Double Taxation Treaty Passport Scheme register: company names starting with numbers and letters A to C (2023)

A2 Holdings UK Limited 4/A/370448/DTTP New Zealand A2 Infant Nutrition Ltd 4/A/373133/DTTP New Zealand A-A Debt GBP Investment InvestCo SARL 48/A/387266/DTTP Luxembourg A & M Industries Sarl 48/A/355103/DTTP Luxembourg Aareal Bank AG 7/A/268251/DTTP Germany Abanca Corporacion Bancaria SA 9/A/372684/DTTP Spain ABB Capital AG 6/A/386047/DTTP Switzerland ABB Capital BV 1/A/369020/DTTP Netherlands ABC Inc 13/A/315784/DTTP USA Aberdeen Alpha Loan Investments Sarl 48/A/378718/DTTP Luxembourg Aberdeen Global High Income Fund 13/A/365442/DTTP USA Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund 13/A/377250/DTTP USA Aberdeen Standard MSPC Luxco Sarl 48/A/379287/DTTP Luxembourg Abertas Sarl 48/A/366704/DTTP Luxembourg ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance NV 1/A/360760/DTTP Netherlands ABN AMRO Bank NV 1/A/70003/DTTP Netherlands ABN AMRO Capital USA LLC 13/A/359587/DTTP USA ABN AMRO Clearing Bank NV 1/A/355761/DTTP Netherlands AB Private Credit Investors Middle Market Direct Lending Sarl 48/A/369403/DTTP Luxembourg AB Stena Finans 73/A/356203/DTTP Sweden ABSA Bank Limited 69/A/323465/DTTP South Africa Absalon Credit Fund DAC 12/A/356647/DTTP Ireland ABS Loan 2007 Limited 12/A/335279/DTTP Ireland Absolute Insight Funds Plc 12/A/354891/DTP Ireland ACA Euro CLO 2007-I Plc 12/A/328614/DTTP Ireland Acciaerie Valbruna SPA 41/V/294075/DTTP Italy ACCO Brands Benelux BV 1/A/356577/DTTP Netherlands ACE Credit Fund LP 13/A/378748/DTTP USA Accunia European CLO I BV 1/A/368715/DTTP Netherlands Accunia European CLO I DAC 12/A/381497/DTTP Ireland Accunia European CLO II BV 1/A/371819/DTTP Netherlands Accunia European CLO II DAC 12/A/381496/DTTP Ireland Accunia European CLO III DAC 12/A/374326/DTTP Ireland Accunia European CLO IV DAC 12/A/378422/DTTP Ireland ACE EU Commercial Real Estate Debt Limited 12/A/371719/DTTP Ireland ACE EU Syndicated & Middle Market Loans Ltd 12/A/371722/DTTP Ireland ACE European High Yield Ltd 12/A/371723/DTTP Ireland ACE Financial Bonds Ltd 12/A/371723/DTTP Ireland Ascella S.a.r.l 048/A/379083/DTTP Luxembourg Acergy BV 1/A/264190/DTTP Netherlands Acergy France SA 5/A/317575/DTTP France Acergy Holdings (Gibraltar) Ltd 99/A/380245/DTTP Gibraltar Achmea Pensioen-en Levensverzekeringen NV 1/A/267412/DTTP Netherlands ACM Finance Luxembourg SA 48/A/363589/DTTP Luxembourg ACMF (Lux) Sarl 48/A/362216/DTTP Luxembourg ACMO Finance (Ireland) Ltd 12/A/363928/DTTP Ireland ACMO Funding Sarl 48/A/383414/DTTP Luxembourg ACMO Sarl 48/A/353184/DTTP Luxembourg ACPI Private Debt Fund DAC 12/A/376129/DTTP Ireland ACPI Private Debt Fund II DAC 12/A/376586/DTTP Ireland ACREFI B LLC 13/A/378692/DTTP USA ACREFI Holdings DB Member LLC 13/A/377109/DTTP USA ACREFI GS Member LLC 13/A/377110/DTTP USA ACREFI Holdings J-1 LLC 13/A/377108/DTTP USA ACREFI Mortgage Lending LLC 13/A/365128/DTTP USA ACSMF (Lux) Sarl 48/A/367374/DTTP Luxembourg ACT Energy Mexico S de RL de CV 90/A/374170/DTTP Mexico Activate Investments Two DAC 12/A/378538/DTTP Ireland Activate Investments Three DAC 12/A/380788/DTTP Ireland Active Management International Ltd 51/A/372057/DTTP Malta Acrisure LLC 13/A/379773/DTTP USA Acuris Finance Sarl 48/A/378084/DTTP Luxembourg AD CCF (Europe) Sarl 48/A/368335/DTTP Luxembourg AD CCF Europe II Sarl 48/A/376105/DTTP Luxembourg Adagio II CLO Plc 12/A/305643/DTTP Ireland Adagio III CLO Plc 12/A/314003/DTTP Ireland Adagio IV CLO DAC 12/A/326040/DTTP Ireland Adagio V CLO Designated Activity Company 12/A/370234/DTTP Ireland Adagio VI CLO Designated Activity Company 12/A/371810/DTTP Ireland Adagio IX CLO DAC 12/A/376993/DTTP Ireland Adagio IX EUR CLO DAC 12/A/385911/DTTP Ireland Adagio CLO VII DAC 12/A/374793/DTTP Ireland Adagio CLO VIII DAC 12/A/376130/DTTP Ireland Adam Opel GmbH 7/A/360742/DTTP Germany Adare Finance DAC 12/A/374515/DTTP Ireland Adavis Ltd 25/A/379019/DTTP Cyprus Addington Square Investments Sarl 48/A/369298/DTTP Luxembourg Adesto Technologies France Sarl 5/A/386186/DTTP France ADP Belgium BV BA 18/A/367870/DTTP Belgium ADP Gauselmann GmbH 7/A/370821/DTTP Germany ADRD Luxco Sarl 48/A/379826/DTTP Luxembourg Admiral Insurance (Gibraltar) Limited 99/A/384868/DTTP Gibraltar Adriana Infrastructure CLO 2008 1 BV 1/A/337972/DTTP Netherlands Advanced Series Trust – AST Advanced Strategies Portfolio 13/A/376800/DTTP USA Advanced Series Trust – AST Prudential Core Bond Portfolio 13/A/376799/DTTP USA Advanced Series Trust – AST Prudential Growth Allocation Portfolio 13/A/376798/DTTP USA Advantage Resourcing America Inc 13/A/376337/DTTP USA Adviesbeheer GIMV Venture Capital 2010 NV 18/A/367421/DTTP Belgium AE Portsoken Intermediate Parent Sarl 48/A/374182/DTTP Luxembourg AE Portsoken Parent Sarl 48/A/374183/DTTP Luxembourg AE Valves SPRL 18/A/378865/DTTP Belgium AEA Technology Intermediate (US) Inc 13/A/356485/DTTP USA AECOM Global Ireland Services Limited 12/A/358361/DTTP Ireland Aedifica NV/SA 18/A/379575/DTTP Belgium AEDL EV Holdings Sarl 48/A/386729/DTTP Luxembourg AEDL EV Parallel Holdings S.a.r.l. 48/A/03767738/DTTP Luxembourg AEDL IV Sarl 48/A/383500/DTTP Luxembourg AEDL (Levered) IV Sarl 48/A/386406/DTTP Luxembourg AEDL SV Sarl 48/A/386332/DTTP Luxembourg Aegon Bank NV 1/A/259319/DTTP Netherlands Aegon DL BV 01/A/374228/DTTP Netherlands Aegon Levenverzekering NV 01/A/374229/DTTP Netherlands AEIF LH Sub 02 Sarl 48/A/352488/DTTP Luxembourg Aeon CRE UK I DAC 12/A/381499/DTTP Ireland AEPF III 4 Sarl 48/A/374992/DTTP Luxembourg AEPF III 20 Sarl 48/A/378879/DTTP Luxembourg AerCap Aircraft Purchase Limited 12/A/378139/DTTP Ireland AerCap Ireland Capital Limited 12/A/367496/DTTP Ireland Aero GDCS BV 1/A/381412/DTTP Netherlands AES Finance II (2) Sarl 48/A/372163/DTTP Luxembourg AESI II (LUX) Sarl 48/A/367314/DTTP Luxembourg AF III Holdings Sarl 48/A/378836/DTTP Luxembourg AF IV Holdings A Sarl 48/A/371147/DTTP Luxembourg AFC Orion DAC 12/A/374365/DTTP Ireland Aflac Life Insurance Japan Limited 43/A/374568/DTTP Japan AG Insurance 18/A/367461/DTTP Belgium AG International Investment Opportunities Platform ICAV 12/A/379134/DTTP Ireland AGC Life Insurance Company 13/A/367180/DTTP USA AGC Nederland Holding BV 1/A/356747/DTTP Netherlands AGCF European Loan Fund (G) Sarl 48/A/377944/DTTP Luxembourg AGCF European Senior Income Fund Sarl 48/A/377072/DTTP Luxembourg AgChoice Farm Credit ACA 13/A/377663/DTTP USA AGCO AB 73/A/305647/DTTP Sweden AGCO A/S 8/A/353651/DTTP Denmark Agco Austria GmbH 15/A/367619/DTTP Austria AGCO Denmark A/S 8/A/367760/DTTP Denmark AGCO Deutschland GmbH 7/A/358899/DTTP Germany Agco Distribution SAS 5/A/367622/DTTP France AGCO Feucht Gmbh (formerly Fella-Werke GmbH) 7/A/362991/DTTP Germany Agco France SA 5/A/252041/DTTP France AGCO GmbH 07/A/290303/DTTP Germany AGCO Holding BV 1/A/256886/DTTP Netherlands AGCO Hungary Kft 36/A/371674/DTTP Hungary AGCO Iberia SA 09/A/354326/DTTP Spain Agco International GmbH 6/A/362790/DTTP Switzerland Agco International Holdings BV 1/A/356860/DTTP Netherlands AGCO Italia SPA 41/A/371679/DTTP Italy AGCO Netherlands BV 01/A/373868/DTTP Netherlands AGCO Power OY 31/A/353652/DTTP Finland Agco SA 5/A/362881/DTTP France AGCO SpA 41/A/371693/DTTP Italy Agco Suomi Oy 31/A/367621/DTTP Finland AgFe UK Real Estate Senior Debt 1 Sarl 48/A/366592/DTTP Luxembourg Aggreko (NZ) Limited 4/A/380440/DTTP New Zealand Aggreko (Singapore) Pte Ltd 67/A/372162/DTTP Singapore Aggreko Americas Holdings BV 1/A/373457/DTTP Netherlands Aggreko Belgium NV 18/A/373594/DTTP Belgium Aggreko Canada Inc 3/A/372613/DTTP Canada Aggreko Deutschland GmbH 07/A/372245/DTTP Germany Aggreko Energy Mexico SA DE CV 90/A/373720/DTTP Mexico Aggreko Euro Holdings BV 1/A/373458/DTTP Netherlands Aggreko France Sarl 05/A/0372302/DTTP France Aggreko Generator Rentals PTY Ltd 2/A/373997/DTTP Australia Aggreko Iberia SA 09/A/372246/DTTP Spain Aggreko (Investments) BV 1/A/381977/DTTP Netherlands Aggreko Ireland Ltd 12/A/373321/DTTP Ireland Aggreko Italia SRL 41/A/373996/DTTP Italy Aggreko LLC 13/A/299191/DTTP USA Aggreko Nederland BV 1/A/372161/DTTP Netherlands Aggreko Norway AS 58/A/375426/DTTP Norway Aggreko Polska Sp Zoo 62/A/372702/DTTP Poland Aggreko Rest of the World Holdings BV 1/A/373459/DTTP Netherlands Aggreko Services Mexico SA DE CV 90/A/373721/DTTP Mexico AGLQ Sarl 48/A/378798/DTTP Luxembourg Agre Debt – TRF 1 Sarl 48/A/378173/DTTP Luxembourg AGRE Debt 1 – 60 Curzon Sarl 48/A/368962/DTTP Luxembourg AGRE Debt I-Canary Wharf Holdings Sarl 48/A/366167/DTTP Luxembourg AgriBank Plc 51/A/368976/DTTP Malta Agricultural Bank of China Limited 23/A/374668/DTTP China Agricultural Bank of China (Luxembourg) SA 48/A/370169/DTTP Luxembourg AG International Investment Opportunities Platform Fund I DAC 12/A/379697/DTTP Ireland Agro Merchants European Holdings Sarl 48/A/375639/DTTP Luxembourg Agro Merchants Netherlands BV 01/A/380939/DTTP Netherlands AH Schweiz GmbH 6/A/375294/DTTP Switzerland Ahli United Bank BSC 99/A/362739/DTTP Bahrain AI International Sarl 48/A/370488/DTTP Luxembourg AIE Eurolux Sarl 48/A/349314/DTTP Luxembourg AIG Assurance Company 13/A/367781/DTTP USA AIG Europe SA 48/A/377775/DTTP Luxembourg AIG Property Casualty Company 13/A/367597/DTTP USA AIG Property Casualty International LLC 13/A/363017/DTTP USA AIG Speciality Insurance Company (formerly Chartis Speciality Insurance Company) 13/A/360471/DTTP USA Aiguilles Rouges Lux Sarl II 48/A/363787/DTTP Luxembourg Aimia Japan Kabushiki-Kaisha 43/A/0369878/DTTP Japan AIO V Finance (Ireland) DAC 12/A/371462/DTTP Ireland AIO IV Finance (Ireland) Ltd 12/A/364322/DTTP Ireland AIO VI Finance (Ireland) DAC 12/A/374538/DTTP Ireland AIO VI Funding Sarl 48/A/383416/DTTP Luxembourg AIO VII Funding Sarl 48/A/383412/DTTP Luxembourg AIO IV Sarl 48/A/365855/DTTP Luxembourg AIO V Sarl 48/A/368925/DTTP Luxembourg AIO VI Sarl 48/A/373882/DTTP Luxembourg AIO VII Sarl 48/A/380136/DTTP Luxembourg AIP II CIV 1 KS 8/A/381317/DTTP Denmark AIP II CIV 2 KS 8/A/381316/DTTP Denmark AIP II CIV 3 KS 8/A/383528/DTTP Denmark AIP II CIV 4 KS 8/A/383502/DTTP Denmark AIP Infrastructure II Swiss Feeder KS 8/A/384196/DTTP Denmark Airbus SE 1/A/264743/DTTP Netherlands AIT Worldwide Logistics Inc 13/A/377607/DTTP USA AkademikerPension – Akademikemes Pensionkasse 8/A/387690/DTTP Demark Akastor ASA (formerly Aker Solutions ASA) 58/A/351763/DTTP Norway Akelius Apartments Ltd 25/A/373745/DTTP Cyprus Akelius Residential Property AB 73/A/372174/DTTP Sweden Akontel Limited 25/A/380931/DTTP Cyprus Aktiebolaget Svensk Exportkredit 73/A/360555/DTTP Sweden Akzo Nobel NV 1/A/70513/DTTP Netherlands Alahiya Technology Industries Company 119/A/376297/DTTP Kuwait Albacore Euro CLO I DAC 12/A/378230/DTTP Ireland Albacore Euro CLO II DAC 12/A/380971/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Euro CLO III DAC 12/A/385978/DTTP Ireland Albacore Euro CLO IV DAC 12/A/387417/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Liquid Income DAC 12/A/381345/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Loan Management DAC 12/A/379206/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners I Investment Holdings A DAC 12/A/373327/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners I Investment Holdings B DAC 12/A/373329/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners I Investment Holdings Fin DAC 12/A/376119/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners II Investment Holdings C DAC 12/A/376116/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners II Investment Holdings D DAC 12/A/376118/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners II Investment Holdings Fin II DAC 12/A/380003/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners III Investment Holdings DAC 12/A/385344/DTTP Ireland AlbaCore Partners III Investment Holdings Fin III DAC 12/A/385334/DTTP Ireland Albacore Partners III Investment Holdings Loan Origination DAC 12/A/385339/DTTP Ireland Albany Molecular Luxembourg Sarl 48/A/368696/DTTP Luxembourg Albion Capital Corporation SA 48/A/324002/DTTP Luxembourg ALC 7 Lux S.a.r.l 048/A/0379386/DTTP Luxembourg ALC JP European Loan SV SARL 48/A/387349/DTTP Luxembourg ALC Prima European Direct Lending DAC 12/A/381484/DTTP Ireland ALC Prima European Loan DAC 12/A/381478/DTTP Ireland Alcentra ECOF Sarl 48/A/364030/DTTP Luxembourg Alcentra European DLF Sarl 48/A/362371/DTTP Luxembourg Alcentra European Floating Rate Income SA 48/A/359588/DTTP Luxembourg Alcentra Mezzanine No. 1 Sarl 48/A/320243/DTTP Luxembourg Alcentra Mezzanine QPAM Sarl 48/A/365412/DTTP Luxembourg Alcentra SCF II Sarl 48/A/379890/DTTP Luxembourg Alcentra UK DLF Sarl 48/A/362260/DTTP Luxembourg Alco Controls spol sro 26/A/371538/DTTP Czech Republic Aldburg S.A 48/A/378624/DTTP Luxembourg Aldwych Finance Investors III DAC 12/A/379286/DTTP Ireland Alfa Parf Group SpA 41/A/381652/DTTP Italy Algeco Finance NV 18/A/3796685/DTTP Belgium Align Pictures LU Sarl 48/A/377447/DTTP Luxembourg Alior Bank SA 62/A/368915/DTTP Poland Allaro Investments Sarl 48/A/383562/DTTP Luxembourg Allen Group Holdings PTY Limited 2/A/375538/DTTP Australia Alliance Boots BV 1/A/364042/DTTP Netherlands Alliance Boots GmbH 6/A/375297/DTTP Switzerland Alliance Boots Schweiz Investments GmbH 6/A/365600/DTTP Switzerland Alliance Boots Services GmbH 6/A/375296/DTTP Switzerland Allianz Fund Investments SA 48/A/388058/DTTP Luxembourg Alliance Healthcare Deutschland AG 7/A/378182/DTTP Germany Alliance Healthcare Hong Kong Ltd 99/A/375172/DTTP Hong Kong Alliance Healthcare Nederland BV 1/A/365848/DTTP Netherlands Allianz Debt Investents PCREL SARL 48/A/386855/DTTP Luxembourg Allianz Debt Investments Sarl 48/A/379433/DTTP Luxembourg Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE 7/A/375673/DTTP Germany Allianz IARD SA 5/A/379432/DTTP France Allianz Lebensversicherungs AG 7/A/356496/DTTP Germany Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America 13/A/312524/DTTP USA Allianz Pensionkasse Aktiengesellschaft 7/A/356497/DTTP Germany Allianz Private Krankenversicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft 7/A/356499/DTTP Germany Allianz Versicherungs Aktiengesellschaft 7/A/356498/DTTP Germany Allianz VIE SA 5/A/379431/DTTP France Allied Irish Banks Plc 12/A/15271/DTTP Ireland Allied Services (IOM) Ltd 88/A/380346/DTTP Isle of Man Alloga Sarl 48/A/375373/DTTP Luxembourg Allstate Insurance Company 13/A/11093/DTTP USA Allstate Life Insurance Company 13/A/62522/DTTP USA Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York 13/A/62790/DTTP USA Ally Bank 13/A/369979/DTTP USA Almack II Unleveraged SA 48/A/345564/DTTP Luxembourg Almack III SA 48/A/357017/DTTP Luxembourg Almack SA 48/A/312007/DTTP Luxembourg ALME Loan Funding II DAC 12/A/364259/DTTP Ireland ALME Loan Funding III DAC 12/A/366182/DTTP Ireland ALME Loan Funding IV BV 1/A/367170/DTTP Netherlands ALME Loan Funding IV DAC 12/A/381493/DTTP Ireland ALME Loan Funding V BV 1/A/368714/DTTP Netherlands ALME Loan Funding V DAC 12/A/381495/DTTP Ireland Aloha ECF Investment Sarl 48/A/368332/DTTP Luxembourg Alpage Debt Holdings S.a.r.l. 48/A/379769/DTTP Luxembourg Alphabet Capital International DAC 12/A/379149/DTTP Ireland Alpine Holdings Limited 51/A/371402/DTTP Malta Alpine Mortgages (Ireland) DAC 12/A/357359/DTTP Ireland Alpstar CLO 1 Plc 12/A/316063/DTTP Ireland Alpstar CLO 2 Plc 12/A/324041/DTTP Ireland Alstom Holdings SA 5/A/267650/DTTP France Alstom Transport Holdings BV 1/A/364810/DTTP Netherlands Alstorm Grid UK BV 1/A/368011/DTTP Netherlands Altadis Canaris SAU 9/A/355616/DTTP Spain Altadis Middle East FZCO (AME) 99/A/377577/DTTP UAE Altadis SA 9/A/354896/DTTP Spain Altadis USA Inc 13/A/352290/DTTP USA Altercap CCA I SA 48/A/355745/DTTP Luxembourg Alteri Luxembourg 2 Sarl 48/A/367376/DTTP Luxembourg Alteri Luxembourg Sarl 48/A/367375/DTTP Luxembourg Alternative Credit Strategies DAC 12/A/371393/DTTP Ireland AltLending (Ireland) Limited 12/A/365565/DTTP Ireland Altra Industrial Motion Netherlands BV 1/A/357985/DTTP Netherlands Alzette Associates Sarl 48/A/374076/DTTP Luxembourg Alzette European CLO SA 48/A/318778/DTTP Luxembourg AMAG Technology Inc 13/A/373258/DTTP USA Ambler Funding LLC 13/A/380320/DTTP USA AMC Networks Central Europe Kft 36/A/372157/DTTP Hungary AMCO Insurance Company 13/A/228030/DTTP USA American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company 13/A/317755/DTTP USA American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus 13/C/65464/DTTP USA American Family Life Insurance Company 13/A/374872/DTTP USA American Fidelity Assurance Company 13/A/351507/DTTP USA American General Life Insurance Company 13/A/62643/DTTP USA American Health and Life Insurance Company 13/A/343330/DTTP USA American Heritage Life Insurance Company 13/A/251057/DTTP USA American Home Assurance Company 13/A/62117/DTTP USA American International Group Inc 13/A/369516/DTTP USA American Republic Insurance Company 13/A/261532/DTTP USA American United Life Insurance Company 13/A/62584/DTTP USA American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas 13/A/361356/DTTP USA Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company 13/A/316763/DTTP USA Americold Netherlands BV 01/A/384235/DTTP Netherlands Ameriprise Certificate Company 13/A/374534/DTTP USA Ameritas Life Insurance Corp 13/A/64056/DTTP USA Ameritas Life Insurance Corp of New York 13/A/358969/DTTP USA Amethyst Alternative Investments DAC 12/A/369647/DTTP Ireland AMG New York Holdings Corporation 13/A/371736/DTTP USA AMHERST Sarl 48/A/359322/DTTP Luxembourg Amigo Luxembourg SA 48/A/372733/DTTP Luxembourg Amissima Diversified Income ICAV 12/A/373298/DTTP Ireland Amissima Diversified Income ICAV – Amissima Assicurazioni Corporate Loans/High Yield Bonds Fund 12/A/372257/DTTP Ireland Amissima Diversified Income ICAV – Amissima Vita Multi-Credit Strategy Fund 12/A/372255/DTTP Ireland Amissima Diversified Income ICAV – Amissima Vita Corporate Loans/High Yield Bonds Fund 12/A/372252/DTTP Ireland Amissima Diversified Income ICAV – Amissima Assicurazioni Multi-Credit Strategy Fund 12/A/372256/DTTP Ireland Amissima Loan Origination Fund 12/A/373298/DTTP Ireland Ammar Holding BV 1/A/363548/DTTP Netherlands AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund 2/A/387341/DTTP Australia AMP Capital FD Infrastructure Trust 2/A/387338/DTTP Australia AMP Capital Investors Crown SARL 48/A/386841/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors July Sarl 48/A/374360/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (European Infrastructure No. 4) Sarl 48/A/361102/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF II JPY No. 2) Sarl 48/A/362762/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF II USD No. 2) Sarl 48/A/362763/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF III EUR No. 2) Sarl 48/A/370652/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF III JPY No. 2) Sarl 48/A/370651/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF III USD Hedged No. 2) Sarl 48/A/371917/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF III USD No. 2) Sarl 48/A/370650/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF IV EUR No. 1) Sarl 48/A/378024/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF IV JPY No. 1) Sarl 48/A/378022/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF IV USD Hedged No. 1) Sarl 48/A/378023/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF IV USD No. 1) Sarl 48/A/376653/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF V EUR Hedged No.1) SARL 48/A/384753/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF V GBP Hedged No.1) SARL 48/A/384748/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF V JPY Hedged No.1) SARL 48/A/384751/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF V USD Hedged No.1) SARL 48/A/384750/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (IDF No. 2) Sarl 48/A/356873/DTTP Luxembourg AMP Capital Investors (Rest European Infrastructure No. 3) Sarl 48/A/359713/DTTP Luxembourg Amsterdam Trade Bank NV 1/A/364482/DTTP Netherlands Anadolubank Nederland NV 1/A/364769/DTTP Netherlands Anaya Holdings Limited 12/A/363673/DTTP Ireland Anchorage Capital Europe CLO 1 DAC (formerly Port Funding 1 DAC) 12/A/374653/DTTP Ireland Anchorage Capital Europe CLO 2 DAC 12/A/374537/DTTP Ireland Anchorage Capital Europe CLO 3 DAC 12/A/375605/DTTP Ireland Anchorage Capital Europe CLO 4 DAC 12/A/379329/DTTP Ireland Anchorage Capital Europe CLO 5 DAC 12/A/379529/DTTP Ireland Anchorage Capital Europe CLO 2021-4 DAC 12/A/375877/DTTP Ireland Anda Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd 67/A/371506/DTTP Singapore Andros Et Cie 5/A/356301/DTTP France Anfield Funding ULC 3/A/383305/DTTP Canada Anheuser-Busch InBev Worldwide Inc 13/A/367770/DTTP USA Anheuser-Busch Worldwide Investments Inc 13/A/372670/DTTP USA Anixter Belgium BVBA 18/A/356149/DTTP Belgium Annie Investments DAC 12/A/380937/DTTP Ireland Antalis SA 5/A/361067/DTTP France Antares Bain Capital Complete Financing Solution LLC 13/A/376975/DTTP USA Anthology Sarl 48/A/367326/DTTP Luxembourg Antler Holdings Sarl 48/A/387123/DTTP Luxembourg Aozora Bank Ltd 43/A/256784/DTTP Japan Aparthotel Holdings I Sarl 48/A/375414/DTTP Luxembourg APAX Global Alpha Limited 86/A/378979/DTTP Guernsey AP-CB Borrower DAC 12/A/373157/DTTP Ireland APCE Loan 1 (Lux) Sarl 48/A/371655/DTTP Luxembourg Apera Investment Holdco I Sarl 48/A/373919/DTTP Luxembourg Apera Investment Holdco II Sarl 48/A/379731/DTTP Luxembourg Apera SMA SV Sarl 48/A/386392/DTTP Luxembourg Aperture Investments Holdings 2 Sarl 48/A/375870/DTTP Luxembourg Aperture Investments Holdings 4 Sarl 48/A/376546/DTTP Luxembourg Aperture Investments Holdings 5 Sarl 48/A/376592/DTTP Luxembourg Aperture Media Partners LLC 13/A/373923/DTTP USA APG Fixed Income Credits Pool 1/A/355640/DTTP Netherlands Aphelion Consulting AB 73/A/378171/DTTP Sweden APKV-Argos 84 Vermongensverwaltungs GmbH 7/A/379434/DTTP Germany APM Automation Solutions Ltd 40/A/371458/DTTP Israel Apollo Credit Funds ICAV 12/A/373077/DTTP Ireland Apollo Credit Funds ICAV – Apollo EU Broadly Syndicated Loans Fund 12/A/373077/DTTP Ireland Apollo Credit Funds ICAV – Apollo Infrastructure Related Securities Fund A 12/A/373077/DTTP Ireland Apollo Credit Funds ICAV – Apollo EU Middle Market Loans Fund B 12/A/373077/DTTP Ireland Apollo Credit NS Holdings (Lux) Sarl 48/A/367335/DTTP Luxembourg Apollo Emerging Markets Absolute Return (Lux) Sarl 48/A/367334/DTTP Luxembourg Apollo EU Middle Market Loans Fund A 12/A/373077/DTTP Ireland Apollo European MMPDF SV Sarl 48/A/376378/DTTP Luxembourg Apollo European MMPDF SV II Sarl 48/A/377449/DTTP Luxembourg Apollo Helius Loan Fund 12/A/373077/DTTP Ireland Apollo Helius Multi-Credit Funds I 12/A/373077/DTTP Ireland Apollo Hercules (Lux) Sarl 48/A/368287/DTTP Luxembourg Apollo Investment Corporation 13/A/351948/DTTP USA Apollo Investment Europe III (Lux) Sarl 48/A/366083/DTTP Luxembourg Apollonia Investment Sarl 48/A/378768/DTTP Luxembourg Apollo TR Emerging Markets (Lux) Sarl 48/A/367333/DTTP Luxembourg Apollo Zeus (Lux) Sarl 48/A/363904/DTTP Luxembourg Apple Bank for Savings 13/A/364493/DTTP USA Appleton Holding Sarl 5/A/375649/DTTP France Applied Biosystems International Inc 13/A/364249/DTTP USA AP Property Finance DAC 12/A/371460/DTTP Ireland Aqualogy Soluciones y Tecnologias del Agua SLU 9/A/367728/DTTP Spain Aquarius Solutions Inc 3/A/377340/DTTP Canada Aqueduct European CLO 1-2017 Designated Activity Company 12/A/370236/DTTP Ireland Aqueduct European CLO 2-2017 DAC 12/A/371445/DTTP Ireland Aqueduct European CLO 3-2019 DAC 12/A/374535/DTTP Ireland Aqueduct European CLO 4-2019 DAC 12/A/374536/DTTP Ireland Aqueduct European CLO 5-2020 DAC 12/A/378076/DTTP Ireland Aqueduct European CLO 6-2021 DAC 12/A/379266/DTTP Ireland Aqueduct European CLO 7-2021 DAC 12/A/385993/DTTP Ireland Aquilae CLO II Plc 12/A/311132/DTTP Ireland Ara Real Estate Investors 33 PTE Ltd 67/A/387381/DTTP Singapore Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd 6/A/240488/DTTP Switzerland Arabella I Sarl 48/A/376760/DTTP Luxembourg Arabella II Sarl 48/A/376754/DTTP Luxembourg Arabella III Sarl 48/A/376755/DTTP Luxembourg Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP) 78/A/362535/DTTP Bahrain Aramark Services Inc. 13/A/363865/DTTP USA Arbejdsmarkedts Tillaegspension 8/A/361587/DTTP Denmark Arbora & Ausonia SLU 9/A/368560/DTTP Spain Arbour CLO Capital Funding DAC 12/A/377687/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO DAC 12/A/364014/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO II Ltd 12/A/365650/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO III DAC 12/A/367146/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO IV DAC 12/A/370100/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO V DAC 12/A/372732/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO VI DAC 12/A/375213/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO VII DAC 12/A/376029/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO VIII DAC 12/A/378167/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO IX DAC 12/A/380951/DTTP Ireland Arbour CLO Funding II DAC 12/A/379328/DTTP Ireland Arcadis NV 1/A/344776/DTTP Netherlands Arcano CS II Sarl 48/A/388496/DTTP Luxembourg Arcano EIF I Sarl 48/A/361406/DTTP Luxembourg Arcano Fund-European Senior Secured Loan Fund 48/A/372242/DTTP Luxembourg Arcano OC SARL 48/A/386797/DTTP Luxembourg Arcano OC II Sarl 48/A/388497/DTTP Luxembourg Arch Chemicals Holdings Inc 13/A/263408/DTTP USA Archmore IDP II Sub-Fund I Holding II Sarl 48/A/377472/DTTP Luxembourg Ardagh Metal Packaging Treasury Limited 12/A/385998/DTTP Ireland Ardagh Packaging Luxembourg Finance Sarl 48/A/358121/DTTP Luxembourg Ardagh Treasury Limited 12/A/353776/DTTP Ireland ARDIAN Private Debt III SCA SICAR 48/A/364790/DTTP Luxembourg ARE Funds APKV GmbH 7/A/379298/DTTP Germany ARE Funds AZL GmbH 7/A/379297/DTTP Germany AREO Sarl (formerly Auster Real Estate Opportunities Sarl) 48/A/359479/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Corporation 13/A/371698/DTTP USA Ares Capital Europe (Luxembourg) Sarl 48/A/335734/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe II Assets Sarl 48/A/366560/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe II Holdings Sarl 48/A/362628/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe II Investments Sarl 48/A/362627/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe III Assets Sarl 48/A/372048/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe III Holdings Sarl 48/A/368282/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe III Investments Sarl 48/A/368189/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (E) Assets Sarl 48/A/378720/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (E) Holdings Sarl 48/A/374796/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (E) Investments Sarl 48/A/374802/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (E) (L) Investments Sarl 48/A/374801/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (G) Assets Sarl 48/A/378721/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (G) Holdings Sarl 48/A/374797/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (G) Investments Sarl 48/A/374800/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV (G) (L) Investments Sarl 48/A/374798/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe IV GP Sarl 48/A/374274/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe V (E) Holdings Sarl 48/A/380588/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe V (E) Investments Sarl 48/A/380589/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe V (E) (L) Investments Sarl 48/A/380585/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe V (G) Holdings Sarl 48/A/380519/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe V (G) Investments Sarl 48/A/380594/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe V (G) (L) Investments Sarl 48/A/380521/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Capital Europe V GP SARL 48/A/381564/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Centre Street Partnership LP 13/A/366727/DTTP USA Ares CSF Holdings Sarl 48/A/362626/DTTP Luxembourg Ares CSF III Luxembourg Sarl 48A/357458/DTTP Luxembourg Ares CSIDF Luxco Sarl 48/A/378259/DTTP Luxembourg Ares DCSF (S) Holdings Sarl 48/A/380273/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECI I (C) Holdings Sarl 48/A/377075/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECI III (K) Holdings Sarl 48/A/377074/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECI IV (A) Holdings Sarl 48/A/380140/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECI V (X) Holdings Sarl 48/A/387602/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECI VI (N) Holdings Sarl 48/A/381339/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECI VII (CP) Holdings Sarl 48/A/381653/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF II North Sarl 48/A/377398/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF II South Sarl 48/A/364414/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF III (A) Holdings Sarl 48/A/367379/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF IV (M) Holdings Sarl 48/A/368010/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF V (G) Holdings Sarl 48/A/370490/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF VI (B) Holdings Sarl 48/A/371953/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF VII (P) Holdings Sarl 48/A/373666/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF VIII (BUMA) Holdings Sarl 48/A/375700/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF IX (C) Holdings Sarl 48/A/375894/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF X (T) Holdings Sarl 48/A/377073/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF XI (S) Holdings S.a.r.l. 48/A/386214/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF XII (Z) (E) Holdings Sarl 48/A/387599/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ECSF XII (Z) (G) Holdings Sarl 48/A/387611/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Euro CLO I BV 1/A/316064/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO II BV 1/A/332661/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO III BV (formerly OCI Eurofund I BV) 1/A/320098/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO IX BV 01/A/371729/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO VI BV 1/A/362764/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO VII BV 1/A/365380/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO VIII BV 1/A/370314/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO X BV 1/A/374818/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO XI BV 1/A/375708/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO XII BV 1/A/377540/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO XIII BV 1/A/377969/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO XIV BV 1/A/379055/DTTP Netherlands Ares European CLO VI DAC 12/A/381954/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO VII DAC 12/A/381959/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO VIII DAC 12/A/381958/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO IX DAC 12/A/381960/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO X DAC 12/A/381955/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO XI DAC 12/A/381961/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO XII DAC 12/A/381952/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO XIII DAC 12/A/381957/DTTP Ireland Ares European CLO XIV DAC 12/A/381953/DTTP Ireland Ares European Loan Funding Sarl 48/A/367720/DTTP Luxembourg Ares FB Holdings (Luxembourg) Sarl 48/A/367123/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Global Credit GP Sarl 48/A/377399/DTTP Luxembourg Ares Institutional Loan Fund BV 1/A/372821/DTTP Netherlands Ares Jasper Holdings Sarl 48/A/373936/DTTP Luxembourg Ares MSCF V (H) Holdings Sarl 48/A/364074/DTTP Luxembourg Ares ND Credit Strategies Fund LLC 13/A/386711/DTTP USA Ares ND CSF Holdings LLC 13/A/386722/DTTP USA Ares Senior Direct Lending Master Fund DAC 12/A/379895/DTTP Ireland Ares Senior Direct Lending Master Fund II DAC 12/A/386849/DTTP Ireland Ares SFERS Credit Strategies Fund LLC 13/A/379148/DTTP USA Ares SFERS Credit Strategies Fund LLC 13/A/379148/DTTP USA Ares SFERS Holdings LLC 13/A/378506/DTTP USA Ares Sport Media and Entertainment Finance Sarl 48/A/380522/DTTP Luxembourg Ares SSF Riopelle Holdings Sarl 48/A/366500/DTTP Luxembourg ARF SV1 SARL 48/A/381514/DTTP Luxembourg Argentum Securities Ireland plc 12/A/379600/DTTP Ireland Argo Limited Med Aktiebolag 73/A/213625/DTTP Sweden Arguello Investors Sarl 48/A/366527/DTTP Luxembourg Aries Capital DAC 12/A/373240/DTTP Ireland Arjo Treasury AB 73/A/373815/DTTP Sweden Arkema France SA 5/A/359680/DTTP France Arla Foods AMBA 8/A/280649/DTTP Denmark Arla Foods Finance A/S 8/A/353945/DTTP Denmark Arlec Australia Pty Ltd atf The Arlec Unit Trust 2/A/386879/DTTP Austrailia Armada Euro CLO I DAC 12/A/371469/DTTP Ireland Armada Euro CLO II DAC 12/A/373106/DTTP Ireland Armada Euro CLO III DAC 12/A/374393/DTTP Ireland Armada Euro CLO IV DAC 12/A/375861/DTTP Ireland Armada Euro CLO V DAC 12/A/379291/DTTP Ireland Aroundtown Real Estate Limited 25/A/386363/DTTP Cyprus Artesyn Hungary Elektronikai KFT 36/A/370191/DTTP Hungary ArtFarm AG 6/A/376430/DTTP Switzerland ArvinMeritor Finance Ireland 12/A/263768/DTTP Ireland Arvo Investment Holdings Sarl 48/A/350740/DTTP Luxembourg Arzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe 7/A/70351/DTTP Germany Ascent BV 1/A/366373/DTTP Netherlands ASC Luxembourg Sarl 48/A/316790/DTTP Luxembourg ASCO AB 73/A/378466/DTTP Sweden ASCO Controls AG 6/A/371557/DTTP Switzerland ASCO Controls BV 1/A/377065/DTTP Netherlands ASCO Japan Co LTD 43/A/380446/DTTP Japan Asco Joumatic ZA BV 1/A/378723/DTTP Netherlands ASCO Magnesszelep Kft 36/A/371541/DTTP Hungary ASCO Numatics GmbH 7/A/371381/DTTP Germany ASCO SAS 5/A/375196/DTTP France ASF Shelby Sarl 48/A/381272/DTTP Luxembourg AS G4S Baltics 85/A/371006/DTTP Estonia AS G4S Cash Services Latvia 98/A/371970/DTTP Latvia AS G4S Eesti 85/A/371003/DTTP Estonia Ascomation Pty Ltd 2/A/371648/DTTP Australia Ascott BV 1/A/365274/DTTP Netherlands ASE Finance II Sarl 48/A/366085/DTTP Luxembourg ASE Finance II (3) Sarl 48/A/386235/DTTP Luxembourg ASE Finance III Sarl 48/A/386234/DTTP Luxembourg ASG Fund VI Maple SARL 48/A/384135/DTTP Luxembourg ASG Merkel I Sarl 48/A/380166/DTTP Luxembourg Asga Pensionskasse Genossenschaft 6/A/378950/DTTP Switzerland Ashok Leyland Ltd 38/A/364184/DTTP India Ashgrove Speciality Lending Investments I DAC 12/A/378973/DTTP Ireland Asia CCF Holding Sarl 48/A/360468/DTTP Luxembourg Asia CCF Investment Sarl 48/A/360467/DTTP Luxembourg Asia File Corporation BHD 50/A/361145/DTTP Malaysia ASIP (Holdco) IV Sarl 48/A/376019/DTTP Luxembourg Asmodee Group SAS 5/A/381700/DTTP France ASO Lux 2 Sarl 48/A/358348/DTTP Luxembourg ASO Lux 3 Sarl 48/A/365488/DTTP Luxembourg ASO Lux 4 Sarl 48/A/375687/DTTP Luxembourg ASO Victoria 3 Sarl 48/A/375483/DTTP Luxembourg ASO Victoria 4 Sarl 48/A/375686/DTTP Luxembourg ASR Levensverzekering NV 1/A/375389/DTTP Netherlands ASR Schadeverzekering NV 1/A/378206/DTTP Netherlands ASSA ABLOY Financial Services AB 73/A/353885/DTTP Sweden ASSA ABLOY Treasury Limited 12/A/386765/DTTP Ireland Asset Repackaging Trust Six BV 1/A/365864/DTTP Netherlands Associated Bank NA 13/A/354794/DTTP USA Assurance du Credit Mutuel Vie 5/A/385995/DTTP France Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. 13/A/377360/DTTP USA Assurity Life Insurance Company 13/A/303679/DTTP USA Astare 5/A/379846/DTTP France Astrel 1 UK Loan Sarl 48/A/355689/DTTP Luxembourg Astrel Zero Point Lux Sarl 48/A/367029/DTTP Luxembourg Atalaya Asset Income Fund III Lux Lender Sarl 48/A/371404/DTTP Luxembourg Atalaya Fund VI Lux Holdco Sarl 48/A/369665/DTTP Luxembourg ATCF Sarl 48/A/371966/DTTP Luxembourg Athena Art Finance Corp 13/A/369743/DTTP USA Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company 13/A/375364/DTTP USA Athene Annuity and Life Company (formerly Aviva Life and Annuity Company) 13/A/338715/DTTP USA Athene Annuity and Life Assurance Company of New York 13/A/371765/DTTP USA Athene Life Insurance Company of New York (formerly Aviva Life and Annuity Company of New York) 13/A/347787/DTTP USA Athene USA Corporation 13/A/386490/DTTP USA Athora Europe Investments DAC 12/A/381571/DTTP Ireland Athora Lux Loan Administration Sarl 48/A/377859/DTTP Luxembourg Atlantic Credit Opportunities DAC 12/A/378700/DTTP Ireland Atlantic Park Strategic Capital DAC 12/A/382030/DTTP Ireland Atracys Sarl 6/A/379732/DTTP Switzerland ATX SAS 5/A/375652/DTTP France Audatex (Schweiz) GmbH 6/A/355848/DTTP Switzerland Augusta Pool 1 Limited 89/A/380254/DTTP Jersey Aurelius Growth Investments Sarl 48/A/372165/DTTP Luxembourg Aurium CLO I DAC 12/A/365655/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO ll DAC 12/A/368178/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO III DAC 12/A/371201/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO IV DAC 12/A/373435/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO IX DAC 12/A/385389/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO V DAC 12/A/375394/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO VI DAC 12/A/376842/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO VII DAC 12/A/379310/DTTP Ireland Aurium CLO VIII DAC 12/A/381539/DTTP Ireland Aurium Loan Funding 2019 DAC 12/A/377534/DTTP Ireland Aurora National Life Assurance Company 13/A/377761/DTTP USA Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited 2/A/204986/DTTP Australia AustralianSuper 2/A/352380/DTTP Australia Austria Anadi Bank AG 15/A/371342/DTTP Austria Autodesk EMEA Sarl 6/A/378407/DTTP Switzerland Auto Owners Insurance Company 13/A/365382/DTTP USA Auto Owners Life Insurance Company 13/A/365381/DTTP USA Avaloq Group AG 6/A/363652/DTTP Switzerland AvCap Luxembourgh Asset Holding I Sarl 48/A/388716/DTTP Luxembourg Avenir BV 1/A/371993/DTTP Netherlands Aventics AB 73/A/379790/DTTP Sweden Aventics AG 6/A/377664/DTTP Switzerland Aventics Aps 8/A/380282/DTTP Denmark Aventics AS 58/A/376623/DTTP Norway Aventics BV 1/A/377665/DTTP Netherlands Aventics GmbH 7/A/377671/DTTP Germany Aventics GmBH (Austria) 15/A/377666/DTTP Austria Aventics Holding Sarl 48/A/376095/DTTP Luxembourg Aventics Holding SAS 5/A/377668/DTTP France Aventics Hungary Kft 36/A/377673/DTTP Hungary Aventics OY 31/A/380351/DTTP Finland Aventics SAS 5/A/377669/DTTP France Aventics Services Germany GmbH 7/A/377672/DTTP Germany Aventics Sp z.o.o. 62/A/376094/DTTP Poland Aviation by Westminster Ltd 88/A/377970/DTTP Isle of Man Avis Autoverhuur BV 1/A/367104/DTTP Netherlands Avis Belgium SA/NV 18/A/366813/DTTP Belgium Avis Budget Autovermietung AG 6/A/365858/DTTP Switzerland Avis Budget International Financing Sarl 48/A/359104/DTTP Luxembourg Avis Budget Italia SPA 41/A/369032/DTTP Italy Avis Location de Voitures Sarl 48/A/377467/DTTP Luxembourg Aviva Infrastructure Devt Europe I SA 48/A/368700/DTTP Luxembourg Aviva Investors Alternative Income Solutions Investments SA 48/A/371271/DTTP Luxembourg Aviva Investors Alternatives SA 48/A/372722/DTTP Luxembourg Aviva Investors European Secondary Infrastructure Credit SV SA 48/A/364212/DTTP Luxembourg Aviva Investors Multi-Asset Alternative Income SA 48/A/372244/DTTP Luxembourg Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland DAC 12/A/375743/DTTP Ireland Avnet Europe Comm VA 18/A/360743/DTTP Belgium Avnet Finance BV 1/A/323830/DTTP Netherlands Avnet Finance Interantional S.a.r.l. 48/A/386634/DTTP Luxembourg Avnet Holding Europe BVBA 18/A/360744/DTTP Belgium Avoca Capital CLO X DAC 12/A/364094/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO III Plc 12/A/300559/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO V Plc 12/A/311812/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO VI Plc 12/A/321223/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO VII Plc 12/A/342778/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO IV Plc 12/A/305884/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO VIII Ltd 12/A/327636/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XI Ltd 12/A/364977/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XII Limited 12/A/365335/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XIII Ltd 12/A/365836/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XIV DAC 12/A/367071/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XV DAC 12/A/367385/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XVI Designated Activity Company 12/A/369865/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XVII DAC 12/A/370099/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XVIII DAC 12/A/372024/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XIX DAC 12/A/375064/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XX DAC 12/A/375410/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XXI DAC 12/A/376598/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XXII DAC 12/A/378579/DTTP Ireland AVOCA CLO XXIII DAC 12/A/379645/DTTP Ireland AVOCA CLO XXIV DAC 12/B/379642/DTTP Ireland Avoca CLO XXV DAC 12/A/381706/DTTP Ireland Avoca Credit Opportunities Plc 12/A/321231/DTTP Ireland Avoca European Loan Fund Ltd 12/A/362776/DTTP Ireland Avoca secured Floating Rate Loan Fund Designated Activity Company 12/A/359589/DTTP Ireland Avondale Park CLO DAC 12/A/379845/DTTP Ireland AXA ART Versicherung AG 7/A/371285/DTTP Germany AXA Assurances IARD Mutuelle 5/A/366220/DTTP France AXA Assurances Vie Mutuelle 5/A/366221/DTTP France AXA Aurora Vida SA De Seguros Y Reaseguros 9/A/373659/DTTP Spain AXA Belgium SA 18/A/363214/DTTP Belgium AXA France Vie 5/A/366212/DTTP France AXA Germany Leveraged Loans Fund 5/A/379753/DTTP France AXA Global Debt SCA 48/A/383417/DTTP Luxembourg AXA IM European Middle-Market Debt DAC 12/A/371618/DTTP Ireland AXA IM Global Loan Opportunity DAC 12/A/375207/DTTP Ireland AXA IM Global Secured Assets DAC 12/A/386635/DTTP Ireland AXA IM InMotion RCF Sarl 48/A/380210/DTTP Luxembourg AXA IM Loan Limited (formerly AXA IM European Loan Ltd) 12/A/355668/DTTP Ireland AXA IM Private Financing 1 DAC 12/A/379359/DTTP Ireland AXA IM Secured Finance I DAC 12/A/377463/DTTP Ireland AXA IM Senior Financing NPL I DAC 12/A/379330/DTTP Ireland AXA Insurance DAC 12/A/337179/DTTP Ireland AXA Insurance Limited 6/A/357287/DTTP Switzerland AXA Konzern AG 7/A/371284/DTTP Germany AXA Krankenversicherung AG 7/A/274388/DTTP Germany AXA Lebensversicherung AG 7/A/278296/DTTP Germany AXA Life Limited 6/A/364763/DTTP Switzerland AXA Private Debt II SA SICAR 48/A/364791/DTTP Luxembourg AXA SA 5/A/234655/DTTP France AXA Segueros Generales SA de Seguros Y Reaseguros 9/A/373503/DTTP Spain AXA Versicherung AG 7/A/363855/DTTP Germany Axalta Coating Systems Dutch Holding B BV 1/A/372689/DTTP Netherlands Axiell Library Group AB 73/A/352861/DTTP Sweden Axis Bank Limited 38/A/349529/DTTP India Axius European CLO SA 48/A/321343/DTTP Luxembourg Axonic Capital LLC 13/A/385057/DTTP USA Axpo International SA 48/A/374100/DTTP Luxembourg AZB Funding 4 Ltd 12/A/366892/DTTP Ireland AZB Funding 8 Limited 12/A/375334/DTTP Ireland AZB Funding 9 Ltd 12/A/375286/DTTP Ireland AZB Funding 10 Ltd 12/A/376528/DTTP Ireland AZL-Argos 83 Vermogensverwaltungs GmbH 7/A/379435/DTTP Germany Azure Mortgage Investment Sarl 48/A/368731/DTTP Luxembourg Azurite Infrastructure Investments DAC 12/A/380328/DTTP Ireland AZV-Argos 82 Vermogensverwaltungs GmbH 7/A/379436/DTTP Germany


What is a double taxation treaty Passport? ›

The Double Taxation Treaty Passport Scheme provides for Double Taxation Relief on UK loan interest payments made by a UK corporate borrower to overseas corporate lenders.

How do I apply for double tax treaty? ›

To begin the process, an individual who believes they may be tax resident in two jurisdictions, including the UK, must make a claim for treaty residence via a self-assessment tax return and a through a specific tax treaty relief claim.

What is withheld income tax? ›

For employees, withholding is the amount of federal income tax withheld from your paycheck. The amount of income tax your employer withholds from your regular pay depends on two things: The amount you earn. The information you give your employer on Form W–4.

How can you avoid double taxation? ›

Elect S corporation tax status: Once a corporation has been created, the owners can ask the IRS to treat it as an S corporation for tax purposes. S corporations have the same liability-limiting attractions as C corporations, but their profits flow directly to shareholders, avoiding double taxation.

What is the benefit of a double tax treaty? ›

They reduce the tax burdens of foreign investors and provide legal security to investors. In addition to preventing double taxation disputes, double taxation agreements can also be an effective weapon in the fight against fraud and tax evasion.

Who can claim tax treaty benefits? ›

In general, in order to be eligible for a tax treaty in the US, a person must meet the following criteria: 1) be a resident of a country that has a tax treaty with the US, 2) be a Non-Resident Alien for Tax Purposes in the United States, 3) currently be earning qualifying income in the United States, and 4) have a US ...

Will an inheritance put me in a higher tax bracket? ›

While federal estate taxes and state-level estate or inheritance taxes may apply to estates that exceed the applicable thresholds (for example, in 2022 the federal estate tax exemption amount is $12.06 million for an individual), receipt of an inheritance does not result in taxable income for federal or state income ...

How much is a bonus taxed 2022? ›

The percentage method

Your total bonuses for the year get taxed at a 22% flat rate if they're under $1 million. If your total bonuses are higher than $1 million, the first $1 million gets taxed at 22%, and every dollar over that gets taxed at 37%.

What is the 2022 income tax brackets? ›

When it comes to federal income tax rates and brackets, the tax rates themselves aren't changing from 2022 to 2023. The same seven tax rates in effect for the 2022 tax year – 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37% – still apply for 2023.

› wiki › Double_taxation ›

Double taxation › wiki › Double_taxation › wiki › Double_taxation
Double taxation is the levying of tax by two or more jurisdictions on the same income asset or financial transaction Double liability may be mitigated in a numb...

Double Tax Treaty Definition › dictionary › double-tax-treaty › dictionary › double-tax-treaty
Define Double Tax Treaty. means any treaty or convention to which a State is a party, with respect to Taxes for the avoidance of double taxation of income or ca...
Deduction to avoid legal double taxation for the tax paid abroad: limits to take into account when opting for this method if you have a low-profit margin for fo...

What is the benefit of a double tax treaty? ›

They reduce the tax burdens of foreign investors and provide legal security to investors. In addition to preventing double taxation disputes, double taxation agreements can also be an effective weapon in the fight against fraud and tax evasion.

What is the purpose of a tax treaty? ›

The objective of a tax treaty, broadly stated, is to facilitate cross-border trade and investment by eliminating the tax impediments to these cross-border flows.

How does double taxation relief work? ›

Double tax relief in a nutshell

If a person has income or gains from a source in one country and is resident in another, that same income or gain can suffer tax twice. Double Tax Relief (DTR) is designed to alleviate this double charge on the same source of income or gain.

What is a double taxation avoidance agreement? ›

The Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement or DTAA is a tax treaty signed between India and another country ( or any two/multiple countries) so that taxpayers can avoid paying double taxes on their income earned from the source country as well as the residence country.


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