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  • Transfers to QIBs The following provisions shall apply with respect to the registration of any proposed transfer of a Note constituting a Restricted Security to a QIB (excluding transfers to Non-U.S. Persons):

  • Transfers to Affiliates Provided that no Event of Default exists under this Lease, Tenant may, without Landlord's consent, assign or sublet all or a portion of this Lease or the Premises to an Affiliate if (a) Tenant notifies Landlord at least 30 days prior to such Transfer; (b) Tenant delivers to Landlord, at the time of Tenant's notice, current financial statements of Tenant and the proposed transferee; and (c) the transferee assumes and agrees in a writing reasonably acceptable to Landlord to perform Tenant's obligations under this Lease and to observe all terms and conditions of this Lease. A Transfer to an Affiliate does not release Tenant from any liability or obligation under this Lease. Landlord's rights under Section 13.1 to recapture or share in any profit Tenant receives from a Transfer do not apply to any Transfer this Section 13.4

  • Transfers, etc (a) The Company will maintain a register containing the name and address of the Registered Holder of this Warrant. The Registered Holder may change its or his address as shown on the warrant register by written notice to the Company requesting such change.

  • Transfers and Withdrawals 44 Section 11.1 Transfer..........................................................................44 Section 11.2 Transfers of Partnership Interests of General Partners............................44 Section 11.3 Limited Partners' Rights to Transfer..............................................45 Section 11.4

  • Transfers to Non-U.S. Persons The following provisions shall apply with respect to the registration of any proposed transfer of a Note that is a Restricted Security to any Non-U.S. Person: The Note Registrar shall register such transfer if it complies with all other applicable requirements of this Indenture (including Section 305) and,

  • Transfers to Permitted Transferees Prior to the transfer of Units to a Permitted Transferee (other than a transfer in connection with or subsequent to a Sale of the Company), the Executive shall deliver to Investors a written agreement of the proposed transferee (a) evidencing such Person's undertaking to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and (b) acknowledging that the Units transferred to such Person will continue to be Units for purposes of this Agreement in the hands of such Person. Any transfer or attempted transfer of Units in violation of any provision of this Agreement or the Securityholders Agreement shall be void, and Investors shall not record such transfer on its books or treat any purported transferee of such Units as the owner of such Units for any purpose.

  • Permitted Withdrawals and Transfers from the Distribution Account (a) The Trustee will, from time to time on demand of the Master Servicer or the Securities Administrator, make or cause to be made such withdrawals or transfers from the Distribution Account as the Master Servicer has designated for such transfer or withdrawal pursuant to this Agreement and the Servicing Agreements or as the Securities Administrator has instructed hereunder for the following purposes (limited in the case of amounts due the Master Servicer to those not withdrawn from the Master Servicer Collection Account in accordance with the terms of this Agreement):

  • Transfers by Members No holder of Units shall Transfer any interest in any Units, except Transfers (a) pursuant to and in accordance with Sections 10.02 and 10.09 or (b) approved in advance and in writing by the Manager, in the case of Transfers by any Member other than the Manager, or (c) in the case of Transfers by the Manager, to any Person who succeeds to the Manager in accordance with Section 6.04. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Transfer” shall not include (i) an event that terminates the existence of a Member for income tax purposes (including, without limitation, a change in entity classification of a Member under Treasury Regulations Section 301.7701-3, a sale of assets by, or liquidation of, a Member pursuant to an election under Code Sections 336 or 338, or merger, severance, or allocation within a trust or among sub-trusts of a trust that is a Member), but that does not terminate the existence of such Member under applicable state Law (or, in the case of a trust that is a Member, does not terminate the trusteeship of the fiduciaries under such trust with respect to all the Units of such trust that is a Member) or (ii) any indirect Transfer of Units held by the Manager by virtue of any Transfer of Equity Securities in the Corporation.

  • Transfers to Non-U S. Persons at Any Time. The following provisions shall apply with respect to any transfer of a Note to a Non-U.S. Person:

  • Transfers Generally Tenant shall not assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge, hypothecate, encumber or otherwise transfer this Lease or any interest therein, nor sublease the whole or any part of the Leased Premises, nor shall this Lease or any interest hereunder be assignable or transferable by any process or proceeding of any court, or otherwise (each of the foregoing being a "Transfer"), without in each case first obtaining the prior written consent of Landlord, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned. Any such Transfer or transaction undertaken without Landlord's prior written consent shall be null and void. In determining whether to grant consent to a proposed Transfer, Landlord may reasonably consider any relevant factor, including but not limited to the experience and business reputation of the proposed assignee, sublessee, or transferee in operating its business; whether the use of the Leased Premises following the Transfer is similar to that of Tenant, or otherwise reasonably satisfactory to Landlord and appropriate for a first-class high rise office building in the Bellevue Central Business District; whether the other party to the proposed Transfer is a person with whom Landlord is presently negotiating for a lease of space in the Building or in any other building owned by an Affiliate of Landlord; whether the other party to the proposed Transfer is a governmental agency or any party by whom any suit or action could be defended on the ground of sovereign immunity; notwithstanding that Tenant and/or others remain liable under the Lease, whether the proposed assignee, sublessee, or transferee has a net worth, and financial strength and credit record, satisfactory to Landlord (provided that if the financial condition of the proposed assignee, sublessee, or transferee is at least equal to the net worth of Tenant or Guarantor (whichever is greater) at the time of this Lease it shall be satisfactory to Landlord); whether use of the Leased Premises by the proposed assignee, sublessee, or transferee will not violate or create any potential violation of any laws; whether the type and quality of the business to be operated or likely to be operated by the proposed assignee, sublessee, or transferee is consistent with the image of a first-class office building and whether it would be considered inappropriate for such an office building (provided that Tenant's use is deemed to be an appropriate use and business); and whether Landlord's consent might result in a breach of any other lease or agreement to which Landlord is a party. No Transfer shall relieve Tenant or Guarantor of any liability under this Lease or Guarantee of Lease. A Transfer includes, without limitation (and the following shall be deemed to be deemed a "Transfer"): (i) a consolidation or merger of Tenant; (ii) a change in the ownership or voting rights of more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the issued and outstanding stock of any corporate tenant; (iii) any sublease, assignment or transfer which would otherwise occur by operation of law, merger, consolidation, reorganization, transfer or other significant change in corporate or proprietary structure; (iv) the sale, assignment or transfer of all or substantially all of the assets of Tenant, with or without the specific assignment of this Lease; and (v) a change in control in any partnership tenant; provided, however, the foregoing shall not be considered Transfers requiring Landlord's consent so long as Tenant or Guarantor is an entity whose outstanding stock is listed on a recognized security exchange, or if at least 80% of the voting stock of Tenant or Guarantor is owned by another entity, the voting stock of which is so listed. The acceptance by Landlord of any amounts following any transaction prohibited hereunder shall not be deemed to be a consent by Landlord nor shall the same be deemed to be a waiver of any right or remedy of Landlord hereunder. Consent to any such Transfer shall not operate as a waiver of the necessity for consent to any subsequent Transfer. If Landlord's consent is requested for a Transfer, Landlord shall have the right to terminate this Lease with respect to that portion of the Leased Premises for which such consent is requested, at the proposed effective date of such assignment, sublease or transfer, and enter into the relationship of Landlord and Tenant with the proposed assignee, subtenant, or transferee based on the rent (and/or other compensation) and term agreed to by such assignee, subtenant or transferee and otherwise upon the terms and conditions of this Lease. In connection with any proposed Transfer, Tenant shall promptly provide Landlord with fully executed copies of all documents and instruments related to the proposed Transfer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord's prior consent to a Transfer to an Affiliate of Eddie Bauer, Inc. shall not be required provided: (i) the Transfer shall only be effective as long as the Affiliate receiving the Transfer is and at all times during the Lease Term remains an Affiliate of Eddie Bauer, Inc.; (ii) neither Tenant nor Guarantor is released or relieved of any liability or obligations under this Lease or the Guarantee of Lease, or both, and each expressly reaffirms the foregoing to Landlord in writing; (iii) Tenant is not in default under or in breach of this Lease; and (iv) Tenant notified Landlord in writing of the Transfer to an Affiliate at least ten (10) days prior to the Transfer.

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