Open-ended versus closed-ended funds - what's the difference? - Magellan Financial Group (2022)

How to invest

  • Magellan offers two market-leading strategies, global equities and global listed infrastructure. Find out how easy it is to invest in the world’s best companies, as chosen by Magellan’s experts.

  • Global Equity Products

    You buy from the world’s best companies, so why not invest in them?Magellan offers a range of highly-rated global equity funds, containing some the world’s best companies that we believe are positioned to benefit from long-term investment tailwinds.

    Invest in global equities

  • Global listed Infrastructure products

    Infrastructure: Supporting you every minute of every day.Our range of top-rated global listed infrastructure funds are positioned to generate inflation-protected, stable yet solid returns.

    Invest in global infrastructure

  • Magellan Sustainable Fund

    Invest in 20 to 50 high quality global companies within a framework that considers ESG risks. The Magellan Sustainable Fund aims to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns and preserve capital in adverse markets.

    Find out more

  • MFG Core Series

    Our range of lower-cost global equity funds, designed to offer investors a unique and compelling combination of active portfolio construction and ongoing systematic portfolio management.

    Find out More

  • Magellan FuturePayTM

    Investing for incomeandgrowth, particularly in retirement. MagellanFuturePayis an innovative new fund that aims to deliver a predictable monthly income that grows with inflation, capital growth with a focus on downside protection, a reserving strategy and on-going income support, and daily access to capital.

    Invest in FuturePay


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