Flash Funds 8.0 - Best Fake Bank Alert Tool | Xdolte (2023)

Flash Funds 8.0 - Best Fake Bank Alert Tool | Xdolte (1)

Whether You Are Searching for How Flash Funds Work, How to download Flash Funds, Or How To Use Flash Funds Fake Alert Tool, This Post will be of Help

We shall be discussing everything you need to know about FlashFunds V8.0. The latest version of Flash Funds Tool. But before then, let’s get started gradually with the below step by step guidelines.

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  • What Is Flash Funds
  • How Does Flash Funds Work
  • How to Download and Activate Flash Funds Premium

What Is Flash Funds Tool

Just like we have many other apps for sending fake bank alert such as Xcaret100, CardCumbo and others, FlashFunds is the upgraded version which makes sending fake bank alerts more easier and affordable.

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There’s No Way You can think of Sending Fake Alerts without mentioning Flash Funds Tool. Below is exactly how the tool works.Flash Funds 8.0 - Best Fake Bank Alert Tool | Xdolte (2)

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How Does Flash Funds Work

With FlashFunds 8.0, You can send Fake Bank alerts to all countries except Korea and Canada. Before now, one challenge international fake alert senders do get is getting the right credit and debit alert template for their jobs.

The new Version of Flash Funds Makes it easy as you don’t need to search for external templates. All you need is select the country, select the bank and select credit or debit alert template. You will Get the exact template and bank Logo. So when you send your alert, it will show exactly as it use to be originally from the blank.

FlashFunds 8.0 comes with Over 200 Different templates from different banks.


  • Daily Cash Flash Limit: With The latest version, You can Flash Unlimitedly but can only flash 4 Times in a day. This means Irrespective of the amount you Flashed, you can’t pass four times as your daily limit. But you can send as many millions as you desire within this 4 times.
  • Change Client Alert Duration: There are some kind of Amounts you will flash and some countries you would flash to, you wouldn’t want the transaction to reflect instantly to make it look more real.Flash Funds makes it easy for you to change duration. How long you would want it to last before it appears on client bank after flashing the funds.From instantly to 72hrs. That’s the maximum you can go. That’s approximately 3days.
  • Change of Location: There’s already auto Installed IP which makes it easy for you to change location. All you need is just activate the auto IP and you will get access to over 300 locations Worldwide.This makes it impossible tracking your activities when using FlashFunds. This feature was added for security reasons.
  • Flash Funds Stability : Funds Received with this tool are not stable. This means they disappear after some time. It’s just fake alert so any money Flashed to your client account is just temporary.By default, the Flashed Funds stays 24 – 48hrs in the beneficiary account before it vanish.

NOTE: if you want the flash to stay more than specified duration go for xdolte premium.

  • in most cases, it stays longer.This means, When You send Fake Money To any of your clients, They will get the alert and also their bank account will be auto updated. But after 24 to 48hrs, their balance go to normal.
  • No Worries About Alert Digits: There are many Fake alert senders that requires you to get the phone numbers of your clients associated with their bank account. Hope you know how difficult that could be.FlashFunds 8.0 can easily extract details before forwarding alert. This will make the alert go straight to client’s phone numbers and email linked with their bank without any enquiry.

Having learnt Few about Flash Funds, How can anyone download Flash Funds app (apk)?

Download FlashFunds Tool And Start Flashing

Another Good News About the latest version of Flash Funds is that – “it only got one time activation Key”. Unlike others where you will keep renewing every 6 Months.

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Once You place your order and make purchase, You will Get an activation code which you must keep very sacred. This is because you will only lost the app once you lost the activation Key unless you have to buy new activation key.

Even when you change your device, So long the app and your key is not existing in another working app, You can use same activation key as long as you want.

Do you want to Buy FlashFunds 8.0 and start sending fake bank alerts with ease? Place your order now.

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