Indian Customs: Regulations, Export-Import Procedures by Customs of India (2023)

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Free import

•200 cigarettes or
•50 cigars or
•250 grammes of other tobacco products
•Up to 2 litres of Wines or alcoholic beverages
•59 ml of perfume
•250 ml toiletries
•Authorized personal goods
•An unlimited amount of foreign currency can be imported into the country. Sums equalling US10000in local currency must be declared upon entry. Foreign travellers cannot take more foreign currency with them than the amount they entered India with but sums less than US 10000 generally will not need to be declared.

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The following items are banned from entering or leaving the country unless under certain circumstances or limitations.
•Illegal drugs
•Firearms and ammunition – unless permission has been obtained
•Knives and deadly weapons
•Pets and other live animals – unless permission has been obtained
•Birds and bird products –eggs and feathers
•Pigs and pig meat products
•Endangered plants
•Plants and plant products – unless permission has been obtained
•Radio transmitters
•Culturally important or valuable antiques
•Counterfeit money and goods
•Pornographic material


•Species of wild life including ivory, musk and animal skins are prohibited from leaving the country.
•Unless taken by a native of the country, Indian currency is expressly prohibited from leaving India.
•Plants and plant products such as seeds or fruits are prohibited without prior permission.

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*Travellers of Indian origin returning home or visitors entering the country from Pakistan, China or other countries may have different restrictions regarding the amount and nature of items that can be imported into the country.

*Travellers of Pakistani origin will likely be required to undergo additional customs procedures before being granted permission to enter or leave the country.

*All Indian currency is prohibited from being imported or exported out from the country by foreign travellers. Indian residents going on or returning from a holiday abroad can freely take or bring in up to Rs. 7500.


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