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Release letters are written to inform or state that an employee is being released from his/her duty. The release letters may be written after the employee has finished his/her contract may be any other reason. The letter is written by the higher officials and the employee who is leaving the job for his/her the letter is very much essential.

The employer writes a Release letter to his employee, which indicates his wish to resign or leave the company. A release letter also comes in handy when the bossis willing to release the employee before the specified date of exit.

The letter must be written entirely in a formal language because this falls under the formal letter category. The writer must give a concrete reason for releasing the employee so that it is clear enough for the employee why he/she is being released.

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  • 1 Release Letter Writing Tips
  • 2 Release Letter Template
  • 3 Sample Letter
  • 4 Email Format

Release Letter Writing Tips

  • The letter must clearly state the reason why the employee is being released.
  • The letter must also state that all the official belongings that the employee has must be returned to the office.
  • The Closing paragraph must clearly state that all the debt of the employee must be paid before releasing the employee.
  • The language must be completely formal, and the letter must be written in a severe tone.
  • Include sentences like kindly do knowledge transferwith relevant documents to Mr./Ms. ____ with a copy to Mr./Ms. ____ or undersigned.
    You may add any other clause according to the terms and conditions of the employment.

Release Letter Template

Use our free Release Letter to help you get started. If you need additional help or more examples, check out some of the sample letters below.






Date: ______ (the date in which the letter is written)



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Subject: Release letter

Dear _____ (name of the receiver)

This is to certify that Mr. ______, (name of the person who is being released) has worked for me as household helper since ______ (time from which the person is in the job); and she accomplished her 2-year agreement on ______ (type of job).

Mr. ____ (name of the person who is being released)’s primary obligations here were ______, _______, _____ and ______ (list of the jobs which were performed by the person). Throughout his service with us, he proved to be a dependable and responsible individual, and he presented his obligations to my complete satisfaction.

Delight communicate the undersigned at ___ (telephone no. or e-mail) if you need further data considering her performance.

Thanking You,
Yours Truly,

(Name and Signature)

Sample Letter

Given below is a sample of a release letter.

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Anand Ahuja
Justice Corporations


Rahul Pahuja
Justice Corporations

Subject: Release Letter

Dear Sir,

This is to inform Mr Rahul Pahuja that the company has decided to release you from the job because as per the contract your service of 5 years is being completed in our business.

We are very much happy that you have worked with us for these five years and have shown some excellent work. Your work in the last project was also excellent, and all the higher officials have appreciated your work.

You were a very responsible person, and you have always worked as per our requirements.

Thanking You,
Yours Truly


Head of Human Resource Department.

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Email Format

Following is the email format of a Release Letter.

Subject: Release Letter to an employee

Dear Mr. / Mrs. ______

This is to inform Mr. _____ that the company has decided to release you for the job because as per the contract your service of _____ years is being completed in our company.

We are very much happy that you have worked with us for these ____ years and have shown some excellent work. What you work in the ____ project was also very good, and all the higher officials have appreciated your work.

You were a very responsible person, and you have always worked as per our requirements.

Thanking You,
Yours Truly

Name and Signature

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How do you write a release letter to an employee?

Dear Mr./Ms.

____________(Employee name), This is in response to your resignation dated _________, you will be relieved from your current job as a ___________ (job designation) W.E.F ________. You will be kept under notice period until the last working date, as per the company norms.

How do you write a release letter to a manager?

Dear Sir, Please accept this letter with effect from W.e.f 14th June 2011 & considering it a 1 month notice from the date mentioned. I am resigning from my position of Assistant Manager with the Company due to personal reasons.

How do you write a relieving letter?

What information should you include in the relieving letter?
  1. Details of the employee. ...
  2. Details of the company. ...
  3. Employee conduct. ...
  4. Employee resignation date. ...
  5. A statement of appreciation or thanks for the employee. ...
  6. Your full name, title and signature.

What is formal release letter?

Release letter is a formal letter that is issued to inform that the employee has been released from his/her duties. Release letter can be issued either if the employer gets dissatisfied with the employee services or when the expiry contract period happens.

What is a letter of release?

Letters of Release means the letters of release (executed as deeds) relating to the Former Employees of the Company releasing the Company from all or any liability which the Company may have to such Former Employees howsoever arising.

How do you ask a company for release?

Respected Sir/ Madam, I recently resigned from the post of ___________ (Designation) at __________ (Company name) company on __/__/____ (Date). My employee ID is ___________ (Employee ID). I would like to make a request to have an early relieve from the Company.

How do you ask a company release?

You can give your employer letter request early release and pay in lieu of same if they accept then you can be relieved. You can inform your employer that you re ready to compensate the salary amount for the 20 days notice period that may be waived.

How do you ask for a full and final settlement?

Sub: Request for Full & Final Settlement

Dear Sir / Madam, This is to bring your kind notice that I ____________, have given resignation to my job on ________ and I have also cleared all the advances which I have taken during my tenure. So I am requesting you to please issue my full and final settlement amount.

How do you convince your boss to let you quit?

How to tell your boss you're resigning
  1. Request an in-person meeting. ...
  2. Outline your reasons for quitting. ...
  3. Give at least two weeks' notice. ...
  4. Offer to facilitate position transition. ...
  5. Express gratitude. ...
  6. Provide constructive feedback. ...
  7. Provide your formal letter of resignation.
Mar 12, 2021

How do you write a reminder letter for a full and final settlement?

I am writing this letter to state that on _ (Day) i.e. (Date), I got relieved from your _ (Company/ Organization) but my full and final settlement has not been done. I request you to kindly do the full and final settlement and send me all dues (if any).

Is relieving letter important?

Your relieving letter from the previous employer shows that you have cleared all the dues and have no pending work there, and it also helps organizations to make sure that the employee who is going to resign is completely relieved from their duties and is not holding any company's data or internal property.

What is a company release letter?

A release letter, also known as an “acknowledgement letter”, is a letter stating the end date of the employment and that you and your domestic helper have nothing outstanding, including annual leave, salaries, miscellaneous amounts, her air ticket home (or cash equivalent) etc.

What is a general release?

A “general release” is a document in which one person releases another from any claims or threats of lawsuits. Franchisors often require franchisees to sign general releases at various points in the relationship to insulate themselves from franchisee lawsuits.

What is release order?

Released Order 注残 In a limited sense, it refers to the order of purchased parts which was already placed to a supplier and is not delivered yet, while in a broad sense, it refers to the order of manufactured item which was already issued and is not completed.

What is a release of claim?

A written contract in which one or more parties agree to give up legal causes of action against the other party in exchange for adequate consideration (that is, something of value to which the party releasing the legal claims is not already entitled).

How do I convince my boss for an early release?

Here's what you can do.
  1. Build a personal rapport with your manager/boss. Start with building a personal rapport with your manager. ...
  2. Be aggressive with the handover and finding a replacement. ...
  3. Clearly, communicate the desired last working date. ...
  4. Genuine reasons mostly work.
Feb 21, 2019

How do I request HR for early release?

This is a kind of request regarding my early relieving from the company. I know that I agreed to the company terms and conditions regarding the notice period during my joining time. But there are some situations are making me to write this request letter to reduce my notice period to 10 days from 30 days.

How can I convince my HR to reduce my notice period?

Usually, there are 2 ways of negotiating the notice period: Buying out and Garden leave.
  1. Buy out. ...
  2. Garden leave. ...
  3. Speak with your Manager. ...
  4. Follow the proper format. ...
  5. Mention the post you are resigning from. ...
  6. Provide explanation for negotiating notice period. ...
  7. Do not forget to show gratitude. ...
  8. Finish with a signature.
Mar 29, 2022

How do you negotiate an early exit?

So in short, here's how you can negotiate an early exit from your notice period:
  1. Do it in person and be considerate of your current employer.
  2. Follow it up in writing including a planned leaving date.
  3. Check the number of holidays you have left and see if you can use this to reduce the length of your notice period.

How can I get relieving letter after termination?

How to Request a Relieving Letter After Resignation?
  1. Mention your tenure and reporting manager in your e-mail to the HR manager.
  2. Ask about any pending formalities from your side regarding the conclusion of your employment and if there are any, make sure to complete them within time to get your relieving letter.

How much should I offer in full and final settlement?

It depends on what you can afford, but you should offer equal amounts to each creditor as a full and final settlement. For example, if the lump sum you have is 75% of your total debt, you should offer each creditor 75% of the amount you owe them.

How much time does it take for full and final settlement?

According to the full and final settlement law in India know as per the Payment of Wages Act, the final settlement needs to be done within 2 days from the employee's last working day.

Is full and final settlement taxable?

Leave encashment received during service

Accumulated leave can either be encashed during service or at the time of retirement or resignation. Any leave encashed during service is fully taxable and forms part of 'income from Salary'.

What to say when you quit and your boss wants you to stay?

Make an effort to stay calm, and if your boss carries on, have a simple but final response planned. You can say: “I appreciate and understand your concerns about my departure, but my decision is final, and my last day will be [date]. Please let me know what I can do between now and then to make this transition easier.”

What to tell your boss when you quit?

What to Say When You Quit Your Job
  1. A Thank You for the Opportunity. ...
  2. An Explanation of Why You Are Leaving. ...
  3. An Offer to Help With the Transition. ...
  4. Appropriate Notice. ...
  5. The Date You Are Leaving. ...
  6. Have a plan for the following outcomes, and you won't be caught off guard:
  7. Be Prepared to Leave—Now.
Feb 14, 2021

What are the valid reasons for resignation?

5 reasons why employees resign - and how to stop them
  • Limited growth at the company. Professionals have a strong desire to grow at a company, and a lack of growth opportunities is one of two top reasons why employees leave a job. ...
  • Feeling underpaid. ...
  • No longer challenged. ...
  • Feeling undervalued. ...
  • Corporate culture no longer fits.

What happens if full and final settlement is not done?

Withholding of terminal benefits (payments due at the time of full and final settlement) by the company (employer) is illegal as well as unjustified. In case of delay, an employee can legally claim an appropriate interest upon the delayed payments.

What is mentioned in relieving letter?

Whereas the relieving letter is issued on the last day of employment with the organization to an employee after giving the last handover. It states that the member of staff has been relieved from all his roles being in the specific profile and has given the final handover letter to the concerned person.

Can we join without relieving letter?

If you do not get a proper relieving letter then if not here, there might arise an issue with the next organization that you would apply to as most of the good companies go in for a Background check and if you do not have a proper relieving letter form any previous employer then you would land up in problem.

Can company stop relieving letter?

Imp: If your appointment letter has a clause that either parties can compensate for not serving the notice period and if you have given your consent to compensate the company for not serving the notice period then the company cannot stop you from getting relieved legally.


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