PIP claimants urged to claim 10 freebies that could save thousands (2024)

Typically, 19 conditions meet the DWP’s requirements for claiming PIP as well as Long-Covid which has recently been added.

These conditions include: malignant disease, skin disease, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, haematological disease and diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract.

In addition, respiratory disease, diseases of the immune system, musculoskeletal disease, autoimmune disease, genitourinary disease, endocrine disease, metabolic disease, neurological disease also qualify.

Britons might also be eligible for PIP is they suffer from visual disease, psychiatric disorders, multisystem and extremes of age and hearing disorders.

PIP claimants urged to claim 10 freebies that could save thousands (2024)
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