List Of Countries Best Known For Aviation Courses (2024)

List Of Countries Best Known For Aviation Courses (1)

30 August

Aviation is one of the fastest-growing industries, poised to touch a CAGR of over 5% between 2022 and 2027. Ambitious students who aspire to fly high in the sky have to be ready to learn all about international aviation management, air traffic control, air transportation economics, aviation maintenance, and other challenging concepts. To land your career in the aviation sector, you must know the study abroad destinations that offer the best aviation courses.

Top 5 study abroad destinations to pursue aviation study programs

  1. The UK

    Being home to the Royal Air Force, the United Kingdom has a rich history in the field of aviation. The aviation courses in the UK are designed to offer several programs right from Flight Training to Aerospace Engineering and from Air Traffic Controller to Airport Operations. After completing your study program in the UK, you can be ready to be a Pilot, Airport Operation Executive, Aerospace Engineer, Airport Planner or Flight Attendant. Popular universities for Aviation courses in the UK
    • CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
    • Brunel University London
    • Kingston University London
    • Staffordshire University
    • University of Sheffield
  2. The Philippines

    The Philippines is a place where students have the best technologies and training facilities needed to excel in the field of aviation. It offers affordable aviation courses if compared to other mainstream study abroad destinations. If you aspire to be a pilot, you will benefit from lighter air traffic, which is ideal for beginners. Popular universities for aviation courses in the Philippines
    • Airlink International Aviation College
    • Philippine Airlines Aviation School
    • All Asia Aviation Academy
    • Philippine Academy for Aviation Training (CAE Philippines)
  3. Greece

    Greece makes the perfect country where you can pursue aviation courses. Since the country has great weather almost all year round, it is perfect for flying lessons! The second best reason to study in Greece is that most aviation courses available in this country full of islands meet the EU-approved standards. This makes Greece one of the most sought after study abroad locations to pursue a course in Aviation. Popular universities for Aviation courses in Greece
    • Olympus Aviation Academy
    • Egnatia Aviation
    • Global Aviation SA
    • Skies Aviation Academy
    • FAS Pilot Academy
  4. The US

    America is an academic hub for various study programs, including Aviation. The Aviation courses available in the US are top-notch and integrate the latest developments in the curriculum. State-of-the-art aircraft with innovative designs will be readily available for practice. Popular universities for Aviation courses in the US
    • Purdue University
    • Ohio State University
    • Arizona State University Global Launch
    • Bowling Green State University
    • Bridgewater State University Flight Center
  5. Australia

    Australia has a huge demand for aviation professionals. If you aspire to work abroad after finishing your studies, studying in Australia can open up a world of opportunities for you. The Aviation courses taught in Australia focus more on aviation safety and quality controls and are affordable. Popular universities for Aviation courses in Australia
    • The University of Sydney
    • Griffith University, Brisbane
    • University of New South Wales
    • University of South Australia
    • RMIT University, Melbourne
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List Of Countries Best Known For Aviation Courses (2024)
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