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Top 10 Jobs In Demand In Canada in 2024 & Beyond - Lighthouse Labs (1)

If you’re considering changing careers, you might be wondering, what jobs are in high demand in Canada? The pandemic changed the job market overnight, affecting a wide range of industries from tech to production and manufacturing. Canada's job market is radically different than it was pre-2020.

In this article, you'll learn about the most in-demand jobs in Canada, as well as the relevant skills and average pay for each career. According to Randstad, “Job seekers will find that these top jobs and trending skills will be in demand throughout 2023, offering job seekers security and stability in uncertain times.”

Additionally, we take the breakdown a step further and look at projections for jobs in demand in Canada based on employment trends. To get an idea of just how in-demand these jobs are, we tally up how many open positions for these job titles were listed on Indeed in each province and note the demand for each role. You can imagine that with staffing firms, other job board sites, and some companies only advertising positions on their website, there are potentially even more job postings than what’s currently listed on Indeed.

Here are the top 10 jobs in demand in Canada:

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  1. Developer
  2. HR Manager
  3. Mechanical Engineer
  4. Welder
  5. Accounting Technician
  6. Registered Nurse
  7. Warehouse Worker
  8. Customer Service Representative
  9. Driver
  10. Sales Associate

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1. Developer

With so many companies transitioning online, it’s no surprise that developer jobs are one of the most in demand jobs in Canada. The average salary of a developer in Canada is $78,000 per year and the average starting salary is $53,217 per year. The market is full of job opportunities for developers to launch a promising career with potential job growth in the foreseeable future.

Open Positions: There are 8,395 developer jobs open across Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Greater Toronto Area

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2. HR Manager

Ever since the pandemic days, the shortages for HR Managers have unfortuneately continued. Businesses are taking on new challenges like budget constraints, the coming skills gap, and worker expectations. These challenges steered HR departments into new territory, adoptying new workplace practices and protocols including remote and hybrid options. These trends are expected to continue meaning that the need for HR managers isn't going away any time soon.

Open Positions: There are currently over 760 open jobs for HR Managers in Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Greater Toronto Area

3. Mechanical Engineer

Like many sectors, there is a shortage of mechanical engineers. With the renewable energy sector gaining speed, the need for those with these skills is on the rise. One advantage of having a background in mechancial engineering is that you're not limited to one area; the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and biomedical sectors are potential job options for you.

Open Positions: There are nearly 2,018 open mechanical engineering jobs open across Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Northern Alberta

4. Welder

Welders are in demand as many different industries need them. Anywhere there needs to be two joints solidly moulded together, welders are needed, including construction, industrial maintenance, and manufacturing.

Open Positions: There are nearly 3,500 welding jobs open across Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Alberta and Northwest Territories as well as larger cities across the country due to demand

5. Accounting Technician

There is a significant need for accounting technicians across Canada. Accounting is so in demand that it is a part of the Canadian immigration Express Entry System, meaning accountants overseas can use that system as an express entry into Canada.

Open Positions: There are nearly 322 accounting technician jobs open across Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Calgary and Vancouver

6. Registered Nurse

One of the most vital roles in our society, there is an unfortunate shortage of registered nurses just about every year. They work in hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, schools, government agencies, home health offices, nursing homes, and many other areas meaning the demand is always high. They are critical to saving lives and providing daily services to millions of Canadians.

Open Positions: There are currently 12,793 registered nursing positions in Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Quebec

7. Warehouse Worker

Top 10 Jobs In Demand In Canada in 2024 & Beyond - Lighthouse Labs (3)

Along with essential retail clerks and supply chain specialists, warehouse workers are desperately needed right now. In order to distribute products ordered online, warehouse workers are needed in full-force. There are thousands of openings for order pickers, forklift operators, truck drivers, packers, and other warehouse positions.

Open Positions: There are 13,380 warehouse positions open right now.

Best Salary Outlook: New Brunswick

8. Customer Service Representative

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed customer service job openings to the top of the list. Consumers cancelling plans and needing refunds or simply getting answers to a company’s COVID protocol had support lines receiving record calls in 2020 and early 2021. While some of the confusion may have died down now, customer service representatives are still in high-demand. Many companies have closed their storefronts, reduced them, or simply moved to fully virtual operations. Plus, many call centre positions are remote so you can work from anywhere.

Open Positions: There are 5,938 open customer service representative positions across Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Yukon and British Colombia

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9. Driver

Top 10 Jobs In Demand In Canada in 2024 & Beyond - Lighthouse Labs (4)

Social distancing also had a major effect on restaurants and retail stores. They had to change how they operate quickly to adapt with the different COVID safety guidelines and online shopping landscape. With this came a surge in demand for delivery drivers. Last mile delivery, long haul truck drivers, and food delivery drivers are currently in high demand. Delivery applications and B2B delivery logistics companies’ hiring trends are also on the rise.

Open Positions: There are nearly 6,500 delivery driver positions currently open across Canada.

Best Salary Outlook: Greater Toronto Area, Milton, Mississauga, and Durham region, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

10. Sales Associate

During the pandemic, essential retail stores were struggling to stay staffed. As the restrictions were slowly lifted, there was a rush of consumers needing to make purchases they’d put off during the lockdowns and as a result there is now an increased demand for sales associates in many stores nationwide.

Open Positions: There are currently close to 15,000 postings for this position across the country.

Best Salary Outlook: Alberta and Manitoba

What is the fastest growing industry in Canada?

The fastest growing industries in Canada are the ones that adapted well to the post-pandemic work landscape. With rising costs of living and changing demands from employees, these sectors changed course quickly and are predicted to continue growing well into the next few years.

  • Information Technology
  • Health Care
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Construction

Looking at tech specifically, these are the top-8 most in-demand jobs in 2022 as e-commerce and our reliance on software and databases skyrockets and tech companies seek out skilled workers:

  1. Developer/programmer
  2. Business system analyst administrator
  3. Data analyst/scientist
  4. Quality assurance analyst
  5. Security analyst/architect
  6. Cloud architect
  7. IT project manager
  8. Network engineer

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What job shortages are their in Canada?

Accordin to Statistics Canada, there is a 36.9% worker shortage across all industries. The top industries in need of employees are construction (49.5%), manufacturing (47.4%), and accomodation and food services (46.3%); all industries that include tech roles.

What jobs will be in high demand in Canada?

Based on the past year’s most in-demand jobs and the fastest growing sectors, it’s predicted that these roles will continue to grow in Canada:

  • Data-related careers
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Analyst
    • Business Systems Analyst
  • Risk Managers
  • Technical Lead
  • Dietician
  • Android Developer
  • Delivery Manager
  • Director of Culture & People
  • R&D Engineer

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Top 10 Jobs In Demand In Canada in 2024 & Beyond - Lighthouse Labs (2024)
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