The Best Pre-Law Schools To Consider (2023)

What are the best pre-law schools?

Those who intend to pursue a law degree would benefit tremendously from beginning their education with an undergraduate program at the best pre-law schools that emphasizes legal studies and the administration of justice.

In contrast to medical school, law schools do not require prospective students to fulfill a predetermined set of requirements before enrolling. Students are strongly encouraged to investigate the many different types of undergraduate degrees that can assist them in better comprehending the subfield of law that they would like to practice in the future.

There are a variety of pre-law programs available at many colleges. These programs allow students to investigate a variety of legal occupations while also assisting them in the application process for law school. Although it’s not easy, a legal degree is quite useful and may be applied to a variety of fields.

So, what are the best pre-law schools? We are going to talk about the 10 finest pre-law schools in the United States today. These schools provide students with educational resources, summer programs, and mentorships to assist those students who are interested in pursuing a legal career in the future.

Here is a list of the best schools in the United States for pre-law.

The University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

The University of California, Berkeley School of Law, which is ranked as one of the best law schools in 2021, is aware of the criteria that other law schools consider important while sorting through stacks of applications.

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Even though pre-law is not a degree, UC Berkeley provides an unending supply of resources as well as a team of advisors and professionals who help undergraduates with application methods, managing timetables, and insight into school alternatives. Pre-law is offered at UC Berkeley.

Additionally, the UC Berkeley Washington Program, the ASUC Legal Clinic, and JusticeCorps all provide opportunities for students to participate in internships.

Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

Cornell University provides students with a range of undergraduate degrees that not only prepare them for law school but also assist them in deciding which path they want to pursue after graduation.

Undergraduates who complete the rigorous coursework will graduate with a wealth of knowledge in global, environmental, and advocacy legislation. The degrees that can be earned include international studies, environmental science, and human development.

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The university provides several different summer programs, such as a Pre-Law Program and Internship in New York City that lasts for six weeks and a Cornell Defender Program that lasts for ten weeks and provides extensive instruction. The online teaching for this Defender program is provided by attorneys, judges, investigators, and service providers from all around the United States.

A group of counselors is made available to students to assist them in navigating the application process for law school and to offer helpful guidance on several potential legal career paths.

Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)

The ideas of renowned thought leaders have been nurtured at Harvard Law School (HLS), including those of several federal court judges, state governors, and even a former President of the United States named Barack Obama.

Undergraduate students at Harvard, one of the best pre-law schools in the country, have access to a variety of resources to assist them with the application process, including mentors, pre-law tutors, and career services.

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Juniors in college who are interested in applying to Harvard Law School are encouraged to do so during the spring semester of their junior year via the Junior Deferral Program. Students can defer their enrollment for up to two years following high school graduation if they are accepted to the program.

The Pforzheimer house on campus makes pre-law tutors available to students who need their assistance. In the past, the committee has served as a guide and advisor to first-year students and sophomores as they progressed through their academic careers, preparing them to begin the application process for law school as upperclassmen.

In addition, the University hosted educational sessions as well as workshops for those interested in the legal application procedure.

Yale University (New Haven, CT)

The pre-law tools offered by Yale University provide students with a wide variety of opportunities to learn about, experiment with, and become acquainted with the different facets of the legal system.

Students can cultivate their interests in the area by participating in the Yale Mock Trial Team, the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association, or the Moot Court Team, which are some of the many extracurricular activities available at Yale.

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Aspiring legal students at Yale who are interested in human rights can take advantage of Lawyers without Borders’ Student Division, which was established on campus thanks to the school’s close relationship with the organization.

To advance the cause of human justice, the student organization volunteers its time to collaborate with attorneys who provide free legal representation to underprivileged populations.

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

The University of Michigan is one of the best pre-law schools in the US. Students at the University of Michigan have the opportunity to put their legal knowledge to use through student-run organizations such as Wolverine Street Law, which educates communities on the legal rights of individuals.

Aspiring law students can also take advantage of the university’s student clubs, career centers, and advising seminars to gain access to a variety of resources that will assist them in determining whether or not a career in the legal field is right for them.

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Through the University Career Alumni Network, undergraduate students have the chance to observe practicing attorneys and search for internship programs through the opportunity hub at the University of Michigan. In addition to that, numerous student organizations are quite active.

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

The Law School Admissions Council is an organization that publishes informative resources regarding the arduous process of applying to law schools. Undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania have access to this group. The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) provides a variety of services, some of which include assistance in selecting an appropriate law school, preparation for the LSAT, and even more in-depth webinars.

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Aside from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), pre-law students at Penn have the opportunity to get involved in a large number of student-run organizations, such as the Penn Undergraduates for Refugee Empowerment and the Penn Youth Debate. Students will have the opportunity to study the various concentrations of law, ranging from social justice to juvenile justice systems while participating in either of these two groups.

Undergraduate students at Penn who are interested in pursuing a legal career can benefit greatly from participating in the John Marshall Pre-Law Honor Society. This society provides members with the opportunity to network with practicing lawyers, law school admissions officers, and other students with similar career goals.

The University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

Pre-law students who are interested in a career in the entertainment industry will find that UCLA is the ideal institution to attend. The university is also among the best pre-law schools in the country.

Lawyers who specialize in the entertainment and media industry are in high demand inside the city of Hollywood itself due to the ongoing need to represent high-profile clients, negotiate film rights, and work on legal issues that include athletes or the usage of athletic arenas.

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Students at UCLA are allowed to participate in a program called Law JumpStart, in which they are given the chance to learn from a panel of legal professionals.

To better prepare their students for the arduous process of applying to law school, the program provides instructive workshops on a variety of topics, such as how to effectively write a personal statement and how to research law schools.

Students are strongly encouraged by the pre-law advisors at the institution to enroll in the following classes to improve their chances of being accepted into law school: law and politics; international law; critical thinking principles and logic; and principles of legal reasoning.

Columbia University (New York, NY)

Undergraduate students at Columbia University have the opportunity to join the Columbia University Undergraduate Law Society, which provides students with access to information on how to apply to law school, the admissions process, and counseling on legal careers.

Students will have the ability to create their working ties and grow their network thanks to the network of practicing attorneys, law students, and educators that the program has access.

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18.4% of applicants are accepted into the private law school that is a members of the Ivy League. Pre-law students will find that Columbia Law School, which consistently ranks among the top five law schools in the United States, provides the ideal learning environment in which to connect with creative minds engaged in research and teaching in the subject.

The university offers a wide variety of degrees to choose from, such as Sustainable Development, Sociology, and Political Science, all of which help study the fundamentals of public policy, environmental law, and criminal justice systems.

Georgetown University (Washington, DC)

The nation’s capital, Washington, DC, is considered by many to be the epicenter of the American judicial system. The Library of Congress, the District of Columbia Courts, and the White House are all within walking distance, providing students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic and ever-changing world of politics.

Undergraduate students at Georgetown University have access to pre-law resources such as advising, preparation for the LSAT, and workshops through the Cawley Career Education Center.

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Undergraduates at Georgetown University, where the general admittance rate is just 12%, will already be accustomed to the intense and difficult course study that will prepare them for the demands of law school because the school has such a low acceptance rate.

Georgetown University, one of the best pre-law schools in the country, offers a bachelor’s degree in International Politics, Global Business, and International Economics to students who are interested in studying international relations and foreign policies. Because of this, students who enroll in this program receive a comprehensive introduction to the study of international law.

University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Students at the University of Chicago have access to a wealth of tools that might help them assess whether or not a career in law is the right choice for them. Undergraduate students can receive one-on-one advising through the Careers in Law program, as well as access to workshops, highlighted panel discussions, and a listing of internship opportunities connected to the legal industry.

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The institution provides a one-year program called Law & Politics for rising second-, third-, and fourth-year students who are interested in continuing their education in legal studies at the graduate level. Students who choose to pursue this path will be provided with specialist counseling, professional field mentoring, and the opportunity to take specialized classes.

The University of Chicago also offers a program known as the Rising Attorneys Program, which is designed to assist potential law students who come from families with modest incomes or backgrounds that are underrepresented in the legal profession.

Students who have already graduated from the University of Chicago or are seniors in their undergraduate program have the additional benefit of being able to apply for early decision to the University of Chicago Law School through the Chicago Law Scholars Program.

Duke University (Durham, NC)

Because there is no such thing as a pre-law degree, the University leads students through a specialized process that assists them in acquiring the hard and soft skills necessary for success in law school. Some of these talents include mediation, research, and negotiation.

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Students enrolled in one of Duke University’s many mentorship programs, such as the Bench and Bar undergraduate pre-law organization, have the opportunity to be matched up with a Duke University School of Law alum. Students are encouraged to grasp the pre-law process and receive mentorship in a one-on-one setting through this one-of-a-kind program.

In addition, throughout the course of the academic year, the office of active pre-law advising hosts a variety of programs. These programs include mock admission panels, LSAT workshops, and informational sessions regarding the application process for law school. They reach out to law school admission officers, practicing lawyers, and LSAT prep companies through their network to invite them to speak to their pre-law students.

What are the best pre-law majors?

What are the best pre-law majors? Here’s a little-known fact: there is no undergraduate major that can guarantee admission to or rejection from law school. Additionally, there is no major that can guarantee success once you have been accepted. Your choice of major will not help you perform better on the LSAT or the bar exam, nor will it help you perform better in court.

In a nutshell, if you want to go to law school after you finish your undergraduate degree, you should select the major that is most aligned with your objectives and/or interests.

Having said that, certain majors are, without a doubt, more popular among those who eventually wind up attending law school.

Best Pre-law Majors

  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice
  • English
  • History
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Sociology

Should you major in pre-law?

Should you major in pre-law? If your college or university offers a pre-law major, you will gain knowledge about the law and the criminal justice system, as well as legal philosophy, writing, and the history of the law. In addition to developing your ability to think critically, you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the law.

You will have a greater understanding of how the legal education system operates, and you may also have an advantage on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) if you major in pre-law. Before making the decision to attend law school, deciding whether or not the legal profession is the correct path for you might be made easier by pursuing a pre-law major.

You can demonstrate your commitment to pursuing a career in law by majoring in pre-law, which can also facilitate the formation of relationships and the acquisition of faculty references.

However, pre-law is not a particularly popular choice of major among law school students; in fact, it is sometimes regarded as an “easy” major, if it is even considered a legitimate option at all.

Many of the best pre-law schools don’t even offer pre-law as a major; instead, students at these schools choose other majors that place a high emphasis on their ability to analyze, reason, and think critically. If you decide to pursue a degree in pre-law, it is critical that you do so at a college or university that is both intellectually challenging and has robust ties to various law schools.

You may find it easier to specialize in a subfield of law or select an area of practice that interests you if you have a degree in something other than pre-law. As a rule, the majority of academic advisors do not advise students to major in pre-law because the majority of law schools seek applicants with a diverse range of academic backgrounds for their incoming classes.

In addition, if you end up deciding that you do not want to go to law school, having a pre-law major could make it more challenging for you to establish yourself in a different industry.

AdmissionSight can assist you if you are interested in pursuing a pre-law major and are considering applying to one of the best pre-law schools.

We have more than ten years of expertise assisting students in navigating the tough admissions process to the greatest colleges in the globe. Consult with AdmissionSight and see what we can offer to make sure that you are well-prepared and knowledgeable enough to enter your choice of school.

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