023 to 30th September 2023 (inclusive). Disney 14-Day Magic Ticket is valid for use up to 18 days from first day of use. Disney Magic Tickets provides admission to Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Disney's Blizzard Beach or Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, whichever is open. Please check Know Before You Go for the most current information on Disney Water Parks. Water Parks are subject to rehabilitation, seasonal, capacity and weather closures, or may close for other reasons. Bookings are subject to availability and our Terms and Conditions.

Disney Magic Tickets also include access to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course, plus one round per day (prior to 4pm) at Disney's Fantasia Gardens or Summerland Miniature Golf Courses. Note Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course includes green fees only, subject to availability, tee time reservations required. ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex access valid only on event days, some events priced separately.

Memory Maker is included with Disney 7-Day and 14-Day Magic Tickets (adult tickets only).

Memory Maker includes Disney PhotoPass® photos and other digital content taken during the Memory Maker window and linked to the Memory Maker guest's Disney account. Subject to Memory Maker terms and, if applicable, Family & Friends terms Disney is not responsible for missing, lost, or damaged photos or other digital content. On the gate price $199 correct at time of printing.

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Is Disney World at full capacity right now? ›

As of 2022, Walt Disney World is at full operations and not putting in any capacity restrictions due to COVID-19.

Is Disney World operating at 100% capacity? ›

Here are some of the latest comments from Disney… McCarthy was asked: “What does full capacity mean looking forward?” The first thing we learned is that the Disney parks are NOT currently at 100% capacity.

How much is a 1 day ticket to Disney World? ›

The multi-day ticket pricing will be based on the arrival date chosen at the time of purchase. As an example, a one-day ticket varies in pricing from $109 to $159 per day depending on the exact dates that are chosen to visit a theme park and which additional options are chosen.

How do I know if my Disney park is at capacity? ›

Disney has a “Park Hopping Hotline” that allows you to make a quick call and check on the current capacity of any park you wish to visit. The number is 407-560-5000.

Is Disney still limiting park capacity? ›

Will there be a capacity limit at Disney World due to the coronavirus? Yes. During the early phases of reopening there was a 35% capacity limit which has since been increased but to an unspecified number. Guests will need a reservation as well as a valid ticket for the day that they want to visit the parks.

What happens when Disney World reaches capacity? ›

Even if you're visiting during busy times of the year when the park might reach capacity, you'll be able to come and go to that park as you please throughout the day, even if it's currently closed to Guests who are Park Hopping from another location.

How often do Disney parks reach capacity? ›

10 Times A Year When Magic Kingdom Reaches Full Capacity.

Can I purchase Disney tickets through Costco? ›

At the registers, let the cashier know you want to buy Costco Disneyland Tickets. They will have someone go to the back to get your actual tickets. Once purchased, you can take your tickets and head straight to the parks. No box office exchange is required.

Are Disney tickets cheaper after 4pm? ›

While you won't see a discounted price compared with a standard day ticket, you will see lower crowds, special holiday overlays and complimentary drinks and snacks from 9:00 PM- 1:00 AM (with entry beginning at 7:00 PM).

Do Disney tickets get cheaper closer to the date? ›

Ticket prices are adjusted continuously in small ways, but Disney still raises overall prices, usually once a year. Disney has a rolling calendar going out roughly 12-16 months, and as new dates get added to the calendar, the prices for those dates are often a bit higher than the same dates in the previous year.

How much are Disney tickets at the gate in Florida? ›

For 2022, Disney World ticket prices start at $109 per ticket and max out at $189. This does not include a 6.5% sales tax. But when you add on options like Park Hopper, Memory Maker, or Water Park and Sports, ticket prices can really add up. These ticket prices are for guests 10+.

How much is parking at Disney World? ›

Parking at Disney World parks costs $25 for standard parking and $45 or $50 for preferred parking. Guests of Disney hotels enjoy free theme park parking as a perk of their stay. Most Disney World annual passholders also get free parking.

What is the average cost for a family of 4 to go to Disney World? ›

The Baseline Disney World Vacation Cost ($6,320)

A baseline Disney World vacation cost for a family of four (two adults, one child 10+, one child 3-9) is $6,320 in 2023.

How do I get my Disney reservations when sold out? ›

What to do if Your Theme Park Reservation Date is Sold Out
  1. Keep refreshing. The system is live and people cancel reservations all the time. ...
  2. Upgrade to Park Hopper tickets. If another park shows available, you can make a park reservation for that park. ...
  3. Change your ticket dates.

Does Disney World sell out? ›

Did you know that the Disney World parks can sell out? The parks can fill up! Yeah, that might seem obvious, but “selling out” looks a bit different these days thanks to the Park Pass Reservation system.

How do I know if Magic Kingdom is at capacity? ›

Yep, just dial (407) 560-5000 to find out whether or not the parks are full before you leave your current park. This number has been used in the past to notify guests if a park is open to additional guests or not. Plus, if you call this number, you can hop to a different park if your first choice is at capacity.

What is the cheapest month to go to Disney? ›

Within each year, January and February are the cheapest months to visit. January 9-12 and January 16 through mid-February 2023 are two relatively crowd date ranges that are cheapest. Prices spike for the week of Presidents' Day/Mardi Gras, falling again the next week–but not as low as those early-year off-season dates.

Is it cheaper to buy Disney tickets in Florida? ›

Florida Residents can experience the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and save big on tickets! Enjoy an action packed visit to Walt Disney World Resort! Florida Residents can save 40% on 4-Day Tickets and 30% on 3-Day Tickets compared to the non-Florida Resident price of a 3-Day or 4-Day Ticket.

Is it cheaper to buy a Disney package? ›

Buying a package does not usually give you a bigger discount than buying everything separately. BUT, occasionally they do run discounts for packages, and they'll even offer free dining as an add-on for certain resorts. If you're unfamiliar with Disney's Dining Plan, read about it here.

What day is Disney least crowded? ›

In fact, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are probably the best days to visit the Disney parks if you're trying to experience lower crowds. Tickets are also sometimes cheaper mid-week too. I hope that's helpful, Jan! I hope you have the most wonderful time of the year at The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Is Disney World free after 6pm? ›

Get a Head Start on the Fun

You do not need a park reservation or additional ticket to enter the park at or after 7:00 PM. When you arrive early, you'll have extra time to enjoy attractions and entertainment. Plus, you can witness the wonder of Disney Enchantment, the nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom park!

Can you bring food into Disney World? ›

A. Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverage items into the park for self-consumption, provided they are not in glass containers and do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control and do not have pungent odors.

Should I buy tickets in advance for Disney World? ›

And with The World's Most Magical Celebration in full swing, your vacation will be full of enchanted offerings! You do have the option to purchase tickets once you arrive at The Walt Disney World Resort, but I highly recommend purchasing your tickets beforehand!

Are Disney tickets the same price at the gate? ›

The price of Disney World tickets is the same, whether you buy them at the gate or online. However, there are some differences and benefits you'll encounter when you buy online. First, buying online reduces the amount of time you spend at the gate trying to acquire a pass.

Can you buy Disney tickets same day? ›

Yes, it is possible to purchase theme park tickets in person at a Disneyland Resort ticket booth. Please note that each Guest visiting either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park must have both valid theme park admission and a theme park reservation for one of the parks on the day they visit.

Can you buy Disney tickets at the gate day of? ›

All Walt Disney World theme parks have ticket windows that sell tickets when available. So yes, in theory, tickets can be purchased at the gate. However, I do not recommend waiting until you are at the gate to purchase your tickets.

Is Epcot free admission? ›

Frequently Asked Questions. How much are Epcot Tickets at the gate? Epcot tickets at the gate cost as much as $126.74 for adults (including tax) during peak season. Regular season tickets are currently running $122.48 for adults and value season Epcot tickets are $113.96.

How can I avoid paying for Disney parking? ›

Disney Parking Fees Tips
  1. You only pay theme park parking fees at Disney World ONCE Per Day. ...
  2. Disney Resort Guests can park for FREE at Disney Theme Parks. ...
  3. Disney Resort Guests can park FREE at Disney Resorts.
  4. Disney Annual Passholders get FREE Standard Parking at Theme Parks.
Aug 17, 2022

Can you use cash in Disney World? ›

While you are welcome to use cash if that is your preference, you may wish to have a Disney Gift Card on hand to use for Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering. Many Quick-Service dining locations offer the ability to place and pay for your order through the My Disney Experience mobile app.

Who gets free parking at Disney? ›

Standard theme park parking is included for registered Guests of Disney Resort hotels and select Annual Passholders. These Guests can also choose to enjoy preferred parking by paying the difference in cost between their included standard parking and preferred parking (difference is currently $20 to $25 per day*).

What is the cheapest way to go to Disney World? ›

The cost of Disney park tickets depends on how many days you want to spend in the park. It's cheapest to buy a ticket that allows you to visit one park per day. A one day ticket to Disney costs from $109 (+ tax) per day depending on the time of year. The cheapest tickets are in late August and September.

How much does a family of 4 spend on food at Disney? ›

In more general terms, you can probably expect to budget $12 per adult and a little under $8 per kid — so this family would probably want to budget about $120 per day for meals.

How much spending money should you take to Disney World? ›

We'd recommend budgeting an average of $100 per person, per day for your Florida vacation. This covers; parking, gas, Ubers & Lyfts, food, drinks, snacks, miscellaneous spending (think band-aids & penny pressing machines) as well as the occasional souvenir but not theme park tickets or hotels.

Can you get AAA discount on Disney World tix? ›

Save up to $35 on Disneyland® Resort Theme Park tickets when you purchase online or at a AAA branch.

Can you negotiate with Disney? ›

Unfortunately, no, you can not negotiate DVC prices when buying direct from Disney. Disney Vacation Club has a strict per point price set for each resort. As of the time this post was written, the lowest price for DVC at Walt Disney World Resort was Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge for $190 per point.

How can I get a cheap Disney trip? ›

12 Tips for Visiting Disney World on a Budget
  1. DO stay on property. ...
  2. DO buy tickets up front. ...
  3. DO visit during non-peak times. ...
  4. DO shop around. ...
  5. DO take advantage of free activities. ...
  6. DO plan every day of your trip out—including meals. ...
  7. DO make the most of it. ...
  8. DON'T buy Park Hopper passes.
Jan 28, 2020

What month is Disney World cheapest? ›

Cheapest Time of the Year at Disney World in 2023

As a rule, January, February, August, and September are the cheapest seasons, as long as you avoid any holidays in those months. November and December are also good, though the discounts are not quite as deep.

Can you bring your own food into Disney World? ›

A. Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverage items into the park for self-consumption, provided they are not in glass containers and do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or temperature control and do not have pungent odors.

Are Disney tickets cheaper ahead of time? ›

If you are planning a vacation and definitely going to Walt Disney World before December 31, 2023, it's always best to buy tickets as far in advance as possible to lock-in current prices and avoid future increases.

How do I avoid lines at Disney? ›

Get a Fast Pass

With every theme park ticket you purchase, Disney gives you a Fast Pass. This is a free service that lets you reserve up to three attractions per day while skipping the lines. If you're staying at one of their resort hotels, you can book the Fast Pass up to 60 days before your arrival.

How much does Disney charge if you don't show up for a reservation? ›

As noted earlier, Disney charges a per-person penalty if you fail to show up for a reservation the day of the meal. A $10 no-show fee is enforced at all Disney sit-down restaurants.

What three words are Disney employees not allowed to say? ›

What three words can't Disney employees say? The three words that Disney employees are trained not to say are “I don't know.” “If a guest asks you a question, you always have to have an answer, no exceptions,” an anonymous former Cast Member shared online. “If you don't know it, find out, but don't say you don't know.


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