Motsepe Foundation (2023)


To improve the quality of life for all, including the unemployed, women, youth, workers and marginalised communities in South Africa

To support projects that have the potential to assist beneficiaries in becoming self-reliant

To build non-racialism in South Africa, promote respect for diversity and encourage all races and all people of different faiths and cultures to move forward


Compelled by the African philosophy of Ubuntu – which recognises the interconnectedness of humanity – the Motsepe Foundation was established by Dr Patrice Motsepe and Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe in 1999. This simple word encapsulates the African concept of giving and caring for our neighbours and other members of our community. This selfless and compassionate quality is part of the age-old African culture and expresses the core value of humanity as goodness to our fellow men. The act of giving back has been and still is an integral part of our moral duty and collective responsibility. It is a concept that has held African families and communities together for generations, despite the continent’s many challenges. The Foundation is proud to pass it on to the next generation

Core values and ethics

Success comes from serving with humility and respecting relationships with internal and external partners

The Foundation aims to consistently conduct itself in a manner that displays honesty, integrity, commitment and credibility

It continuously strives to be the best in everything it does

It is driven by a commitment to helping others help themselves


See what the foundation is doing to help. See our programmes.

(Video) Motsepe Foundation announces R150-million sponsorship in school sports

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The Motsepe Foundation has a targeted focus on youth, women and other vulnerable groups across Africa. The Centre for Gender Equality, Wellness and Leadership (GEWAL) complements these efforts by directly engaging on contentious topics in our society.

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Community Development

We understands that in order for people to progress, work must be done at the level of communities. Through a variety of programmes with schools and churches in communities since 2016, the Foundation has helped assist communities throughout South Africa in a number of ways.

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Bursary Programme

The Motsepe Foundation has a targeted focus on youth, women and other vulnerable groups across Africa. The Centre for Gender Equality, Wellness and Leadership (GEWAL) complements these efforts by directly engaging on contentious topics in our society.

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(Video) Motsepe Foundation marks the annual International Women's day

Sports, Music and the Arts

The Motsepe Foundation is committed to helping to build a well-rounded society. It believes strongly that success cannot simply being measured in economic terms and is, therefore, committed to promoting sport and the Arts in all communities.

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How we are getting involved

Numbers of toys distributed

The foundation has two outreach programmes, annual Christmas with our people and Christmas Toy Distribution in celebration of Christmas holidays and share the joy of holiday spirits with underprivileged families across the country.

Sponsored 523 beneficiaries

Comprising of 172 Secondary Schools, 111 Primary Schools and 240 Churches. The programmes did not only benefit those schools and churches but the surrounding communities as well.

National Day of Prayer

An estimated total 70 000 to 80 000 South Africans, leaders from different churches and traditional leaders, including some of our leading political and community leaders, attended the events.

(Video) In Conversation with Dr Patrice Motsepe


Education and leadership


Gender Equality, Wellness and Leadership


Community Development


Sports, Music and the Arts


Social Cohesion

(Video) King Misuzulu kaZwelithini sits in on Motsepe Foundation occasion

Our Blog

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Motsepe Foundation Gender, Wellness and Leadership (GEWAL) Summit Media Release

Sandton, 3 March 2021.The Motsepe Foundation is thrilled to announce that the 5th annual Gender Equality, Wellness and Leadership Summit will take place online on 8 March 2021 from 10h00

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R5 million donation for UCT’s COVID-19 Response

The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) chancellor, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, has announced a R5million donation by the Motsepe Foundation to help the university manage its multi-faceted response to theglobal COVID-19...

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Our goal is to alleviate poverty and to sustainably improve the living standards of the poor, unemployed and marginalised people.

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(Video) Motsepe Foundation Commits to Assisting Black Farmers | Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100


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