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Have you heard about the 20m Rule? While some might say there is no such rule in place, the 20m Rule is defined as this: “if disabled people can walk more than just 20 metres, even using aids such as sticks, they will no longer qualify for the highest rate of the PIP mobility component benefit. If you are a Motability client, this is very important news and something that we should all be concerned with.

As we already know, Motability is a UK charity which oversees the Motability Scheme. This scheme is intended to enable disabled people, their families and their caretakers to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair, using their disability benefit. Many of the people who are Motability clients are now losing their eligibility for the scheme and they aren’t sure why exactly. In fact, almost 75,000 Motability clients who have moved from DLA to PIP, have already lost their eligibility.

Why This Is Happening

Why is this happening and what has gone wrong? To begin, those 75,000 Motability clients were getting the higher rate mobility part of DLA. To qualify for this rate, they would have to had filled out a form which included information about how far they could walk. While many other factors were considered for qualification, one of the major contributing factors was their ability to walk up to 50m.

When that claimant transferred from DLA to PIP, they suddenly lost their qualification for the Motability scheme. Why? The PIP form is different than the DLA form as it offers options as to how far the client can walk, less than 20m or 20-50m. Many clients who remembered the 50m rule, of course, selected that option. They now receive the standard rate. If they had selected the 20m rule option, they would have received both the enhanced rate and the Motability car. This means that they either drop to standard rate or worse still, nothing, and consequently they’ve had to leave the scheme.

What Can You Do?

How can you avoid making the same mistake almost 75,000 others have made? If you are transferring from DLA to PIP, contact a Motability expert who can give you the information and advice that you need to complete the form correctly.Likewise, if you have already done so and lost your Motability car, contact me on 03302234773 and let me help.

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| Benefit Answers (2024)
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