Mutual Funds India - Quant Fund, Quant Investments, Quant AMC (2022)

Investment Objective The primary investment objective of the scheme is to seek to generate capital appreciation & provide long-term growth opportunities by investing in a portfolio of Small Cap companies. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realized.
Category of Scheme Small Cap Fund
Type of Scheme Small Cap Fund - An open ended equity scheme predominantly investing in small cap stocks.
Inception Date November, 1996
Lock in Period Nil
Minimum Application Amount For new investor, INR 5000/- and any amount thereafter
For existing investors, INR 1000/- and any amount thereafter
For Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), the minimum amount is INR 1000/- and in multiples of INR 1/- thereafter.
Benchmark Index Nifty Small Cap 250 Index
Load Structure Entry Load - Nil
Exit Load - 1% if redeemed or switched out on or before completion of 1 year (365 days) from the date of allotments of units
Asset Allocation Pattern
Under normal circumstances, the asset allocation pattern will be as follows Indicative allocations (% of total assets) Risk Profile
Instruments Minimum Maximum High/Medium/Low
Equity and equity related instruments of small cap companies# 65 100 High
Other equity and equity related instruments which are in the top 250 stocks by market capitalization. 0 35 High
Debt and money market securities* 0 35 Low to Medium
Units issued by REITs & InvITs 0 10 Medium to High

#251st company onwards in terms of full market capitalization would be considered as small cap companies.
*Debt instruments may include securitized debt upto 10% of the net assets of the Scheme.
The Scheme retains the flexibility to invest across all the securities in the debt and money markets as permitted by SEBI / RBI from time to time, including schemes of mutual funds.
Overseas Investments: Under normal circumstances the Schemes shall not have an exposure of more than 35% of its net assets in foreign assets/securities/instruments including ADRs / GDRs, subject to applicable regulatory limits.
Trading in Derivatives: To optimally manage portfolio risk, the Scheme may use various derivative instruments and hedging products in a manner permitted by SEBI.
The scheme may take exposure to derivative instruments up to 100% of net assets.

Fund Manager Ankit Pande, Vasav Sahgal, Sanjeev Sharma
Plans Available Regular Plan and Direct Plan.
(The Regular and Direct plan will have a common portfolio)
Options Available 1.Growth Option and 2. IDCW
The IDCW option has the following facilities: (i) IDCW Reinvestment Facility. (ii) IDCW Pay-out Facility. Default Investment option is Growth Option. For the IDCW option, the default facility will be IDCW Reinvestment.
Applicable NAV The NAV applicable for purchase or redemption or switching of Units based on the time of the Business Day on which the application is time stamped.
Risk Factors For detailed scheme/securities related risk factors, please refer to the Scheme Information Document
Investment strategy To achieve the investment objective, the scheme will invest primarily in equity and equity linked instruments of Small Cap companies as defined by SEBI. The underlying theme driving the relative allocation will be qMML research’s ability to identify cross asset, cross market inflexion points. This quantitative approach is based on our proprietary VLRT framework, wherein we incorporate the full spectrum of data along deeper aspects related to the three axis of Valuation, Liquidity, and Risk appetite and view it in a dynamic setting – Time, thus, forming the multi-dimensional VLRT framework. The formulation of this macro narrative guides our micro level stock selection.
qMML’s predictive analytics toolbox formulates a multidimensional research perspective to various asset classes. Research has shown that optimal entry and exit points into various asset classes can be identified through the identification of bouts of extreme greed and fear in the market. qMML differentiates itself by not only being able to identify bouts of greed and fear, but by its ability to quantify bouts of euphoria and capitulation. This helps guide us in identifying the optimal level of cash/debt allocation in the scheme.
qMML’s predictive analytics toolbox formulates a multidimensional research perspective to various asset classes. Research has shown that optimal entry and exit points into various asset classes can be identified through the identification of bouts of extreme greed and fear in the market. qMML differentiates itself by not only being able to identify bouts of greed and fear, but by its ability to quantify bouts of euphoria and capitulation. This helps guide us in identifying the optimal level of cash/debt allocation in the scheme.
Statutory Details: Sponsor: quant Capital Finance & Investments Private Limited
Investment Manager:quant Money Managers Limited. CIN: U74899MH1995PLC324387

"*Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully."


Mutual Funds India - Quant Fund, Quant Investments, Quant AMC?

List of Quant Mutual Fund in India
Fund NameCategory1Y Returns
Quant Mid Cap FundEquity20.6%
Quant Multi Asset FundHybrid16.5%
Quant Flexi Cap FundEquity11.8%
Quant Absolute FundHybrid15.2%
7 more rows

Which quant mutual fund is best?

Quant MF Top Rated Funds
  • Quant Infrastructure Fund Direct-Growth. ...
  • Quant Mid Cap Fund Direct-Growth. ...
  • Quant Active Fund Direct-Growth. ...
  • Quant Multi Asset Fund Direct-Growth. ...
  • Quant Flexi Cap Fund Direct-Growth. ...
  • Quant Absolute Fund Direct-Growth. ...
  • Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund Direct-Growth. ...
  • Quant Focused Fund Direct-Growth.

Is quant mutual fund in India?

Originally incorporated in 1996, quant Mutual Fund is one of the oldest and pioneering mutual funds in India with an over 22 year legacy in the asset management industry in the country.

Which is the best mutual fund AMC in India?

Performance Of the Top 10 AMCs in India (2022)
  • ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. ...
  • Nippon India Mutual Fund. ...
  • Axis Mutual Fund. ...
  • DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund. ...
  • Kotak Mutual Fund. ...
  • Tata Mutual Fund. ...
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. ...
  • L&T Mutual Fund.
7 days ago

Which AMC is best for mutual funds?

The top 10 AMCs in India are:
  • SBI Mutual Fund.
  • HDFC Mutual Fund.
  • ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund.
  • Reliance Mutual Fund.
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.
  • DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund.
  • Kotak Mutual Fund.
  • Tata Mutual Fund.
6 days ago

Is it safe to invest in quant funds?

Globally, quant funds have a record of giving downside protection but failing to match returns from regular funds, say experts. "These funds are more suited for conservative investors,"says Sachdeva of Edelweiss. "A well-run quant fund will have lower volatility.

Is Quant Mutual Fund safe?

Quant Mutual Fund has emerged as the top-performing fund in 2021 across multiple categories. Quant Small Cap Fund, Quant Tax Plan Fund, and Quant Focused Fund have grabbed the no.
Portfolio Turnover Ratio For Quant Mutual Fund Schemes.
SchemeTurnover Ratio
Quant Multi Asset Fund2.73 times
Quant Absolute Fund4.91 times
9 more rows

What is AMC for quant mutual fund?

The dynamic and active style of money management adapted by Quant mutual fund enables it to generate alpha while safeguarding the interest of its investors.
Key information.
Mutual fund nameQuant Mutual Fund
AMC Incorporation DateDecember 1, 1995
Sponsor nameQuant Capital Finance & Investments Private Limited
6 more rows

Who is owner of quant MF?

Headed by Sandeep Tandon, Quant Capital was earlier a part of the Anil Ambani owned Reliance Securities. Escorts MF had assets under management (AUM) of ₹235 crore at the time of acquisition.

What is quant fund in mutual fund?

A quant fund is an investment fund whose securities are chosen based on numerical data compiled through quantitative analysis. These funds are considered non-traditional and passive. 1 They are built with customized models using software programs to determine investments.

Is AMC sip better?

This article will help you understand the AMC SIP better. In an AMC SIP, the minimum investment amount is as specified by the AMC. The AMC SIP is not created internally in our system. Hence, you will not be able to modify/pause/step-up the SIP.

Which is good AMC SIP or SIP?

AMC SIP vs SIP in Zerodha
Customers have full control over SIP attributes like SIP pause, resume, deletion, step-up, etcAs it's not created internally at Zerodha hence the customer cannot exercise these rights of pausing, resuming, deletion, stepping up, etc.
3 more rows

Which is biggest AMC in India?

List of the Biggest AMCs in India 2022: An Asset Management Company (AMC) manages a pool of funds collected from investors.
2. ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company.
AUM (in crores)Number of Funds
Jan 7, 2022

Is AMC and mutual fund same?

You may invest in mutual funds directly with an AMC or asset management company. The company is principally responsible for driving the mutual fund and making decisions that benefit the investors. Under the leadership of a fund manager, it invests the money in line with the investment objectives of the scheme.

Which AMC are listed in India?

Top Asset Management Companies
AMC NameSchemesAUM
ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited280₹ 4,93,540 Cr
Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd222₹ 2,41,302 Cr
SBI Funds Management Ltd138₹ 4,54,556 Cr
Sundaram Asset Management Company Ltd94₹ 53,847 Cr
37 more rows

What is AMC in India?

An Asset Management Company (AMC) is regulated by the capital market regulator, Securities and Exchange of India (SEBI). Further, AMCs are also passively regulated by the Association of Mutual Fund of India (AMFI) in order to protect the interests of the investors.

Why Quant Mutual Fund is not popular?

Though quant funds are free from fund manager bias, the method used for stock selection is not transparent as each fund keeps its model 'proprietary' and does not disclose it in the public space. Another risk is that these funds' performance cannot be compared against the benchmark indices like Sensex or Nifty.

Do quant funds beat the market?

As of 2019, ETFs and index funds together manage more US equities than human-managed asset managers. Across the $31 trillion of US stock market value, quant funds now own 35.1% of market capitalization, compared to 24.3% of human-managed funds.

Why quant funds are becoming popular in India?

Quant strategies are designed to take unbiased investment decisions; this appeals to a lot of young investors,” says Suvajit Ray, head of products at IIFL Securities. “Quant funds have generated impressive returns so far; some of these portfolios have withstood volatility appreciably well, with very shallow drawdowns.

Is Quant Mutual Fund SEBI registered?

The Mutual Fund was registered with SEBI on June 11, 2018 under Registration Code MF/028/96/4. quant Mutual Fund is sponsored by quant Capital Finance & Investments Private Limited. The Sponsor is the Settler of the Mutual Fund Trust.

How is Quant Mutual Fund Quora?

Quants funds are a special kind of mutual funds whose asset allocation, including stock picking, is decided based on a predefined set of rules. Quants funds are dependent on an automated system to make decisions pertaining to the portfolio, and the fund manager will not have any say in this.

Is Quant Mutual Fund and Quantum mutual fund same?

No, they both are different mutual fund companies. Quant is the new name of an earlier fund house, Escorts Asset Management.

Is Quant tax plan is good?

This fund has continuously performed better than similar funds. You can consider investing in this fund. ELSS : Fund has 99.96% investment in indian stocks of which 51.47% is in large cap stocks, 21.3% is in mid cap stocks, 15.92% in small cap stocks.

Is Quant Small Cap Fund Safe?

Q: Is it safe to invest in Quant Small Cap Fund? A: As per SEBI's latest guidelines to calculate risk grades, investment in the Quant Small Cap Fund comes under Very High risk category.

Which type of fund is quant active fund?

Quant Active Fund Direct-Growth is a Multi Cap mutual fund scheme from Quant Mutual Fund. This fund has been in existence for 9 yrs 5 m, having been launched on 01/01/2013. Quant Active Fund Direct-Growth has ₹2,300 Crores worth of assets under management (AUM) as on 31/03/2022 and is small fund of its category.

How is quant mutual fund house?

Is Quant mutual fund good? Quant Mutual Fund is one of the oldest and pioneering fund houses in India. With its dynamic and active style of money management, they aspire to generate higher returns for its investors.

What is quant based investing?

Quant-based funds are a type of mutual fund in which the asset allocation, including stock selection, is determined by a set of rules and investment limits. The fund invests in assets based on numerical data gathered through quantitative research and analysis. These are regarded as non-traditional and passive funds.

How is quant mutual fund different?

Quants funds are a special kind of mutual funds whose asset allocation, including stock picking, is decided based on a predefined set of rules. Quants funds are dependent on an automated system to make decisions pertaining to the portfolio, and the fund manager will not have any say in this.

How do you invest in quant?

Quantitative investment strategies have evolved into complex tools with the advent of modern computers but the strategies' roots go back over 80 years. They are typically run by highly educated teams and use proprietary models to increase their ability to beat the market.

What is a quant strategy?

A quant investing strategy is an advanced mathematical model developed by industry professionals, including programmers, statisticians, and investment analysts. The purpose is to identify stocks with a higher probability of outperforming an index using a broad range of characteristics.

Can I stop AMC SIP in Zerodha?

You cannot edit or pause the AMC SIP, you can delete one and create a Zerodha SIP if you hold the units in your portfolio.

What is AMC order in Zerodha?

What is Account Maintenance Charge (AMC) with regard to my demat account at Zerodha? Account Maintenance Charge (renamed from annual maintenance charge) is the charge you pay to maintain your demat account with Zerodha. There is no account maintenance charge(AMC) for your trading account and commodity account.

How do I close AMC SIP in Zerodha?

Log in to Coin, click on 'Dashboard' and then the second tab called 'SIP & Conditional' . Here you will see all the active SIPs and conditional orders you have placed. Once you do, you'll see your active SIPs. Click on the 'delete' icon.

What happens if SIP is missed?

While mutual fund companies don't penalize for non-payment of a few SIP installments, your SIP will automatically be cancelled if you fail to make the payments for three consecutive months. Also your bank will penalize you for dishonoring the auto debit payments.

Which mutual fund is best for SIP?

List of Best SIP Funds in India Ranked by Last 5 Year Returns
  • Quant Active Fund. N.A. ...
  • Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund. Consistency. ...
  • PGIM India Flexi Cap Fund. Consistency. ...
  • Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund. ...
  • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund. ...
  • Quant Focused Fund. ...
  • Edelweiss Large & Mid Cap Fund. ...
  • Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund.

Which AMC share is best?

HDFC AMC leads the pack

The country's third largest asset manager, HDFC AMC, commands the highest valuation on the stock markets. The company has a market capitalisation of Rs 62,112 crore. It reported net profits of Rs 1,326 crore for FY2020-21.

How does AMC choose mutual funds?

Factors for Selecting a Mutual Fund Category
  1. 1) Investment Objective. ...
  2. 2) Time Horizon. ...
  3. 3) Risk tolerance. ...
  4. 1) Performance Against Benchmark. ...
  5. 2) Performance Against Category. ...
  6. 3) Consistency of Performance. ...
  7. 4) Fund Manager's Experience. ...
  8. 5) AMC Track Record.
Oct 28, 2020

How do I invest in AMC mutual funds?

You can invest in direct funds by visiting the branch office of the AMC. You must complete KYC by submitting the self-attested identity and address proof. Consider filling the standard application form or SIP form depending on the investment mode after selecting the right mutual fund scheme.

How many AMC are there in India?

There are 44 asset management companies (AMCs) or mutual fund houses operating in India.

Who appoints AMC in mutual fund?

An AMC is appointed by the sponsor and trustee to manage the pool of funds. AMC acts under the supervision of trustees who are governed by SEBI and AMFI. This ensures transparency, accountability, and objectivity. Hence one must go ahead and invest to optimize their wealth and save their taxes.

What is the AMC of Groww?

There are no account maintenance charges on Groww. Investors will be charged Rs. 20 or 0.05% of the order amount, whichever is lower, for every order.

Is HDFC AMC debt free?

Company is almost debt free.

Is Icici Pru AMC listed?

Prudential has 20 million customers, and is listed on stock exchanges in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.

Is AMC available in India?

Mumbai: Global media and entertainment company AMC Networks on Tuesday announced the launch of its streaming service AMC+ in India. The service will be available on Apple TV channels and via Apple TV app at Rs 199 per month.

How can I open AMC in India?

Documents required for an AMC
  1. For a Private Limited Company – Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Scheme of Investment.
  2. Directors Identification Number (DIN).
  3. KYC (Know Your Client Documents).
  4. Proof of Identity- Passport.
  5. Proof of Address (Aadhar Card).
  6. PAN Card.
  7. Aadhar Card.


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