Finance Minister announces 2022 social grant increases (2024)

New grant for orphans announced in budget. Nearly one in two South Africans now receives a grant

| By Liezl Human Brief | South Africa

Minister of Finance Enoch Godongwana announced changes to social grants in Wednesday’s budget. Archive photo: Ashraf Hendricks

Minister of Finance Enoch Godongwana has announced increases to social grants which do not keep pace with inflation.

Godongwana said the funds allocated —- R58.6 billion in the medium term —- would “provide for inflationary increases” to permanent grants. But none of the grants will rise as much as the current inflation rate of 5.7% a year. And the Foster Care grant is going up by less than 2%.

Changes to grants this year:Finance Minister announces 2022 social grant increases (2)

  • The Care Dependency Grant will increase from R1,890 to R1,980 (in April) and then R1,990 (in October) (a 5.3% increase)
  • The Disability Grant will increase from R1,890 to R1,980 (in April) and then R1,990 (in October) (a 5.3% increase)
  • The War Veterans Grant will increase from R1,910 to R2,000 (in April) and then R2,010 (in October) (a 5.2% increase)
  • The Old Age Grant will increase from R1,890 to R1,980 (in April) and then R1,990 (in October) (a 5.3% increase. And for people older than 75 years the grant will increase from R1,910 to R2,000 (in April) and then R2,010 (in October) (a 5.2% increase)
  • The Foster Care grant will increase from R1,050 to R1,070 (a 1.9% increase)
  • The Child Support Grant will increase from R460 to R480 (a 4.3% increase)

Godongwana also announced a new social grant, the Extended Child Support Grant, for double orphans, “to encourage the care of orphans within families rather than foster care”.

And he confirmed that the R350 Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant will be extended for another 12 months. This will cost R44 billion.

The Old Age, War Veterans, Disability, and Care Dependence grants will increase by R90 in April and a further R10 in October. The Foster Care and Child Support grants will increase once-off by R20 in April.

Nearly one in two South Africans (46%) now receive social grants, Godongwana said.

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Write a letter in response to this article


Dear Editor

I would like to make a plea for SASSA grant recipients. With the rising cost of petrol/diesel and food prices, how are the recipients of the SASSA grants supposed to make a living? The minimum salary for any worker is R3,500-R4,000 and the people cannot cope with that little money. How are the recipients of SASSA grants supposed to live?

Rienie Roberts
28 Mar 2022

Cost of living is spiking. How are we to survive with an extra R20?

Dear Editor

I feel that is so bad for child grant money to be going up by R20 – very sad considering the price of life.

Fish oil is R10 already, bread is R16.50, petrol prices are spiking but salaries stay the same. How unfair is it to children – just getting an extra R20 when everything is getting so expensive, especially for families that only get R460 a month.

A. Adams
25 Apr 2022

Increase the old age grant!

Dear Editor

Why can't the government just increase the SASSA payment amount of the Old Age grant to at least R2,200 per month? They are senior citizens of this country and I really think they need to be treated with respect and should be appreciated more. Food, electricity, everything is going up and these poor people have to live with that amount and they are all stressed and waiting for the grant to come each month. Please change the Old Age grant payment dates to the 1st of each month again.

Mrs Dee
25 Apr 2022

Pension Grants need to be increased

Dear Editor

Pensions for the elderly should be at least R3,000 a month. Most of the elderly people do not have others to care for them or cannot work any longer and with the rising costs they cannot be expected to live on R2,000 per month. They still have rent to pay as well as the normal day to day living expenses that most people can't afford even when receiving a minimum wage.

16 May 2022

Grant increases should apply to all children!

Dear Editor

Good day. I'm a single mom receiving disability and child support grants. With the costs of living increasing almost every day, it's unfair that only orphaned children can apply for the top-up. Only low-income citizens are approved to receive child support, so why then not increase all CSG? Every child living with either biological or adopted family should be eligible for the top-up. We are all struggling with the increased costs of petrol, electricity, water, and basic amenities! How must we survive?

V Augustes
23 Aug 2022

We can't afford diapers!

Dear Editor

Looking at the cost of living, it is unfair that the child grant had a once-off increase of just R20. The price of diapers is very high: R220 per pack! Not to mention food, toiletries and medication for that child. Please consider the request and raise the child grant, dear minister.

Thembi Mtshweni
1 Nov 2022

Old age pensioners: 13th cheque

Dear Editor

I suggest that all the elderly/pensioners must get a 13th grant payment - maybe on the birthdays/birth month or before the 15th of December every year.

Nkuna Donald Eric (Bolobedu South) Relela village
9 Jan 2023

The elderly deserve much better

Dear Editor

Can the government please increase the old age pension to R2,500 per month? It is impossible to survive on the current amount with the high inflation rate. The cost of living is extremely high. They deserve much better and need to be taken care of in a dignified manner. They were once upon a time hard workers taking care of their families and they contributed positively to society in different ways.

Miss A Symons
13 Feb 2023

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Finance Minister announces 2022 social grant increases (2024)


Will the 350 grant be increased? ›

Godongwana announced that the R350 grant will be increased from 1 April 2024 by R20, or 5.7%, making it R370 per month.

How much is the new SASSA grant? ›

Godongwana recently announced in the National Assembly that the SASSA SRD grant will be increased from R350 to R370 as of April 2024. This increase follows a commitment from President Cyril Ramaphosa during this year's State of the Nation Address that the SRD grants would be enhanced.

What are the SASSA pay dates for 2024 R350 payment dates? ›

SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payday Date: 25 to 29 April 2024. Older Person's Grant Date: Wednesday, 3rd April 2024. Disability Grant Date: Thursday, 4th April 2024.

Who introduced social grants in South Africa? ›

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a national agency of the government created in April 2005 in order to distribute social grants on behalf of the Department of Social Development.

Has federal grant money increased? ›

Federal Grants to State and Local Governments Have Increased

Grants jumped to $18.7 billion in 2020 due to spending related to the pandemic; federal grants to the average state increased to $22.0 billion, or 20 percent, of the average state's total revenues in 2021.

Will SASSA R350 grant increase in 2024? ›

Commonly referred to as the R350 grant due to its monetary value, the beneficiaries of the SRD grant will begin receiving R370 from 1 April 2024. This means the R350 grant is being increased by R20 or 5.7%.

Have SASSA grants officially been increased? ›

SASSA Grant Payment New Amount 2024

This adjustment is structured into two parts: an R90 increase effective April 2024 and an additional R10 from October 2024. Foster Child Grant recipients will benefit from an R50 increase, bringing the total grant to R1,180.

Is SASSA paying $700? ›

SASSA's Reaction to Fake News

After many queries from people, SASSA made a tweet in response to these fake posts in April 2022. In the tweet, SASSA targeted the fake post and stated that the agency has no links with this advertisem*nt. The South African Social Security Agency has not introduced any R700 grant.

How much is the SASSA payment for April 2024? ›

Given the Easter holidays, payment dates for SASSA grants will be made after the holidays. For April 2024, the payment dates are as follows: Old Age Pension: April 3, 2024. Disability Grant: April 4, 2024.

How much will SASSA increase in 2024 in South Africa? ›

from 1 April 2024, the grant increased by R90, which means the new grant amount is R2,180 per month. on 1 October 2024, the grant will increase by a further R10, which means the new grant amount will be R2,190 per month.

How do I check my SASSA status for 2024? ›

To check the SASSA SRD grant status, visit Enter your South African ID and phone number used during the application. Click “Check Status” to view approval status and payment dates. Alternatively, check via phone call, SMS, Moya app, or at SASSA offices.

How much is SASSA pension? ›

From April 2024, Sassa old-age pensions will pay R2 180 for anyone between ages 60 and 74. And R2 200 for anyone over 75 years of age..

Who qualifies for Sassa grant? ›

The applicant must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee. The applicant must reside in South Africa. Must be 60 years of age or older. The applicant must not be in receipt of another social grant for him or herself.

What is the most direct way to alleviate poverty? ›

Job creation, improving conditions of employment and creating opportunities for all to sustain themselves through productive activity. Improving living conditions through developing basic physical and social services, health care, and education and training for urban and rural communities.

What dates are Sassa grants paid? ›

SASSA SRD R350 Payment Dates
MonthOlder Persons GrantsDisability Grants
JanuaryJanuary 3, 2024January 4, 2024
FebruaryFebruary 2, 2024February 5, 2024
MarchMarch 5, 2024March 6, 2024
Mar 25, 2024

How much will SRD grant increase in 2024? ›

Old Age, War Veterans, Disability, and Care Dependency Grants have seen an increment of R100. This adjustment is structured into two parts: an R90 increase effective April 2024 and an additional R10 from October 2024. Foster Child Grant recipients will benefit from an R50 increase, bringing the total grant to R1,180.

How much is SRD grant now 2024? ›

The SRD (Social Relief Distress) Grant increased by R20 for the 2024 year, which means that from 1 April 2024, the grant is R370 per month.

Is R350 grant increased to R700? ›

Many unemployed beneficiaries of the R350 SRD grant were led to believe SASSA will increase the grant to R700 this year. Unfortunately, this was only circulating on social media and never officially issued by SASSA and must be considered fake news.

Why is the January 350 grant still pending? ›

This status means that the decision regarding your eligibility for the grant has not yet been made. The pending status can be due to several factors: Verification Process: SASSA is verifying your personal and financial information.

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