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Western Union wants to make it as convenient and fast as possible for you or your loved ones to receive your money. Choose the option that suits you and your Agent location best:

  • Bank account payout (where available) – recommended where movement has been restricted due to COVID-19
  • WU® Agent location (Due to COVID-19 concerns, some Agent locations may be temporarily closed or have altered hours of location; please check our Agent Locator for additional information and details of the locations nearest you.)

What documents do I need to bring to pick up money?
A picture identification card will be required to pick up money from an agent location. Depending on the country and the agent location where the receiver will pick up the money, the forms of acceptable ID may vary. In general, passports and national IDs are acceptable. A driver’s license might not be valid.

In some cases, the receiver might also need to verify their current address, for example with a utility bill.

Western Union recommends confirming specific requirements with your local agent location prior to leaving your house.

What information is required from the sender to send a Direct to Bank Account money transfer?
The bank information required to send a Direct to Bank Account money transfer varies by country. In general, you will need to know at least:

  • Your Receiver’s bank name.
  • Your Receiver’s bank code and bank account number.
  • The amount and country to which you wish to send.

Our website offers additional details about the list of countries where you can send money directly to a bank, we have additional information below as well.* You can also see specifically what details are required for each country.

What currencies are available for payouts?
Payouts will only be made in the local currency. Senders should ensure their receiver’s bank account is a local currency account to avoid potential service delays or additional charges from the receiver’s bank.

How can I find out if my money has been sent?
You can track any money transfer. All you need is the tracking number (MTCN) and the sender’s name. and the mobile App are available online 24/7.

For additional information, please visit theWestern Union COVID-19 Resource Center.

*Additional countries not listed on the website include the following:

See Also

CountryInformation Receiver to Provide to Sender
BahrainBank Name, BIC, Bank Location, IBAN
BrazilBank Name, Branch Number, Account Number, Account Type, Receiver’s DOB (dd/mm/yyyy), CPF (Tax ID)
ChileBank Name, Account Number, Account Type, Bank Location, National ID Number (RUT)
EgyptBank Name, Account Number
FinlandBank Name, BIC, Bank Location, IBAN
Hong KongBank Name, Bank Code, Bank Location, Account Number
MalaysiaBank Name, BIC, Bank Location, Account Number
PakistanBank Name, Account Number, Bank Location
TurkeyBank Name, IBAN, Bank Location
United KingdomBank Name, Sort Code, Bank Location, Account Number
How to receive money with Western Union - Blog | Western Union (2024)
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