10 Major Challenges In The Education System – C3 Oregon (2024)

Do you think that our existing educational system could benefit from reforms? Most would agree that there are still many areas of improvement because some of the challenges to our educational system are quite formidable. To resolve these challenges one needs to first identify the problem areas. Here are some of the key challenges that the current educational system appears to face:

10 Major Challenges In The Education System – C3 Oregon (1)
  1. Poor teacher-student ratio: The truth is in many countries, the number of students in a classroom is far more than what a teacher can handle. With budget cuts happening everywhere, schools are trying to accommodate more and more kids into a class. This can be extremely challenging for both the teacher and students because a single teacher cannot look into the problems faced by all students in his class.
  2. Family issues: A student’s ability to study will naturally be impacted by the environment in which he is growing up in. Factors like divorce, custody battles, domestic violence, poverty, unemployment, etc are bound to be challenging for a school-going kid.
  3. Poverty: This has to be one of the biggest problems facing our students today. According to a report by Technorati, almost 22% of children in the United States are below the poverty level, and in as many as 17 American states, the majority of students in public schools are filled with low-income students. These students who are either at the poverty level or below it are more likely to drop out of school.
  4. Technology: The widespread use of devices and accessibility to sophisticated technologies has now put teachers at a disadvantage. Students spend most of their time engaged in devices that distract them from schoolwork and if the teachers are not able to integrate technology and education in their classrooms, they cannot hold onto the students’ interest any longer. Moreover, with easy access to devices, students engage in activities like trading on platforms using automated trading tools such as immediate edge bot while continuing their education. Although this site allows everyone to make passive money from the crypto market, such activities might distract students. Schools which are running on tight budgets find it hard to invest in technologically-advanced devices.
  5. Bullying: This has always been a cause of concern for the education system and things are no different today. Incidentally, cyber bullying has now grown into a menace leading to increased number of suicides and depression.
  6. Student Behavior: Students’ disrespect for their teachers continues to be a major challenge for the schools of today; problems like absenteeism, apathy, and disregard for educationists are rather prominent at the secondary levels.
  7. Inclusiveness: In an attempt to make sure that no student is left lagging behind in class, there has been an increased pressure on teachers to make sure that every child is taught well. Student results are being used to determine the efficiency of a teacher and this has led to a stronger focus on testing.
  8. Parental involvement: The truth is while some parents prefer to be involved in their child’s life, others choose to stay away. At times, over-involvement by parents can lead to interference while at other times the lack of interest amongst parents makes it hard for teachers to help a student.
  9. Budget cuts: These have made it really challenging for schools to survive in recent times because when you have less funds at hand, you automatically have limited resources.
  10. Obesity: Student health has emerged as a key cause of concern for our educational system. Obesity, for instance, has grown into a huge threat in the US, and fault eating habits have been found to be largely responsible for poor student achievement. With obesity, risks of juvenile diabetes and blood pressure conditions also surface.
10 Major Challenges In The Education System – C3 Oregon (2024)


10 Major Challenges In The Education System – C3 Oregon? ›

Oregon received a score of 74.6, or a C average in the "chance for success" category. This was below the national average. The state's highest score was in "transitions and alignment" at 85.7, or a B average.

What are the three biggest issues in education today? ›

Four of the biggest problems facing education—and four trends that could make a difference
  • The learning crisis was made worse by COVID-19 school closures. ...
  • Countries are not paying enough attention to early childhood care and education (ECCE) ...
  • There is an inadequate supply of high-quality teachers.
Sep 12, 2023

Does Oregon have a good education system? ›

Oregon received a score of 74.6, or a C average in the "chance for success" category. This was below the national average. The state's highest score was in "transitions and alignment" at 85.7, or a B average.

What is the biggest problem facing education? ›

What are some of the key challenges facing educational planning today? 5 answersSome of the key challenges facing educational planning today include inadequate funding, shortage of academic staff, lack of infrastructure, poor research funding, and inadequate capacity development for educators.

What are the main obstacles to education? ›

And some barriers are created by the environment in which children live. Throughout the world, poverty is the most pervasive barrier to education and often exacerbates the other factors that keep children from attending school and learning. However, some of the other prevalent barriers include: Child labour.

What is one challenge currently facing US schools? ›

Teacher Shortages: A Looming Crisis

According to USA Today, almost 90 percent of public school districts struggled to hire teachers last year, with low salaries deterring many potential candidates. The National Center for Education Statistics conducted a monthly survey of over 1,300 K-12 schools.

What are the challenges teachers face in 2024? ›

In conclusion, teachers in 2024 are facing numerous challenges, including recruitment and retention, social-emotional needs of students, increasing demands on their time and workload, and the need to center student voice in learning.

What is the #1 school in Oregon? ›

Lake Oswego Senior High School

#1 Best Public High Schools in Oregon.

How does Oregon rank in education? ›

Oregon ranks 39th overall in return on investment (ROI) in education spending. Oregon spends the 24th-most per pupil among states, spending $15,523 in cost-of-living-adjusted terms annually. Oregon ranks 42nd in its combined fourth-grade and eighth-grade math and reading average NAEP score.

Is lack of education a big problem? ›

On the flip side, a lack of education has a disastrous effect for children, as well as their communities and countries. This isn't just a hypothetical, either. In 39 out of 99 countries, fewer than 50% of the poorest children have completed primary school.

Who had the biggest impact on education? ›

5 Educators Who Changed the World
  1. Horace Mann (1796-1859) Mann was an extraordinary person who lived and worked in the early years of the American republic. ...
  2. Margaret Bancroft (1854-1912) ...
  3. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) ...
  4. John Holt (1923-1985) ...
  5. Howard Gardner, (1943-
Feb 16, 2017

What is lack of education called? ›

backwardness illiteracy illiterateness lack of knowledge nescience unenlightenment unknowing. lack of education (noun as in ignorance)

How is education affected by poverty? ›

These factors often place more stress on a student, which can negatively impact the student's ability to succeed in a school. Students living in poverty often have fewer resources at home to complete homework, study, or engage in activities that helps equip them for success during the school day.

What is the problem with public education? ›

Declining test scores, widespread teacher shortages, and steadily increasing hostile behaviors like bullying and hate speech have all left their mark on public school students and teachers over the last few years. Many students, their families, and educators may be wondering what this new school year may bring.

Why are so many teachers quitting? ›

The #1 reason why teachers leave education is compensation. 48% of educators are planning on leaving the field due to compensation, while 42% have already left because of the same reason. Expectations are the second most common reason – 33% plan on leaving while 31% have left due to this reason.

What is the 2024 education reform? ›

The 2024 National Educational Technology Plan is a forward-thinking approach to reframing and realizing the potential of educational technology to enhance the instructional core, reduce achievement gaps, and improve student learning in our schools.

What legal issues do teachers face in today's school setting? ›

The four most important legal issues for you to keep in mind are:
  • Student records – protecting students' information;
  • Safety – for yourself and your students;
  • Copyright – making sure class materials are legally used and distributed; and.
  • Appropriate treatment of students.

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