The Globally Recognized Hedge Fund Certification Program (2022)

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The Globally Recognized Hedge Fund Certification Program (3)

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The Globally Recognized Hedge Fund Certification Program (5)

The Globally Recognized Hedge Fund Certification Program

The Globally Recognized Hedge Fund Certification Program. What is the CHP Designation?.

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The Globally Recognized Hedge Fund Certification Program (11)

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  1. The Globally Recognized Hedge Fund Certification Program

  2. What is the CHP Designation? The CHP Designation Program is a two level designation program for hedge fund professionals, service providers of hedge funds, and those who are seeking continuing education within the area of hedge funds. The CHP Designation Program is modeled after many online courses offered at Ivy League institutions. It is a self-study program with an exam that is administered 100% online. The exam must be completed in 2 hours, more than sufficient for those who have read the materials and taken advantage of our study guide and over 60 educational video resources. We offer a challenging program and provide the necessary learning tools to help ensure participants gain valuable niche hedge fund knowledge without having to pay for additional external study aides or tools. The CHP Designation is sponsored by the Hedge Fund Group (HFG), an industry networking association with global membership of over 40,000 individuals. This hedge fund certification program is designed for and by hedge fund professionals.

  3. CHP Designation Benefits • Advance your business or career by raising your level of hedge fund knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable and mastering the basics allows you to work more efficiently than your competitors. • 60+ Education Videos & Exclusive Access to Hedge Fund, providing you with video-based lectures, workbooks, career tools, HedgeCasts, and networking events ($324 value: all free with membership) • Add the CHP Designation to your resume, assuring employers that you are dedicated to working in the industry, passionate about learning more about the industry and able to work more efficiently after being promoted or hired. • Choose an area of focus for the Level 2 CHP Program and gain specialized knowledge within a niche of the industry that will help you move ahead faster. Knowing more means you are armed with information to better decisions on the job and in general while navigating your career or the growth of your hedge fund business. • Speak the language.Earning the CHP Designation assures that you can attend conferences, interviews and other networking events while being able to contribute to conversations and understand discussions about current events or trends within the industry.

  4. CHP Level 1 provides participants a broad foundation of knowledge that will allow them to gain specialized training in the hedge fund industry. While nothing can replace years of industry experience, the program aims to increase the breadth of knowledge that current industry professionals hold in addition, to assisting those individuals transitioning into the hedge fund industry. Towards this end we have constructed the CHP Level 1 Exam to cover six modules that together, provide a strong base of industry knowledge. CHP Level 2 allows participants to gain specialized knowledge in a single area of the hedge fund industry. These include due diligence, marketing & sales, or analytics. CHP Program participants are not required to complete both levels of the program, however, many opt for the dual certification. This specialized training can be applied to many types of hedge fund jobs and career paths. Opportunities exist in areas such as wealth management due diligence on hedge funds, fund of hedge fund management, third party marketing, hedge fund compliance/legal work, and employment in a hedge fund as an analyst, trader, associate or portfolio manager.

  5. Study Materials • Our team provides video-based educational content and workbooks to help with preparation for the exam. All CHP members get 12 months free access to and a lifetime 70% discount off the normal subscription price($327 value) • Required readings for each level of the CHP Program can be found at • In addition to these readings our firm provides a PDF-based study guide through our website: • Our team is made up of hedge fund professionals. We are here as a resource to you. We can help answer reading-related questions, career related questions, resume related questions, or hedge fund startup related challenges. • For additional readings and more than 100 free hedge fund videos please see

  6. Quotes Testimonial #1: Andy R. | Hedge Fund Manager As a former Hedge Fund manager, looking to launch a new fund in the next year, I was intrigued by the prospect of increasing my knowledge and understanding of a variety of platforms, strategies, and new regulations that are likely to come through the CHP. I believe that this designation is a long overdue way to separate the wheat from the chaff in an industry that, while currently in a down cycle, will remain as an integral component for financial planning and asset allocation in the future. Testimonial #2: Hedge Fund Manager (Partner) "Among the critical reasons I joined a hedge fund are the minimization of bureaucracy, an innovation-friendly environment, and the community of intellectual and self-motivated individuals. To me, the Hedge Fund Group and now the CHP designation embody these principles and will come to represent a unique brand of individuals in the hedge fund space.“

  7. Quotes Continued Testimonial #3: Marc Oliver I have over 20+ years in the financial market industry with 15 securities licenses as well as other designation which includes FINRA Arbitration/ Mediation Panelist. Additionally, I am or have been a member of various industry related regulatory groups. Most notably, I have been on the Regulatory/ Compliance side in the financial Market for the last 11 years, having even served as Head of Compliance, with an emphasis towards providing regulatory oversight for trade compliance (Listed/ NASDAQ/ Program Trading). My objective going forward is to focus on Hedge Fund Compliance oversight and though I am currently pursuing my Juris Doctorate I believe that the CHP designation would give the proper foundation as well professional accreditation coupled with my current investment advisory experience for such a career transition. Testimonial #4: Dominic Di Bernardo - Student I am taking this hedge fund certification program to expand my knowledge base of the hedge fund industry (There is little learned in school about this industry). I also believe that this designation will give me an edge over others trying to enter the industry. And lastly I believe that I will be able to gain valuable contacts through this programs website, other designation candidates, and anyone else that stands behind this designation.

  8. Tuition for the CHP Designation Program • CHP Level 1 Tuition: $775 • CHP Level 2 Tuition: $670 • CHP Level 1 & Level 2 Combination Package: $975 (Separately $1,450) We typically provide 6 month payment plans. Figures above include free access to Hedge Fund Premium Video content, but not the cost of required readings which are found on Bulk Registration & Enterprise Training Solutions Please note that we do provide group discounts for the registration of 3, 5, 10, or 15+ professionals. We also have platform and long-term enterprise level hedge fund training solutions to broker-dealers, RIA’s, and investment banks.

  9. FAQ Question:What makes the CHP designation different from other professional designations? Answer: There are three main differences, which include focus, application and price. • The CHP is focused exclusively on hedge funds and fund of hedge funds. It is in-depth and comprehensive coverage of this niche area. • The CHP Program offers practical knowledge that can easily be applied to a variety of hedge fund positions such as due diligence, compliance, analytics, consulting, or marketing and sales. • The CHP Level 1 Program costs just $775, which is significantly less than other financial designations. We provide over 50 educational videos to participants for free, require no purchasing of expensive external study aides, and we complete all of our required testing 100% online so you avoid the hassle and costs of dealing with testing centers. Read more about how CHP Program participants have fit this designation into their overall career plans by clicking here. Question: I live outside of the United States, can I still earn the CHP designation? Answer: Yes, we have crafted the CHP designation program so that you may take the test online from anywhere in the world. We have had participants from over 30 countries complete our program.

  10. FAQ Continued Question:What score do I need to pass the exam? Answer: To pass you must earn a grade of 80% or higher. While the exam is designed to be rigorous and thorough most individuals who have read the required readings and invested a significant amount of time studying for the test should do well. Question:I have read that the CHP is a rigorous and thorough course, what happens if I do not pass the exam? Can I take it again? Answer: Yes, anyone who has failed one of the CHP exams may take it a second time, after a 3 month waiting period. There is a $127 fee to retake the exam if you missed your exam date or failed the exam. Question:Is there a time requirement on completing both levels of the designation? Answer: No, there is no time requirement. You may list the CHP Designation Charter Holder on your resume after passing the Level 1 exam but you must state that you are a CHP Level 1 Chartered Holder so there is no confusion with those who have completed both levels of the program..

  11. About Us The CHP Designation is sponsored by the Hedge Fund Group (HFG), a global networking association with over 40,000 professional members. In 2008 the program had a total of 70 participants, in 2009 we served over 400 participants, in 2010 we again served over 400 participants, and in 2011 we hope to serve over 500 participants. The CHP Designation was created because every other financial designation is focused primarily on risk management or analytics. These are important functions within the industry but there are over 30 types of positions within the industry and only a few of these have the central function of analytics or risk management. What they all require however is a deep fundamental understanding of how hedge funds operate and how they are evolving over time. This is what the CHP Designation delivers, a practical training program for those who wish to gain specialized knowledge on hedge funds. Contact Us: Hedge Fund Group (HFG) 3300 SW 185th Avenue Suite #108 Portland, Oregon 97229 212-729-5067

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