Top 100 Largest Corporate Pension Rankings by Total Assets (2024)

1.Norske Shell Pensjonskasse$104,495,000,000Corporate PensionEurope2.Shell Asset Management Company B.V.$104,495,000,000Corporate PensionEurope3.IBM Retirement Funds$91,831,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America4.BT Pension Scheme$84,996,567,600Corporate PensionEurope5.Ericsson Inc Retirement Plan$81,355,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America6.Royal Bank of Scotland Group Pension Fund$78,197,368,400Corporate PensionEurope7.The Hartford Pension Plan$76,578,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America8.NatWest Group Pension Fund$73,936,400,000Corporate PensionEurope9.Boeing Company Employee Retirement Plans$67,813,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America10.Raytheon Master Pension Trust$63,323,000,000Corporate PensionNorth America11.UAW Retiree Medical Benefits TrustCorporate PensionNorth America12.General Electric Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America13.Entergy Corporation Retirement Plan For Bargaining EmployeesCorporate PensionNorth America14.UPS Plan Investments GroupCorporate PensionNorth America15.SBC Master Pension TrustCorporate PensionNorth America16.URS Defined Benefit PlanCorporate PensionNorth America17.Ford Motor Company Defined Benefit Master TrustCorporate PensionNorth America18.General Motors Hourly-Rate Employees Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America19.Saudi Aramco Investment Management CompanyCorporate PensionMiddle East20.JPMorgan Chase 401(k) Savings Plan Corporate PensionNorth America21.Israel Electric Corporation Central Provident FundCorporate PensionMiddle East22.Accenture U.S. Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America23.ExxonMobil Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America24.Mobil Corporation PensionCorporate PensionNorth America25.Northrop Grumman Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America26.Lockheed Martin Investment Management CompanyCorporate PensionNorth America27.Barclays Pension FundCorporate PensionEurope28.Stryker Corporation Master TrustCorporate PensionNorth America29.Siemens Gesellschaften PKCorporate PensionEurope30.FedEx Employees Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America31.BAE Systems PensionsCorporate PensionEurope32.United Technologies Corporation Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America33.British Airways Pensions Investment Management LtdCorporate PensionEurope34.Stichting Pensioenfonds PGBCorporate PensionEurope35.Honeywell International Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America36.Fundação Petrobras de Seguridade SocialCorporate PensionLatin America37.Dow Corning Corp. PensionCorporate PensionNorth America38.Dow Employees Pension Plan TrustCorporate PensionNorth America39.Blue Sky GroupCorporate PensionEurope40.Air Canada Pension InvestmentsCorporate PensionNorth America41.MIO PartnersCorporate PensionNorth America42.Costco Wholesale Corporation PensionCorporate PensionNorth America43.Citigroup Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America44.Marsh & McLennan Companies Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America45.AG2R La Mondiale RetraiteCorporate PensionEurope46.BASF Corporation Salaried Employees Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America47.Credit Suisse Group PensionCorporate PensionEurope48.Novartis Corporation PensionCorporate PensionNorth America49.Pension Funds NovartisCorporate PensionEurope50.Bank of America Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America51.PG&E Corporation Stable Value Fund Pooled TrustCorporate PensionNorth America52.Sysco Corporation Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America53.Intel 401(k) Savings PlanCorporate PensionNorth America54.Exelon Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America55.Halliburton Company PensionCorporate PensionNorth America56.PepsiCo Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America57.Mitsubishi Corporation Pension FundCorporate PensionAsia58.Norsk Hydros PensjonskasseCorporate PensionEurope59.Stichting Philips PensioenfondsCorporate PensionEurope60.Verizon Investment Management CorporationCorporate PensionNorth America61.Delta Air Lines Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America62.Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology PlanCorporate PensionNorth America63.General Motors Retirement Program For Salaried EmployeesCorporate PensionNorth America64.Walt Disney Company Retirement Plan Master TrustCorporate PensionNorth America65.BBC Pension TrustCorporate PensionEurope66.Consolidated Edison Co. of New York Inc.Corporate PensionNorth America67.Consolidated Edison Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America68.Shell Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America69.Berkshire Hathaway Consolidated Pension Plan Corporate PensionNorth America70.General Re Corp. PensionCorporate PensionNorth America71.National Grid UK Pension SchemeCorporate PensionEurope72.Rio Tinto Pension Investments LimitedCorporate PensionEurope73.Caterpillar Inc Retirement Income PlanCorporate PensionNorth America74.Southern Company Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America75.John Deere Pension TrustCorporate PensionNorth America76.3M Investment Management CorporationCorporate PensionNorth America77.Pensionskasse SBBCorporate PensionEurope78.Tesco PLC Pension SchemeCorporate PensionEurope79.Eli Lilly Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America80.Volvo Car Group Investment ManagementCorporate PensionEurope81.Schlumberger Ltd. PensionCorporate PensionNorth America82.Textron Master Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America83.Truist Financial Corp Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America84.Johnson & Johnson Savings Plan TrustCorporate PensionNorth America85.Prudential Employee Savings PlanCorporate PensionNorth America86.Airbus Group Pension TrustCorporate PensionEurope87.General Dynamics Corporation Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America88.Hewlett Packard Enterprise Pension PlansCorporate PensionNorth America89.American Airlines Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America90.Teledyne IncorporatedCorporate PensionNorth America91.Santander UK Group Pension SchemeCorporate PensionEurope92.Abbott Laboratories Annuity Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America93.Merck Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America94.Procter & Gamble Master Retirement PlanCorporate PensionNorth America95.Hoffmann-La Roche AG Pension FundCorporate PensionEurope96.HP Inc. Master TrustCorporate PensionNorth America97.Medtronic Inc PensionCorporate PensionNorth America98.Panasonic Holdings Corporation Pension FundCorporate PensionAsia99.First American Financial Corporation Pension PlanCorporate PensionNorth America100.Home Depot FuturebuilderCorporate PensionNorth America
Top 100 Largest Corporate Pension Rankings by Total Assets (2024)


What is the largest pension fund by assets? ›

The Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan (GPIF) remains the largest pension fund, and tops the table with assets of 1.4 trillion dollars. It has held the top spot since 2002. Meanwhile, the Employees' Provident Fund of India joins as the only new participant among the top 20 funds of 2022.

What is the largest pension fund in us? ›

In a bold step tailored to meet the existential challenges and colossal financial risks of a warming climate and harness the massive opportunities of the shift to a new clean economy, California Public Employees' Retirement System, the largest public pension fund in the U.S. managing $446 billion, announced plans to ...

What is the world's 12th largest pension fund? ›

Established in 1951, EPF is the 12th largest pension fund in the world with 15.72 million members and total assets of about 1 trillion ringgit, its 2022 annual report said.

Who has the best pension fund system in the world? ›

The Netherlands is top of the class when it comes to comparing pension systems around the world, according to a recent global pensions report from the Mercer CFA Institute. The ranking looked at more than 50 indicators and compared 47 retirement income systems, covering 64% of the world's population.

What are the total assets of pension funds? ›

As of the fourth quarter of 2023 (December 31st), aggregate public pension assets were $5.99 trillion, an increase of 7.9 percent from the $5.56 trillion reported for the prior quarter. This value is higher than the same quarter one year ago by some $438 billion, or 10.5 percent.

Which fund has the most assets? ›

  • Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTSAX) Assets under management: $1.3 trillion (as of Feb. ...
  • Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral Shares (VFIAX) Assets under management: $808.8 billion (as of Feb. ...
  • Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Admiral Shares (VTIAX) ...
  • Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX)

What is the second largest pension in the United States? ›

CalSTRS, the California State Teachers' Retirement System, is the largest teachers' retirement system and second largest public pension fund in the nation.

What is the average pension size in the US? ›

The average monthly retirement income adjusted for inflation in 2023 is $4,381.25, according to a 2022 U.S. Census Bureau report. The average annual income for adults 65 and older in 2023 is $75,254 – or $83,085 when adjusted for inflation.

What is the average pension in the US? ›

Retirement Income Varies Widely By State
StateAverage Retirement Income
47 more rows
Oct 30, 2023

What is the largest single fund in the world? ›

The so-called Government Pension Fund Global, the world's largest sovereign wealth fund, said it had a value of 17.7 trillion kroner ($1.6 trillion) at the end of the March.

What is Japan's largest pension fund? ›

The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) of Japan, the world's largest pension fund by assets under management on several different rankings, said it is looking for “basic information” on illiquid assets other than those in which it already invests.

Which Sweden's biggest pension fund loses $2 billion in US bank crisis? ›

Sweden's largest pension fund, Alecta, is facing losses of almost $2 billion as a result of a failed investment strategy that made it one of the biggest shareholders in two collapsed US banks and another that is embroiled in the ongoing banking crisis.

What is the best company pension? ›

What are the best workplace pensions?
  • NEST.
  • People's Pension.
  • Smart Pension.
  • Aviva.
  • NOW: Pensions.
  • Royal London.
  • Cushon.
  • Aegon.
Oct 3, 2023

What state has the best pension system? ›

Best States For Pensions
  1. Idaho. 2021 Unfunded Liabilities: $29,276,256,967.
  2. Washington. 2021 Unfunded Liabilities: $1657,432,460,443. ...
  3. New York. 2021 Unfunded Liabilities: $508,708,887,680. ...
  4. Oklahoma. 2021 Unfunded Liabilities: $80,636,914,666. ...
  5. Utah. 2021 Unfunded Liabilities: $55,458,770,068. ...
  6. North Carolina. ...
  7. Florida. ...
  8. Indiana. ...
Jan 16, 2024

Which country has the best Social Security? ›

Although the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg and Denmark are overall the best performers on social security, it does not mean that they are in the top four on each indicator. As for poverty issues, Luxembourg performs well, with just 5% of the population living below the poverty line in 2011 (Figure 1).

Is CalPERS the largest pension fund in the world? ›

CalPERS is the nation's largest public pension fund with investments in both domestic and international markets.

What are most pension funds invested in? ›

Until relatively recently, pensions funds invested primarily in stocks and bonds, often using a liability-matching strategy. Today, they increasingly invest in a variety of asset classes including private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and securities like gold that can hedge inflation.

What is the second largest pension fund in the US? ›

The California State Teachers' Retirement System was established by law in 1913 to provide retirement benefits to California's public school educators from prekindergarten through community college. Today, CalSTRS is the largest educator-only pension fund in the world, and the second largest pension fund in the U.S.

What is the second largest pension fund in the United States? ›

The P&I 1,000 largest U.S. retirement funds: 2022
1Federal Retirement Thrift$774,176
2California Public Employees$496,820
3California State Teachers$313,940
4New York State Common$267,756
77 more rows

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