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Greatest Needs

One of the most powerful and immediate ways to help patients and impact the quality of healthcare. Gifts to this fund directly support HonorHealth’s top priorities and empower us to respond to unanticipated issues or new opportunities whenever they arise.

Blue Zones

The Blue Zones vision is a community where the very environment we live in supports a healthier lifestyle and contributes to your well-being — where programs and services are readily available to help everyone live a longer and higher quality life.

Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute

Comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for patients with neurological conditions, including stroke, brain trauma, brain tumors, neuropathy, back and spine, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

Cancer Center Programs

Compassionate, personalized cancer care with precision diagnostics, a wide choice of treatment options, and access to cutting-edge clinical trials all brought to our patients from expert, experienced specialists.

Cardiovascular Center of Excellence

Offering comprehensive, patient-centered care for complex cardiovascular conditions, the Center has attracted the highest caliber specialists in areas such cardio diagnostics, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and thoracic surgery.

Child Life Program

Helps young patients and their families develop ways to cope with fear, anxiety, and separation from home and school during hospitalization or ongoing treatment.

Desert Mission Adult Day Healthcare

A place where seniors can spend the day in a setting that is friendly, dignified and stimulating while caregivers enjoy a brief respite. Many participants have memory and other cognitive issues. (AZ Tax Credit Eligible)

Desert Mission Endowment

Desert Mission makes health and social services accessible to the most vulnerable members of our community through programs such as a food bank, adult day healthcare center, Lincoln Learning Center for children, and more. (AZ Tax Credit Eligible)

Desert Mission Food Bank

Provides nutritious food as well as the necessary tools and resources to help clients achieve food security. (AZ Tax Credit eligible)

Desert Mission Lincoln Learning Center

Childhood education operations, projects and programs. (AZ Tax Credit eligible)

Employee Crisis Assistance Program

HonorHealth employees have selflessly created this fund, which serves as a safety net for employees facing financial hardship due to a recent event or condition beyond their control. The fund covers expenses related to basic needs such as housing costs, utilities or vehicle payments or insurance.

Forensic Nurse Examiners Program

Compassionate, expert care for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, physical assault, or abuse victims. Provides care, education, and head-to-toe medical-forensic examinations, sample and evidence collection, and court testimony, if needed.

HonorHealth Children's Toy Fund

Provides toys to pediatric patients undergoing a procedure to help soothe them.

HonorHealth Patient Assistance Fund

Program to provide emergency social service and post-discharge funds for at-risk patients to help pay for needs such as rent or mortgage, in-home services, medications, medical equipment, transportation, and more.

HonorHealth Research Institute

This unique institute oversees all medical research at HonorHealth. World-class care and groundbreaking research join forces to benefit patients who often face rare and/or serious health conditions.

K-9 Security Program

K-9 officers and their handlers provide a security presence in and around hospital facilities and create a calming effect for patients and staff, system wide.

Military Partnership Training

Military medical personnel and civilian first responders receive realistic training that includes practical learning with advanced human patient simulators with life-like functions.

NICU - Shea

Level III NICU, highest level of certification, provides excellent care for critically ill or premature newborns and their parents.

Nursing Excellence Endowment

Centralized access for nurses to receive support, training, tools, and opportunities. Provides the defined infrastructure to standardize, improve and advance nursing with patients as the central focus, system wide.

Physical Therapy Program

A wide range of PT techniques and technologies are used to help individuals restore and improve their functional ability, overcome pain, and prevent further injury.

Sports Medicine

No matter the cause of your sports injury, it’s important to get the right care from professionals trained in sports medicine. HonorHealth's sports medicine experts understand the unique causes of sports injuries and know how to get you back in the gym or on the field as quickly and safely as possible.

The Laura Faye Beisser, PGA Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Fund

Providing assistance to HonorHealth Cancer Transplant Institute patients to help them manage the rigors of treatment and protect them from side effects and potential complications.

Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network

The HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network works collaboratively to better serve—and save—cancer patients throughout Arizona.

Women's and Children's Services

Care and education for women and children throughout their life stages. Specialized care for those embarking on pregnancy or facing women’s health concerns.

Employee Giving Campaign | HonorHealth Foundation (2024)
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